Omicron Blue Chapter# 19


‘Time and Space. These words are perhaps two of the most important in the universe. Yet what are these? I have an intuitive notion of each. Time is that which unites the past with the present and allows me to anticipate the future. A clock measures Time. But Time appears to be an abstract concept, which is separate from the external world about me; thus it is difficult to comprehend. Space at first seems to be easy to understand. Space is the vacant area around me or around an object. An object, thus, may be measured by a consideration of how much of this Space the object consumes. But the Space around the object is infinite and it is the opposite of matter in that it is the absence of matter; therefore, Space is nothing. Thus, Space seems to differ from other objects external to me in its infiniteness and its nothingness. Space and Time are not objects in the external world, thus they cannot be perceived directly by man. If Space and Time are not objects, then do they in actuality exist?’

Sylvia smiled fondly and sympathetically as she might have beheld the idiosyncrasies and false beliefs of an old and beloved friend. She was very much acquainted with the false notions which were held by the writer of the papers now tattered and charred with age before her. Yet her response embodied no element of ridicule as Sylvia held the greatest respect for this man, nay, for his age, which was saturated with superstition from the past, yet was caught up in the wonder of the future.

The beliefs the man held were convictions of his age, yet this man was, as more and more men of his age were, no longer able to act confidently and forthrightly with such fallacious knowledge. There were anomalies, there were contradictions, there were questions. And these questions, this man would not ignore. For this integrity Sylvia held the highest regard. And through the tenuous medium of the fading scrawl she felt an empathy, a fondness, a Oneness with this anxious, inquiring soul.

The concepts of Time and Space are now more clearly understood. It is now understood that Time and Space are not ethereal, abstract entities, which exist, yet do not exist, in outer space. It is now seen, as that frustrated soul in the past was beginning to see, that Space and Time are not objects which exist in the external world. Instead it is now comprehended that Space and Time are in fact tools of the mind and exist only therein.

Space and Time comprise the four dimensions. Space accounts for length, width, and breadth; and Time is a dimension by itself. Space and Time are tools. They are comparisons our minds make between things we know and things we don’t know. An unknown extension of matter is compared with the extension of a ruler. Time measures movement. One compares a movement of matter we don’t know with a movement like the rotation of the earth or the speed of light which we do know.

And it is now known that Energy is the fifth dimension. Space and Time measure and describe matter and movement. Energy measures what is left,…which is the Light. All five dimensions are found in the fundamental equations of physics, such as F = ma and E = mc^2. The first trick is to understand that these equal signs are actually transformation signs…The second trick now is to find corresponding equations for biology and the science of man and woman.

It was evident to Steve and Sylvia and the Jasmines… that Omicron and Aura were in Love. With little to occupy their time… as the next scholastic phases of their lives had yet to commence…Omicron and Aura were together…as most people are who are crazy in love….well,they were seen as being together…a little too much….On Wednesday, Candace Jasmine suggested that the two might like to go to the Creative Center for a day or two to be away from family concerns and concentrate on their relationship.

And so plans were made…and they were off! On Friday, Omicron and Aura were up at 8 o’clock. They sat together at the Blue’s family breakfast table and then they were on the mag to the Creative Center, which was high in the hills overlooking the University…on the other side of the Bay. Omicron, of coruse, had always savored his visits to the Center…with its museums, musical productions, restaurants, and spectacular sights,…its stimulating activities of every type… However, this weekend, the visit would be an experience consumed from a totally different perspective…It would be one bright period of happiness and Love…shared with his woman.

The mag pulled into the Creative Center at 10:00 a.m. Omicron and Aura were moved in a smaller mag module that uncoupled and was drawn by magnetism automatically through its own tube which took them to the gigantic hotel overlooking the Bay waters…a vista falling, falling down the rolling hills for twenty miles below. They occupied two separate, spacious rooms with panoramic views. They had brought clothes for swimming, horseback riding, and countless other activities. Then they magged to lunch at a French restaurant. Vegetables, fruits, whole grains and fish were presented as gourmet art pieces….cooked in intelligent, imaginative ways…coloring the palette as an Impressionist painter would dab a landscape…. In its imaginative manner, this cuisine still remained firmly observant to the diet that most bands followed… that was partly responsible for people’s long Lives. Also there were no cigarettes, little alcohol. To cap things off…each person at birth had a gene inserted into his or her genome which filled his or her body with hormones that kept people young…as it slowed the aging process to a crawl.

