Mind…Lead Us From This Shadow!

Mind…Lead Us From This Shadow!
© Copyright, Frank W. Andres, 1983. All Rights Reserved.

‘Oh, the gloom, the despair of an age, an age convulsed in tears. An age
of blackness and futility…All that is seen, heard, and said, the perceptions and
utterances of the condemned, reconciled to an inevitable disappointment.
Each flicker of hope and happiness a momentary diversion from a curse from
the past.
‘We were not always of this complexion. Once sunshine and daffodils
were consumed and savored as secretions and children of a universe of energy …manifestations and proof of the forces, the movement, the infinite possibility, and yea, even the hope, inherent in Nature…all symbolized by the Light. Is not the sun yet commanding imperiously, confidently from above? Is this not clue enough that this ubiquitous cloak with which we are encumbered is more
a shroud of the mind, than of matter itself?
‘If mind did indeed create this sepulcher of a death-life sadness, then
may not the mind be able to lead us thence from this shadow, into the
dazzling brilliance, hope, and exhuberance of which the universe is actually
embued? To reclaim and reestablish into their life and age this hope, this
joy …this Light…now must be man and woman’s paramount endeavor.’

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