Omicron Blue Chapter# 17


The city. One pictures bright lights, hustle bustle, excitement, opportunity. But there is the reverse side. Man’s mind has built to the sky… but his body has been left in a hovel beside. There are friends to be found here… if one lives in a place long enough, risks enough, is hurt enough. There is community if one is willing to arduously search out the almost invisible…Yes, iron strong ties can and do exist somewhere beneath the superficial appearances of the city… but too often these are dictated by the interest of mind and power… and not of community and love. Then if disaster strikes and an arm is stretched forth for help… in most cases, that smiling klatch of friends either willingly or helplessly… because of the supremacy of self-interest… watches in disinterest as their former associate sinks to the depths.

‘The city. The cold metal crashes as certain as a jail. There is possibility in the city. Possibility of money, of progress, of success. But there is little hope. There can be no hope where there lacks compassion.’

At twelve o’clock, the command was given by radio to move… Each group of troopers…hidden in the metal…began making its way via its own circuitous route to the top. The blue-white ceiling above became visible clearly to them… for the first time. It was one continuous panel, illuminated like the sun. The men quickly moved hand over hand …in and around machinery…towards the Light. As Omicron’s group neared the top… they could see the illuminated forms of the eight other groups. Their next conquest would be swift and violent. They would take the headquarters, smash the Heart of the operation, destroy all enemy command networks and demoralize the enemy. Then they would signal the 800 troopers waiting for orders…at the first mag station…to return quickly to the City, move as One Force into the Central Complex and secure it against the 900 enemy celebrating in buildings on the grounds.

The feeling of energy coursed back into Omicron’s veins…when he realized that he was not alone…Now that he realized that there were one hundred troopers hidden in the electronic equipment…his body became a vector. Every atom and molecule within him was charged and directed by universal Law toward the goal. Before him he saw the Spirit of the sun which represented an eternal Initiative… Force, and energy… it was the symbol of Cosmic step 14. This solar spirit ‘was holding two urns and pouring from one into the other the vital sap of Life. It is the symbol of the combinations which are ceaselessly produced in all parts of Nature.

‘On the physical level, it represents the combination of the forces of Nature. On the intellectual level, it stands for the combinations of the ideas which create morality. On the Cosmic level, it symbolizes the perpetual movement of Life.’

‘Son of earth, take stock of your strength, not in order to retreat before the works of your hand, but in order to wear away obstacles, as water falling drop by drop wears away the hardest stone.’ At the top they burst one at a time through an opening which led to the headquarters. As they burst through the opening, they were immediately in hand to hand combat with the guards. Omicron shot through the opening, his gun blazing. Suddenly, Steve appeared leading several clusters of men. With Steve right beside him, Omicron led the others as they blasted their way through the first line of enemy. Before Omicron in his mind, the sun became a Light with an intensity of a Lightning bolt which did not flash and die but which remained before him as a constant Source of energy, force, and Light. The men surged towards the headquarters killing three enemy for every man lost. Then they were at the door of the headquarters. Omicron reached for the bombs on his belt. The door flew open showcasing a face which in stunned response to the view before it could only say, “Uh, wha! Hey, boss!” before it was blasted to ashes. Omicron grabbed from his belt….and activated… the three positive ion bombs and the shrapnel bomb…. one after another… and tossed them into the headquarters room. The blast which followed shattered much of the glass which gave management a three hundred and sixty degree command over the City below. After the required time, the troopers stormed into the room littered with unconscious and Lifeless forms. Scar Liege was aLive… and able to struggle to recover from the effects of the positive ion bombs. He was desperately attempting to reach something when five troopers surrounded and immobilized him. His hand was still straining, writhing toward a button it would never reach, the button which would have liquidated completely…as far as the City headquarters Complex was concerned…both man and machine.

The enemy was defeated.

‘That was close,’ said Steve, measuring in his mind the distance between resplendent success and black annihilation. ‘It is our good fortune that this crud is aLive to face the scorn of the country.’