All facilities at the Center were highly automated. However, a high value was still placed upon personal service and Live performances, so employees and entertainers in the center lived in service bands nearby, which were very cosmopolitan and less research-oriented compared to the regular communities. At the restaurant, they found an amazingly rich assortment of entrees on the menu, which would be cooked to perfection, the bulk of the work done by machines, then embellished by Living, artistic hands. The atmosphere was romantic, dark, in candlelight… each couple nestled in an insulated, one-way vision space of their own….stars ever seen through the transparent, organic, living canopy above them… the Bay an iridescent glow in the night…ever seen through the curving side panels of every building they were inside…as it was here… with a waiter ever close by.

Then they were at the Theatre housed in a magnificent array and display of architecture. The architecture of the buildings was designed by the finest of artists and were made of materials and units which could be reassembled periodically into entirely new configurations to fit the mood of a societal period of time. Art and music were everywhere. Art pieces were conceptual, not merely abstract., left hemispheric dominant expressions of geometry … Pieces of art were always at the service of ideas now, and were within architecture and environments that enhanced the total experience… assaulting, challenging, provoking all of the senses… Music was 12-tone scale united with words filled with powerful philosophical concepts…And if romance were ablossom… then ideas and ideals from male and feminine theologies from the tribes were united into sweeping flows of sometimes Powerful expressions of Will…sometimes sensual and luscious harmonic and melodic panoramas of Love in sound… by means of choral and multi-key board arrangements… with play lists selected individually…floating through their inconspicuous ear pieces simultaneously… constantly and continually… as they feasted on the activities one by one before them…the music selected from an astonishing array of archival offerings available at the Center…..

However, in certain places, when more substantial and conceptual art was desired…performance art by Live participants, which required much concentration and time, were available in magnificent showrooms and concert halls…pieces developed at the highest forms of culture providing vehicles of communication… expressing ideas which could not be adequately presented in any other manner.

The culmination of all art, all music, all artistic creativity was the theater. Here ideas could be expressed utilizing all the arts at the highest energy levels which the human brain had at its command. Theater is the Queen of the arts…as it incorporates all of the arts…and thus wears the crown over all….Great theater is based upon great philosophy. Only the most illuminating and profound thought is reserved for the theater. These concepts are analyzed…conceptualized and crystalized into Powerful and Connecting expressions…presented in dramatic elocution, dance, and song, exquisitely… the music with its melodies and chords…was perfectly aligned in terms of vectors of dynamics and movement,..and sets and Lighting were consistent in material structure and forms… with the levels of energy inherent in the ideas expressed in words and lyrics. Then these energies, movements, and forms are combined into a plot consistent in all ways with historical and biographical considerations, and finally, stage design, Lighting, costumes, music, and words are combined to present a story worthy of Tolstoy…each embodying Powerful concepts…each bearing a philosophy which could move and help build the epoch of time before them…

Each creative center was a speck on the globe…a speck of throbbing, vital, energized, international effusion… a cry for Peace…a blinding Light of trans-world combination and display of Unity… of astonishing cerebral contribution and innovation…emulating a Paris of Light…that no longer was a realm of the flâneur…the idle stroller and anonymous spectator on the crowded boulevard…but now was a Heartbeat, gushing pulsing center…of creativity…. collected from the best, given to all…by a galaxy of feverishly enterprising and exhaustingly active bands, clusters of humanity…covering the globe… with their energy…and with their Light…that is sent from organic pools of a species known… as Homo sapiens…sent out through transparent fibers of organic materials..out into a black, unforgiving, infinite… sea of night…

The effect of great ideas expressed on a stage…is astonishing and all inspiring. After a performance, Omicron always felt joyous that he was a human being, able to participate in such weighty questions of thought, and one day perhaps be able himself to participate in creativity of such high level.

After the theater, the two danced until midnight, during Omicron’s period of high mental activity. Then they magged through the Center from shop to shop where goods were not sold but where examples of the latest commodities were shown and demonstrated. These commodities could be ordered in an instant via Cerebrum and sent to their bands.

What Aura loved most at the Center…and what she almost secretly desired to devote part of her time to… was fashion design. She loved to sit for hours at the perpetual fashion shows where models, Live and virtual, continuously showed the latest styles and happily showed any particular item upon demand. During the past four years, she had created several designs which had been used by the industry. However, biological investigations during the past year had absorbed most of her creative energy.

