Omicron Blue Chapter# 24


‘Oh that I were a soothsayer and able to envision the future. What phantoms, dreams, nightmares I might have of that far off tomorrow. How can this world, this troubled world, catapulting towards disaster, survive? I anticipate the worst, yet there is a small part within me that tells me: “Man has survived the past, man will continue into the future.” My curiosity cries out for one small glimpse of society as it will be a generation or two from now. I wonder if Einstein’s theory of relativity could actually propel me towards that which is to be. Supposedly if one moves fast enough, he can be projected into the future. By symmetry, one would expect that some sort of opposite motion might thrust him into the past. Theory says it is possible. Common sense pronounces such a concept to be a fraud.’

Sylvia smirked and pressed her lips together in bemused sympathy for a breath of dust, long gone from this sky blue planet. Einstein’s theory of relativity since that time had not been so much proven wrong as it was now more properly understood. It was not long ago that physicists believed that each object in the world external to the mind possesses its own coordinate system of time and space, which gives accurate information concerning the physical location and extension of the object. Therefore, when an object moved fast and its coordinate system appeared to shrink, then the object must have shrunk also. The reason a block appears to shrink as it approaches the speed of light is that light bouncing off the leading and lagging edges of the block take different times to reach the eye and the illusion is one of a shrinking block. If this is an illusionm then obviously adjustments must be made by the observer. However, physicists believed that a block and its coordinate system are one, such that a perception of distortion of the block actually means a real distortion of the block.

Philosophers, on the other hand, know that coordinate systems are not immutable relationships that exist in the external world…a separate field upon which the world of matter may be overlain. A coordinate system is a tool which the mind uses to understand and measure objects and movements among objects in the external world. Distortions of the coordinate systems in men’s minds are caused by the relative and inadequate Nature of man’s perception, and the false information given to the brain by Light reflecting off of objects moving at great speeds. Therefore, when a moving object appears to grow shorter as it moves quickly away from a person, it is the coordinate system utilized by a man or woman’s mind and not the moving object which is distorted, and the coordinate system, man or woman’s tool, must be adjusted in order that accurate measurements and understanding may be obtained.

Einstein’s equations can be used in this adjustment process and because of the usefulness of his equations, the importance of his work is not lost. However, the thought of a man moving so fast that he would reach another time zone or even become shorter or fatter not only defies common sense, but is also completely wrong.

For you see, thought Sylvia, there is only the present…the rest exists only in man and woman’s brains… or in any speck of dust…that might have a memory. If there were no extension of matter…there would be no Space…not in the sense of Space…as a dimension…If nothing changed…that is, if nothing moved… there would be no Time. Without a past captured by memory…with trends that can be extrapolated by a brain,…there is no future. We would have to be content in our present state as most animals are…and as particles are…if they are not ‘revealed’…or not supplemented with instinct or some other mechanism guiding future actions… which might not be a bad thing…Instinct replaces memory…with artifact… That is, consciousness takes a Truth learned from experience…and embeds it into our DNA…Without memory… or its artifact., that is, instinct…there is no past…thus there can be…no expression…of Will…The primary expression of Life…is Will…the ability to impact the world…around it…always within the context of community…from the context of that first pulsating flow…of ions…. Thus, memory must be at hand…for consciousness to utilize…no matter how tiny…it might be.

Then again, man and woman are always improving…More generally, together, they are always creating… and this is a rich source of joy and happiness. So even though we cannot move to a past or future Time, we can move towards happiness… and this is the ultimate destination we all seek… for ourselves, our families, our communities and our world.

