Sonnet 16 (Desktop Version)

Sonnet 16 by Shakespeare
I have been working on 12-tone scale music for 50 years….
There have been 16 breakthroughs in the past 4 years…
Using the Circle of 5ths…I am whirling around the scales on the piano…
I am in all the keys at once!
I am also overlapping triads…there are a million chords to chose from
at any moment in time….
I take the lyrics…which have words…the words have ideas…
and the ideas have energy….The energies in this sonnet are so great
that they generate great expanses of music before the lyrics appear…
and in the midst of them…..
I pick chords from those available at a moment…as I am whirling about…
As I say…I pick chords that are most consistent with the energies roaring forth from the lyrics….
This is not Stravinsky…nor Schoenberg!

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