Then it was back to the hotel. The grounds were spacious and every part was illuminated at all times. There were crystal pools and other recreation areas of all sorts. There was a gigantic patio enclosed in a transparent organic membrane overlooking the Bay where foods of all types were served and people were always present, reading, writing, talking in quiet conversations or resting. They changed and swam in graceful arcs of arms and body the length of an Olympic-sized pool…In a nearby pool, synchronized swimming was always on display. Then they put on wraps and in each other’s arms sat in the patio and looked at a sky…which was beginning to accumulate dark, angry masses of an oncoming storm. They kissed discreetly, then probed verbally to depths … feelings and secrets…which given the early stage of their relationship…they had begun to explore and share.

‘Omicron, I feel myself being propelled by Forces greater than I. I feel myself caught up in the sweep of history, the sweep of events larger than myself over which I have no control. Two weeks ago my Life was organized, my plans set, my dreams in tact. Then came the Struggle. The communities were shattered. So many friends now are gone. And suddenly there is a ‘we’. Life is wheeling wildly about me. So much has happened so fast.’

She had said some words, but her real concerns were yet to be expressed. Omicron kissed her on the forehead as she continued:

‘You know, I study insects. You know, I consider the little creatures and in so many ways they are like us. They have heads, legs, torsos,…not identical to ours, but then not that different either. A priori the probabilities are astronomical against all these bugs, these animals, and man having the same basic physiology and structure, unless there is a Connection, unless they are related. I could go on and on about how the basic building blocks of the cell, the DNA, the RNA, are present in all species. We are able to thrive on a diet of fruit, vegetables, and whole grains because we are made from the same chemicals as they are. Well, the fact is, the only proper conclusion is that man and all animals and plants are all related. We know this is True because of DNA. Our way of Life is built upon this premise.

‘Science has come so far…so fast….I was searching the Nation’s Archives, which house trillions of books that our hand readers are unable to access…mostly really old, outdated things that we can benefit from anyway…as part of our rich literary heritage….One poor author…he wrote in the 1970s…only about 100 years ago…he was so depressed…and in just a handful of years most of his concerns have been wiped away… That doesn’t mean that there isn’t more to be done…On the contrary, if so much has been done in a short time…just think what you and I can do…in the next thirty, forty years…

‘Well, this author was looking at insects…just as I do…These insects…. you can grind them up and you are left with chemicals, and nothing else. You look at the smallest insects with an electronic microscope and you see basic molecules attached to each other and moving about. The cell has DNA which is merely a collection of molecules. All of this is chemistry. These bugs are elements, dust in motion. But these insects are aLive…whatever that means! ALive! If an insect is composed of the same chemicals as a rock, is it really any more aLive?

‘Oh, the author knew that an insect moves and a rock does not. A bug has a dot of chemicals called a brain which moves other chemicals called legs and antennae. But chemicals are chemicals. In the case of an insect, we just squash it and say… Whee, a bug’s a bug. Of course an insect amounts to only so many chemicals, it is such a lowly, inconsequential thing. The author knew that scientists can take chemicals and add energy and make Life. So bugs are the accidental result of a fortunate mixture of water and carbon dioxide and Light…just as Life itself was at the beginning…an emergence of Life that is dramatically recounted and reproduced every second in the photosynthesis of the plant leaf. Just chemicals and electro-magnetic energy…Light…What is life?…The molecules just wiggle a lot, that’s all.

“But the author couldn’t stop there. You see,…we’re chemicals, too! Insects are chemicals and we’re related to the darn things. We may squash them, disparage them, torture them, ignore them, but they are our cousins, and the stuff of which they are made, we are made of also.

‘“What does all this mean?” he asked… “How can there be Right and wrong, or why do we continue to Live at all if we are merely chemicals?” The author understood that he was Living in the most prosperous century that mankind had ever experienced…He was a happy man, generally… Nevertheless, he would go to work and become so depressed. He was afraid of this basic unending confusion….He was constantly feeling so alone in a vast, dead universe….He said that man had not discovered the moon when he landed on it…No, no…No!…It was when he turned to view that blue ball dangling in black space… that the real discovery had been made!….That was the moment…that man really …really…discovered earth!…and that moment…was so, so terrifying….We are so, so alone….alone….He could see right then and there…that we humans…must be family here on earth…There is no one else!…We must be family to survive on this brave, frail planet!…..