Sylvia thrust her hands into the pockets of her tunic and walked towards the blinding Light of a rising sun. The writer whose work was spread upon her work table… could have traveled forward in Time… if he had employed the appropriate technique. He should have employed the method of neither the physicist nor the philosopher. He should have instead… employed the method… of the historian. An historian examines an age, notices trends and developments and records how such unfolding of events is issued forth unto a succeeding period. For history…is society’s collective memory….And as one reads more and more of the past, one first inductively chains together cause an effect..then searches backwards for first causes… In this way, an historian is more than a collector of facts…more than a chronicler of events…His or her main job…is to establish theses…as to why, how certain events happened… With this power…with these insights…it eventually becomes possible for the historian… to predict what could happen in the future. In the modern age, historians are now used in the endeavor of predicting and projecting the future. The inscriber of the precious lines… which Sylvia poured over again and again before her… could have used the historian’s technique and perhaps envisioned this new wonderful way of Life… He could have been the shamanic foreseer…who might have called forth a vision….of a people of a possible future…that is, of her people, of her band…which might have provided amusing fiction…More importantly…it might have goaded a past generation…to take those steps…that could have made the emergence of the future occur in a manner more expeditiously… with much less pain and crying forth….might have helped propel this blue swirling glob of once molten dust…into this present heaven….might have helped midwife the birth of this era of humanity more easily….this era of relative global Peace…and golden joy and happiness….

Sylvia walked with not a little pride in reflection upon her profession. She relished the fact that it was history, not physics, which had so far promised to be the most important vehicle for conveyance… from one time-space-energy continuum to another…not employing speeds close to that of Light…but utilizing solely the inherent Power… of an exotic, peregrinating chimpanzee…possessing an astonishing, magnificent mind…which possessed the capability singlehandedly…of Powering man and woman…to the future….

It was now the next summer. Omicron and Aura had completed one year at the University. In the last months of the school year, Aura had done more and more of her work in the vicinity of their cluster… as she grew larger. On the level of the nation…there now was unfinished business to be dispensed with. Scar Liege was led forward on the screen. He was naked before the world. A narrator read the full list of crimes and misdemeanors. Then, the President took a laser gun and blasted him away. The rest of the culprits were disposed with in the same way. The hunks of meat and ashes which remained were dumped into a vat of acid. The nation had taken its revenge.

After the Victory, nagging in Omicron’s mind was that Dizzy Desmense, the other leaders of CASTLE and leaders more powerful than they… the billionaries who instigated everything that this splotch of evil had done… they were still at large. Surely they could not do much by themselves. Nevertheless, they were still aLive, somewhere. An ever-present reminder that evil is always present, Omicron was thinking… no matter how determined one is to exterminate it. In the end, no person is inherently Good or evil. Only actions are Good or evil. Good actions are consistent with universal Law and contribute to the exaltation of mind and man. Bad actions are destructive to self, to society, and to progress. ..Bad actions can cause society to lose ground…send all accomplishment…back to zero.

During the summer there were new challenges for Steve. Omicron’s surmises were correct. Some of the billionaires, Dizzy Demense and the mob continued to exist. Many of these now had decided to take bold action now that conditions in the United States were becoming intolerable for them. Some of these people now moved out of the U.S. and became associated with international groups of gangsters and terrorists. Most countries now were highly developed. Little hope for full-scale development existed in the remaining countries…which possessed few resources… so people moved from undeveloped to developed, leaving large stretches of wasteland…deserts and jungle… for undesirables to use. These undesirables began to form armies to attack the mechanized cities in the developed countries. Steve was called to participate as an American general with the World army, now comprised of millions of soldiers, which manned and womanned the borders around the developed countries. These borders kept undesirables out. All missiles in the world were now maintained and could be utilized only by the world government. These missiles were non-nuclear now and could decimate large armies with no effects beyond their targets. They could not be used in developed areas… however, they could be used in undeveloped areas if they were used carefully, with the aid of drones for surveillance…for some peaceful people still Lived there.

In general, people had moved from deserts, jungles, and other areas with few resources. War in the Middle East and other areas of the world had been eliminated, and people with conflicting ancestry or religions were cordoned off into separate countries within developed areas and allowed to Live at high levels of income as long as peace existed. Terrorists once had a moral point of view that had to be respected even it their tactics were not tolerated. Before, during the twentieth century….one third of humanity was highly developed, two thirds was not. Terrorists said that they had legitimacy…They stood for the two-thirds of the world that lived in nomadic, stone-age organizations such as villages and tribes that were impoverished while the rest of the world feasted. These differences no longer remained. Developed areas had now de-evolved into primitive organizations extrapolated out unto band, tribe, nation , and country… In addition, all people who were willing…had moved to areas where Cities existed …so now all people were well off. The terrorists and other undesirables now seemed to be in their last days and desperate measures were required for them to have an impact… At this particular moment…armies of undesirables were being marshaled for an attack on the border of some god-forsaken place… with the objective of dashing into the developed world and demolishing or capturing as many Cities as possible. Surveillance satellites and drones had identified areas where armies were gathering and where leaders of the armies were probably hidden, which would be used to direct the counter-assaults.

