A Crack of Time

A Crack of Time
© Copyright, Frank W. Andres, 1983. All Rights Reserved.

‘I am caught in a crack of time. Nothing before, nothing after. All past
is in ruins and of little use in building the future. This generation must start
from scratch, philosophically and theologically. There are tools that can be
salvaged, to be sure. But tools are built upon the presumption that they are
worth using, that life is worth the effort. One can tax his brains for only so
long without reason. He can attempt to shut his eyes and attempt to live out
his life without vision or purpose. But the barrel of the gun is always so near
and tempting. It is inevitable that unless a new purpose and vision of world
is found, the wheels will slowly grind to a halt. Notice how desperately we
strive to keep the old myths alive. No matter if they have no substance.
They have worked in the past…so patch them up and paint them with
psychedelic colors, and let’s get on with the work. Even if the reason for
working is gone. Even if the goals we are working for are lost. Even if we
get richer and richer, yet become more and more miserable and unhappy.
‘We are caught in a crack in time. This generation must start from
scratch. We must act. We must build a future. And only one thing is certain.
Whatever that future might be, we must build it together.’

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