‘Of course, now…we know that each particle of dust in the Cosmos is filled with consciousness…and Life on earth…is merely a part of this…There is Hope in a universe imbued this way…We are just scraping the top surface of the Truth of things…and you and I are going to make great contributions to all of this.’

‘Steve has always said…that great men and women have always had the tools at hand to overcome any deficiencies in science,’ Omicron said. ‘Just look at the Arcana…Yes, things may have looked hopeless and meaningless to this man whose words you were reading…yes, to every man and woman…in ancient times, then also…even a hundred years ago…Still if he had had these magnificent, Cosmic, Powerful ideas at hand…he would have been able to arise each morning…roust out… and fight the Indians… those great shamanic ancestors of ours…that we have so proudly massacred and humiliated!

‘I guess I might as well begin giving you his lectures, now….now that you are my little girl at my knee..’

Aura gave him a gentle kick to the knee in response and continued her little speech..

‘As I have said…the short of it is… that man and woman are composed of the same matter which exists outside of them. The feeling, the conviction they have… that there is a spirit or an unique creature called an I inside of their bodies is related to an I-particle “looking out”. This particle is probably a hydrogen ion. This seems incredible… what it means is that every atom has an I… something “looking out.” The I first shows up in plankton…there is a vegetable plankton that floats and is pushed along by water currents. Then suddenly, without a change in species or DNA…that one can detect…there suddenly appears an animal plankton that moves on its own and seeks, avoids, navigates its way as if it can perceive and act on its own, perhaps even think a little bit. It is almost as if one thing has been added that has these new characteristics itself. There are experiments that can be made that will definitely prove this one way or the other. The problem has been…that the tools scientists utilize to examine the world about them…cannot measure and otherwise describe… things that are too small…or move too fast….

‘If this particle hypothesis is correct,…and utilizing a new Scientific Method we are now 95 percent certain that it is indeed…True… then the following may be also….True. Just as all forces and matter were at one time consolidated in the blinding flash from which all has come, similarly, all I‘s, that is, I-particles may have been One. This consolidated I then was One immeasurable consciousness like a god. As the Cosmos expanded and cooled this One I became a countless many. Perhaps stars are consolidated I‘s that become great pools of hydrogen and helium ions…united Is with One consciousness. A star may be One eye in the sky that perceives and contains volition, that is, the Will to change, to act, to impact the Cosmos about it. No, more!…The Cosmos is are the artifacts of the workings of a great consciousness….perhaps there is a black hole left where the original explosion took place…still working…still filling the universe somehow…with its thoughts and Power…

‘All of this would be marvelous, if it is… True. As I say…scientists are now ninety-nine percent certain that this is in fact…True. However, as I say… no instruments have been devised to confirm it…Cyclotrons merely smash things to pieces…all Truth regarding the behavior of particles within atomic nuclei is lost…Much Truth nowadays is obtained circumstantially by utilizing information from many disciplines at once…utilizing a Science of Everything… wherein the social sciences are placed on a biological base and are enlisted along with the physical and biological sciences to form a Truth that is nearly complete… utilizing a new Scientific Method…which works Powerfully…yet with circumstantial evidence… which piles high the probability that something is… True. by addressing phenomena about us…from every angle…from the perspective of eight, nine, ten different disciplines…all with the same methodologies… same language …that now can effectively and efficiently…all talk together…work together…. without the satisfaction of empirical verification…

‘However, if all of this about consciousness is… True… there are other Truths we must still face.

‘If man is matter, if he is an animal, then is not Life merely an animal struggle of passion and sweat? Then are not all values, moralities, eternal Laws hogwash?

‘Well, as we know, the values, moralities, and eternal Laws people possessed during the Dark Ages after the fall of Rome were mostly nonsense. But the fact of the matter is that they were nonsense because they were not based upon the realities of the universe. There are in fact values which transcend the individual. These values, Truths, must be observed, for the perpetuation of the species. These Truths are seen every day in the gardens of plants and trees that Nature now forms about us every day in our new Life…Yes, plants are closer to the Truths of the universe..because flows of hydrogen ions tap energy from the Light of the heavens…and the Truth embedded in these particles give them a Truth that animals seem to only dimly see…Beauty is Everywhere…Everything is Connected…a Garden is not an Object, but a Process…We are… Nature …Plant/animal is… Momentary… Everything Dies…All Plants are Equal…..