Steve with generals from all over the world worked with the World army to prepare missiles for launching and to help direct world troops if they would be required. During a twenty-four hour period, one thousand missiles had been launched. Enemy armies were annihilated. Suspected leader hide-outs were demolished. Then weeks of surveillance by satellites established that the undesirables were either back in hiding or were at the borders turning themselves in. The world government had to be ever vigilant as an attack such as this could happen at any time….and much of the progress of man- and womankind…could be lost.

Steve came back decorated with even more medals. He was asked again…if he would be a leader at the world level, but he declined again…stating that he preferred to work at the nation level where he would soon be a leader. Such it was that reversals when they did happen seldom amounted to much at all in this new world. It was becoming easier and easier to deal with undesirables as they moved further and further from developed areas. It was easier to Live happier Lives in general with the new Science of Everything,.,new medicines and new institutions.

Constantine Blue was born in June. Aura had done exercises to prepare her body for the delivery and to keep the baby out of her pelvis during pregnancy…counteracting the impact of gravity upon the baby within the erect stance of Homo sapiens. Omicron had helped with every step of the birth. A paramedical aide was present who was in charge…in case of emergency with a ‘hot line’ to the ten tribal doctors. These doctors were generalists. Specialists lived in service bands located near the Creative Center where they worked in hospitals or saw patients in their offices. Mags were so fast now that patients could be moved to centralized hospitals quickly or specialists could be conveyed to the bands in the event of emergencies.

Anesthesia was not used and Aura had handled the pain easily, she was up and about after the required one hour observation period after the birth. As the infant grew and began to experience the world, Omicron thought how such learning followed man and woman the rest of their Lives. The infant learns from his errors, and thus reversals are expected. However, there are two types of errors… those which come from encountering a phenomenon for the first time and those which come from forgetting basic Laws and principles which have already been learned either by rote or from past mistakes. The first type are required for the accumulation of experience. The second type of mistake is to be avoided for they are very costly in terms of wasted energy and time. In a world where Life is short and the environment hostile, such mistakes are deadly in the course of a Lifetime. For modern man and woman, such mistakes were not as important, unless they involved the Cosmic principles of the Theology of the Mind. In the Theology of the Mind a mistake at the wrong time and place might do more than cause a person to slip back momentarily. If one fails for one reason or the other to keep his eye on the True and Just, habits can be formed… to ways of Life that can be bad and that will eventually lead to great waste and decreased creative output, and decreased joy and happiness. Sometimes, when the way is lost, it can never be found again or can be regained only after years of exertion and suffering…Progress will be lost…All may fall back…too nothing.

For Good and bad are not abstract entities totally unrelated to the world, the product of angels above or tradition below. Good and bad are part of a morality based on empirical realities. In most things, Good and bad are related to accepted ways of doing things based on millennia of experimentation and development which has led to optimum patterns of performing certain acts. For a few things, a deeper understanding of the workings of humans as an animal is necessary for the empirical basis of the Laws to become apparent. For example, the concepts of Liberty, Equality, and Justice are related to the physiology of man and woman. The desire for such ideals is embedded deeply in the primal brain. The I-particle in each human’s brain carries Truth from the Cosmic sphere from which it has come. This Truth supplements the Truth derived from instinct and ideas, that is tools, that have been developed by the human brain as a result of experience in the plant/animal world. For example…in the Cosmos…all particles are Equal. Within the band, all members were equal in some respects. Food was shared. Each member had a responsibility to care for the others. In the struggle for survival, no one member was more important than the other within the embrace of the band. Within the band, Love and Connection were Cosmic Truths…which became nurturing and care…in the plant/animal sphere..where women were primarily responsible. Justice is a Cosmic concept that was implemented in the primal band. That is…in the Cosmos…all particles are subject to the same Laws. In the primitive band…members were Equal, thus, they had to be protected from wrong doing by others in the band. Leaders that emerged to help the band protect itself from threats without or obtain food also were looked to provide Justice, establish wrong doing among band members and hand out punishments. Justice was also implemented at the higher levels between bands, tribes and nations. Thus, Love, Justice and Equality were Cosmic concepts which were important for survival in the plant/animal sphere, which were embedded in the primal part of the brain at birth.