Steve took Liege by the collar and shoved him through the door into the hands troopers waiting at the door. Twenty minutes later the top level was secured. The enemy were just hoodlums…Most were forced to fight because of past actions which had indebted them to head mobsters…There were no ideals or communities to fight for…Therefore, in spite of their sizeable numbers… with a loss of leadership… the enemy was broken. When the enemy soldiers on the grounds heard that the headquarters had been taken, they left the City quickly before they could be killed or captured. They would return separately or in groups to the places in the Northwest from which they had come.

Suddenly, the enemy headquarters in the complex… was quiet.

At this proud moment, Steve placed his hand upon his son’s shoulder and said…

‘Well done. You have progressed far these past days. In the coming days. you will be a hero and shall receive medals and honors. However, you must realize that the greatest rewards …you have already won… These medals…awards…now reside within your mind and within your body. By virtue of the Struggle…you have been shaped into a new person….You are no longer a boy…Welcome, my son…you are now…a man!

‘Yet your journey is only partly traveled. The greatest steps are still to be taken and greatest glory still to be won. It is an upwards journey… without end.’

The country was ecstatic. The instant the word was out… parades of people filled the walkways of the Creativity Centers throughout the country in celebration. A national holiday would last one week. The sky and communities…were filled with rockets, banners, and flags. Every night the sky was aLight with fireworks as the nation celebrated its victory and its preservation. Victory was sweet. The natural inclination of the country toward adoration of its heroes and expressing its relief and victory through feasting and dancing was irresistible.

Omicron was exhilarated beyond belief. Yet he knew that the real victory had been won within himself and there was more yet to be done. And in spite of all the rewards… physical, intellectual, and Cosmic… which he had gained… he knew the best was yet to come…within a community of Love. He knew that in the future the rewards would become greater and greater. The rewards he received in the future might not be as tangible as the decorations and fanfare he was now receiving. But what he would receive then would surpass all that mortal man could give. Now he was in communion with a country. From now on… he would be in communion… somehow… with the Cosmos.

The celebrations would last a week. However, Omicron’s attention was very quickly on something… someone, else. Steve had taken him personally directly after the victory…to a surgeon in the hospital located near the Creative Center…It had taken one hundred stitches to repair the wound. The doctors marveled that he had been able to stand, let alone climb and conquer the enemy. The first day he was in the hospital…Aura arrived to visit one of her nation’s heroes… The roller coaster of emotions that she had experienced had brought home to her…made her absolutely certain…how much she cared for him. She could now explicitly acknowledge feelings she had had for him, almost subconsciously, for some time,…as she now possessed a respect for him that had been lacking previously. Aura said that Gemstone had been wounded in the shoulder, which had occurred almost immediately after Omicron had seen him, withdrawn into the metal.

One might have remarked that Gemstone’s irritatingly good fortune had continued, as he had been wounded and been evacuated immediately prior to the catastrophic day when hundreds of the troopers who were assaulting the third level had been laid out…in a sea of blood… However, Omicron knew that good fortune for Gemstone in this instance was superficial and that in reality Gemstone had failed to climb upwards, to glory or death, because of a cessation of growth within. His progress had been stopped for the moment, perhaps forever, as he had confronted a challenge that he had been unable, unwilling to face. In the end, it was likely that the cost of this ‘good luck’ would be far greater than he could now imagine.

It was Sunday now. Only two weeks before, Omicron had gone to the Creative Center with Uncle Jonathan and only a week before, he had gone off to fight. It seemed like a millennium ago. Aura stayed at the hospital as long as she was allowed. that first day. They still knew so little about each other. He would be kept at the hospital for two weeks before he was released…. Aura said there would be a Victory party at Chimp Savvy Band sometime in the days to come.