Our society…in spite of the experiments that Chimp Savvy Band is involved in… discourages promiscuous sex because it leads to debilitation of the individual, decrease in happiness and joy in the medium run, and with misuse of the pill, it leads to a decrease in marriages and a degeneration of the species in the long run. Surprisingly, pornography is all right…because the needs of men and women are significantly different…only forty years ago, prostate cancer was the number one cause of adult male death…this is because men and women would couple and men would defer to their partners’ preference to have sex during one period of the month…whereas men need it at least twice a week…if the sexual needs of men are not met, sperm accumulates and is toxic…Men must be relieved in a way that does not involve Live females..if women are unwilling to help them out….Ergo, pornography works….

‘Other values we have in our society today are similarly related to the biological needs of the individual and of the species. The plant/animal sphere is based on survival of the fitness…Life is based on death…All animals kill to survive and the plants that don’t kill will also soon die…So replication is the essence…the preoccupation…the sole reason it would seem…for Plant/Animal Life….Replication is the one great striving of Life….Yet we can see…that there are eternal Laws,…Cosmic Laws that Life too observes…These Laws are related to the Cosmic relationships of matter and energy in the universe. The reality that all matter tends to assume structures and patterns which minimize the expenditure and dissipation of energy is an eternal Law because it is True of matter everywhere, even in the organic shaping of the metropolitan areas of old.

‘However, one thing becomes quickly apparent…Just because we believe now that the Cosmos is permeated with consciousness…this assurance does not fully address the meaning of Life….Why do we continue to live if we are just matter and therefore, Life is meaningless…. Well, as I say…that’s a good question and not one to just slide over, or make up and believe in a bunch of fantasy just to avoid asking this one important question. Tolstoy was constantly pointing out how people are not self-aware…of the hideous pretensions and useless pedantry they display…when of course they are secretly obsessed with the terror of death…and with the meaningless ‘rope dancing’…that is, the acrobatics… of Life….People should not take Life for granted as being a naturally “Good’” thing.

‘We should not worry about what will be after death, just as we should not concern ourselves too much about the concept of God, of the Source. Energy is the Source of all Life. Energy is the Source of all things. But whither does energy come? How are electrons able to whirl about a nucleus for an eternity without obvious inputs of energy? And if energy is somehow acquired from the dark space around the atom…why are we not able to access that same source of Power? What remains when energy is dissipated and gone? The answer to these enigmas…is… We do not know… and for the moment…we must obey an ancient admonition that we should not concern ourselves with them. Instead we should concentrate upon that before us and upon the Laws and knowledge which we are able to know. We must roll up our sleeves and commence the work before us. No one promised us that the great Life and best Life would not be painful …But from what I hear… if Life is Lived properly and creatively… it is far more than worth the Struggle.’

At this point, Omicron who was itching to say something…chimed in…

‘As far as meaning is concerned, a human brain understands things. Thus his brain is able to give meaning to things. Large stars may be filled with I’s… thus, the stars may possess cognition which like our brains… may impart meaning to things. One cannot impart meaning where none exists. Because we are able to construe meaning in a million different things…then it is quite possible..for entities far more Powerful than we…to possess a conception of things…that makes sense of everything..somehow… Somehow, all of it …I conjecture…all of Life…Everything….has meaning. The universe was born in a flash; it broke into countless bits of fire and spread outward for billions of years. If the universe keeps expanding or even if it starts contracting to return to its original mass that can explode again … what meaning does that have? I suspect that if meaning exists in our Lives and our Lives are as insignificant as those of ants as far as the universe is concerned, then I bet there is meaning to all this that we will be able to understand someday. Someday when we finally discover where ninety-seven percent of the universe is, what it is really made of and what it really is up to. Until then I don’t think scientists can ascertain if the Cosmos possesses meaning or not. The Cosmos may in fact be one big brain. In the meantime, I just believe that there is meaning to our Lives and we must try to Live the best Lives we can. I think a chimpanzee can relate to that…Isn’t that right, Aura.’

Another soft kick to the shin and the two were on there way cavorting and frolicking about the immense Center again…

Later that evening, Aura looked at her man…

‘The words we have been saying about the meaning of Life…are in a way… very reassuring… although if I line them up and see what we are really saying I think we should be as depressed as ever. Instead, I see a glint of hope, a faint feeling of Cosmic Oneness with the universe from which we one day may receive great strength and possibility.’

“Oh, Aura, I want to make Love to you,’ Omicron said.