Will is a Cosmic force. In the plant/animal sphere, the primal band was a human organization which stood alone against a hostile world. Members of the band had to venture out into this environment to obtain food and fight off enemies. In the process of this assault on the environment outside of the band in which men primarily participated, individual and societal Will had to emerge. In the Cosmos…Will was hidden most of the time along with Love and Connection…until they were ‘revealed’ by the release of electrons from an atom…In the plant/animal world, the emotions of hate and fear had to be developed for survival. Implements of war, that is… tools… had to be fashioned for the assault of man and woman upon an external environment that was either hostile or indifferent to them. In this Struggle some were found to be more able than others, so for the purpose of survival, hierarchies of leadership were formed and inequalities in status appeared. Identified initially with the development of the Will and tools was the principle of Liberty, that is, the privilege of controlling one’s own body and community and destiny with little interference from hunger or enemies. Thus, principles which seem to be abstract and contradictory can now be seen to be actually a part of man and woman’s Cosmic physiology and the I…or a part of the heritage of the plant/animal world in which they Live, thus are part of the evolution of the primal band. The two spheres…the plant/animal and the Cosmic…were different because the latter was eternal…and the former was not…thus the former had by necessity be most concerned with replication and thus, survival on earth…the latter just had to be…be Good….to remain …in the Light…Humans thus had to keep their eye on both spheres at once…thus the theologies they possessed had to be Powerful….yet all inclusive…Golden Sun Tribe seemed to have the best of the best…when it came to Cosmic theologies…

However, in the end…it all comes back to particles…the most important ideas of Truth, Beauty, Equality, Justice, Goodness, Will, Love…These are the ‘ideals’…of the ‘idealist’ philsosopher…they are the ‘forms’ that Plato talked about…They were the salient characteristics of the I...carried to earth…from the Cosmos…So ,.yes… they are in the primal brain…and they are important tools always at hand somehow for all Life to bathe in and survive with… These eternal verities might be overpowered by immediate exigencies that must be overcome for survival in the plant/animal sphere…However, the fact is…these verities are always at hand and have always been at hand…From the first emergence of Life…these verities have been transmitted to all that evolution might have created…by the I particles that initiated the first pulses of that Life…These verities saturate the Cosmos…and are made manifest in Life…by the fact…that a piece of the Cosmos…is always…in control… in every…Living thing…..

Thus, when man and woman violate basic principles such as these, they fight against the basic Nature which is theirs. No…it is worse than this…the reality is…they are also in danger of…violating Cosmic Laws… they must avoid fighting against the forces of the universe,…a fight in which they are doomed to failure…Mistakes in this sphere…mean that all effort is doomed…to fall…to nothing…..

Omicron watched his son wiggling on the floor of the warm living area. Aura and he shared this moment, filled with joy and happiness.

Omicron saw before him “a blind man carrying a full beggar’s wallet about to collide with a broken obelisk, on which a crocodile is waiting with open jaws.’ This image signified Cosmic step φ… or zero… Expiation… to which one can quickly fall…perhaps from a great height… if he or she is not vigilant in his or her pursuit of the True and Just. ‘This blind man is the symbol of he who makes himself the slave of material things. His wallet is packed with his errors and his faults. The broken obelisk represents the ruin of his works; the crocodile is the emblem of fate and the inevitable Expiation.’

There were fewer and fewer things that could go wrong in this new wonderful age. However, one must always be vigilant…For example, Steve had to leave suddenly to fight evil on a new front …new challenges could arise at any moment. Omicron knew that he would fight with every fiber in his body to resist violating Cosmic Laws. For such violation could still present one with danger… the danger…of falling back..falling back….to nothing…losing all Power and ability…thus jeopardizing the supreme happiness which was his this day.

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