‘I know you do. And I want to Love you, too. But this is not the time.” And thence followed Omicron’s first instruction in the Theology of Love, carefully omitting most of what the theology of the Chimp band would have to say…Otherwise they would have been pregnant already…

‘For all animals, sex is a creative act of reproduction,’ Aura said. ‘Animals do not participate in it until they are mature and capable of taking care of children. In the previous century, it took man and woman many years beyond their physical maturation before they were financially capable of raising a family. Today, educational institutions have been improved to the extent that man and woman are culturally prepared for employment and supporting children at the same time they become physically capable of producing them. In your band, sex is limited to a mate with which one is committed to, and with whom one would like to have children. This is consistent with your Law of the Body, of physical creativity, which imparts to man and woman joy and happiness. You and I are committed to each other and we shall be having the child allotted to us by the government. Even in my band, sex usually in practice….must wait until marriage….which is really against our chimpanzee proclivities…. If we have sex now, Love will be no more than a play thing, it will be denigrated and sullied….which is another way of saying…Chimpanzees have all the fun! No!… we must wait until the moment we are ready to conceive. Oh, how beautiful that moment of creation will be! After the conception, our brief space of physical creativity, to use your theology, at least physiologically will be over. During the next decade or so, we shall still be in a physically creative stage as we raise our

child and prepare him or her for the time when he or she will be able to go out on his or her own. After conception, the sex act will be in commemoration and in consecration of our Love which will have grown and been exalted by growth as we progress together into… again to use the words of your faith… the intellectual and then Cosmic phases of our Lives. As we progress, the sex act will be part of an active, creative, and exalted relationship. If we do these things, we shall reap Lives filled with happiness, peace, and joy. In the words of the Chimp theology, the bliss of coupling will reach the higher boughs of our tree…causing leaves and branches…to fall on lethargic, uncreative idiots below.’

The last phrase was emphasized with a elbow softly to his side…

‘I don’t know about all this chimpanzee stuff,” Omicron teased his girl in return.

‘Well I don’t have time to teach you everything right now. Let me just say that an important concept is that daily bathing is not as important as some people seem to think it is,” she bantered back.

Omicron sniffed her arm… picked her up and threw her with legs kicking into the pool. They swam for thirty minutes. Then they embraced, and sat for two hours longer in the illuminated bubble…its Light and Life…radiating out into the black… into an exterior that was now gently raining…clouds slowly churning…into an enveloping…increasingly ominous night.

Omicron and Aura were discussing what to do for the remainder of their stay at the Center when their honey-filled victory tryst was abruptly interrupted by a flashing red light on the hotel’s entertainment-communication screens. In one second Samuel Wolf’s face appeared and one look told them that there was trouble. In short forceful words he told how a contagion, unleashed somehow during the fury of the Struggle and the movement of people across long distances… was threatening to run rampant through the cellular membranes of the communities near the mountain. Like a fire during the previous centuries, this genetic contagion was threatening to spread from a few infected clusters to engulf entire communities including Love Song Band. Omicron was needed back immediately to help contain quickly this potentially blister-paced wave of deathly pestilence. Omicron and Aura packed immediately and were on their way in twenty minutes.

When they arrived at the community that had been stricken… a meadow nearby was filled with waves of people Struggling in the night…in rain that was steadily increasing…somehow passing buckets of antibiotics in rapid fashion down long lines of brigades. This is ridiculous, thought Omicron…an enlightened age and we are passing buckets like in a Dark Age….but in a mag-speeded age, there were few helicopters or bombers nearby to help quell wild fire-like disasters….Also it was just one band that was in trouble… there were few people nearby to act quickly to move medicine to the stricken organisms….Many of the village people were on holiday that weekend, and the contagion, though limited in area…was furious in its intensity….The spores were aerial and after one group of cells was distorted into black-bluish bulbs twisted, oozing, collapsing growths, large clouds of spores were ejected to infect other groups of cells and other clusters. Now that ‘bio-forms’ were used in many areas of the communities’ Lives, new, exotic diseases had appeared to plague residential structures, food producing units, and cloth fabricating aggregates, just as in past centuries domestic pets had been ravaged by their peculiar maladies. Both men and women were quickly utilizing techniques of genetic engineering…to quickly construct fibrous tents to place over infected structures to help stop the spreading of the disease. However, the malady for the moment ravaged on… engulfing one cluster after another…threatening to move relentlessly in every direction from this one point to every band residing in the northern peninsula.

As they were fighting, the rain slowly increased in strength…until it was falling in torrents… which at first represented a Force that frustrated the battle against pestilence…yet quickly and unexpectedly …became an ally to the fighters…as it began to reduce the ability of the spores to spread …and finally allowed the men and women to contain the infestation… but not before thirty clusters were in contorted, pulp-like, useless, masses of dying protoplasm. A half hour later Omicron and Aura stood hand in hand in the pouring rain, soaked to the bone, looking at the shriveled dark forms of what once had been a thriving, Living community.

Before Omicron rose the image of “a tower struck by lightning” of Cosmic step sixteen… Ruin. ‘A crowned and an uncrowned man are thrown down from its heights with the ruins of the battlements. It was the symbol of material forces that can crush great and small alike. It is also the emblem of rivalries which only end in ruin for all concerned, of frustrated plans, of hopes that fade away, of abortive enterprises, ruined ambitions and catastrophic deaths.

‘On the physical level, it represents the reversals of fortune. On the intellectual level, it symbolizes the downfall of the Spirit that attempts to discover the mystery of God. On the Cosmic level, it expresses the punishment of pride.

‘Remember, son of Earth, that the ordeals of misfortune, accepted with resignation to the supreme Will of the All-Powerful, are the steps in a predestined progress for which you will be eternally rewarded. Suffering is working in order to free yourself from the bonds of material things, it is the putting on of robes of Immortality.’

Omicron knew that it is the frustrations and reversals of Life which render a man wise and able to gaze intently on the True and Just, regardless of what tragedies occur around him. The old must be destroyed before the new can be won. It is the task of all Living organisms to create. Creation is the assemblage of the new from the old. Therefore, creativity necessarily implies death and destruction. Since humans must by Nature be creative, their progress can be ascertained and measured by the ruins, the artifacts… they leave behind. To state this in another way…Consciousness creates tools…which become artifacts which archaeologists may discover later as remnants of a given creative period. In this manner, the Cosmos may be seen as artifacts… tools created by a once whole, Unified dot of immeasurable Consciousness exploded into a universe of space-filling creativity….In fact, when one is looking for consciousness working in small areas such as human cells…one can trace the source, the impetus for activity by identifying streams of tools that are the remains of a speck of consciousness at work.

Aura looked up at her man and said,

‘I know that this catastrophe should begin to shake us to the core. This was a close call…This could have been a biological CASTLE threatening everything we have built these past decades… These communities are my Life, my home, and my childhood. However, when I am beside you, I have little care for what the fortunes of the world might wreak upon me,…for I know we shall survive, and we shall continue to grow in our Love, and prosper and have a Life full of joy and happiness….Our theologies promise that somehow, someway…that if we are able to remain supremely Connected as a couple…and this has occurred rapidly, I swear…Well, given the closeness that we possess…we shall be inseparable…for an eternity….Well, only this is of importance to me…the rest is diverting…and will no doubt make Life more interesting and challenging….However, nothing shall turn our attention from the most important things in Life…We are here…to find another…to fasten on to…a Connection which shall ensure that we…with others shall always… remain in the Light.’

‘And I,’ said Omicron, ‘know that when I am near you, I have all. I have Love. I have Life. I have family and community in your embrace. And for this Love I give you this,” he said as he groped in his pocket in the pouring rain and pulled out a sparkling diamond which he placed on her finger.

‘I was going to give this to you tonight in the Center before we returned, but here in these circumstances, the eternal Light of the diamond is a brilliant reminder of the Love which we share which will always burn with sparkling Light…and continue to grow to fill the world…then the eternities… until ultimately it may be able to help fill the Cosmos…with its works and its embrace. It stands for an eternal Light that may, if we are worthy…if we are vigilant …be a Light which may thenceforth shine brilliantly from our couple. … which shall be able to prevail throughout times of adversity … in the face of all chains of causation which threaten us. For with this ring, two become One…a unity which I hope shall be consecrated in the Circle of the community in one week’s time…This diamond…is a symbol; of why we are here…reminding us that there is indeed…meaning for our Lives…For there is one thing…that we are certain of…Only by means of Life and Love…can two…become One…forever…and ever…Halleluja!…and thereby remain…eternally…. in the Light! This is all the meaning we require…to climb up the steep, and challenging mountain of Life… hulking majestically high…before us.’

They embraced and kissed,…totally oblivious of the waters from heaven … streaming down upon them.

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