Omicron was no longer the same person. He knew this was True as Aura began to interact with him completely differently. Omicron was aware of the road that had been traveled…since the last time they had talked, when their hands had touched and feelings had been shared in the miracle of a sacred, portentous moment. With her at his bedside, he was quick to reclaim ground previously won…he clasped her hand as they talked quietly the remainder of the time she was there.

‘You are safe,’ she said simply. It would have been easy to have been embarrassed by an intimacy that had outstripped the growth and change in a relationship allowed by a rational mind…, given the passage of a short amount of time. However, modern man and woman were aware that the largest parts of their brains were primal, irrational in nature, and that the primal brains of two individuals could relate in a profound manner with the rational brain being scarcely aware of it. Thus, Omicron and Aura moved immediately to the reality of the primal relationship… their rational minds respecting the depths of feeling which obviously were shared.

‘So many have died.’ she continued. There was now little need for the preliminary talk, characteristic of courtship in a previous age. There was little need for personal history or biography. Omicron and Aura had been together from time to time these past years… however, their talk had never moved past superficialities…except for that one moment… Still, the communities were family…they shared biography…It was possible for serious relationships to quickly take root.

‘As I viewed the list of casualties roll across the screen, I felt as if it were my blood spilt… flowing across and away.’

‘I made it,’ said Omicron. ‘I can’t tell you how I was convinced that I would be killed. A miracle,…. Still,….’

The last utterance was in recognition of the two Forces which had made victory possible in his case…the Arcana…and that female…standing before his bedside.

‘The massacre, that night. Oh, how I cried! I thought I had lost everything, everyone,!…. I thought I had lost…you!’

Their eyes met as they now seriously confronted the feelings they both possessed. Still, they were strangers to all nuances of personality, the ideas, the idiosyncrasies each possessed…. In almost every way they were strangers… yet two animals had made their selection. Now all attention was directed toward dissipating the doubts, the uncertainties of the higher brain.

‘I fought for you, Aura. So many times I ran into the fire with your face before me. You are so beautiful!’

‘I thought you were dead. It was then that… that I really knew…that I really knew how much I care for you!’

‘This is crazy, but right in the middle of the war, I thought of you and wrote a song. A wonderful song. Right there in the middle of machinery, soldiers, guns, and fear. It was really strange.’

‘The communities are closer now than ever,’ Aura said. ‘We share in the loss. We share in the victory. But it is the experiences that we have shared that did it. The challenge, the fear, the anguish, the Love, the hate, the triumph. We all moved as One through this series of apprehension, sorrow… and now victory…We moved as One…together. And we are now One …more than ever.’

‘I like being near you,’ Omicron said. ‘ I feel good just thinking about you. I get excited when I anticipate seeing you!’

‘I have always thought you were handsome. You have always done well in school. well as can be expected for an I-type, of course,’ she jested. Then seriously again, ‘We have always been in awe of your father, the entire country has been. I guess we expected too much, too soon from you. Now, you are changed. Now, you are more like him!’

‘It was more than the war that I confronted out there. What I really confronted was myself. Someday you shall understand. Two weeks ago seems a thousand years. I was a child. But I was properly prepared. The war was a tragedy. But still it allowed rapid growth to take place. I have always worshiped you as a goddess,…a dream I could never have. I still worship you, but given what I have been able to do, I now have the hope, as reckless and presumptuous as it might be… that you may now be mine.’ Omicron drew her to himself and they kissed,…experimentally, cautiously, at first, then in a passionate series of mouth devouring gifts, simultaneously given and received. They experienced the adrenaline rush, the ecstasy of finding one’s Love, and the delirium of finding the reflection of that same ecstasy in the beLoved’s eyes.

Too soon the nurse would come to say that visiting hours were over. After two weeks…, Omicron went back to the Blue cluster in Love Song Band…Aura practically moved in during the day time….and they began their courtship together….

Almost immediately the process of rebuilding a nation had begun. There was the somber task of commemorating the dead. In this highly technological age, in this age of advanced theological thinking…the dead were cremated…in order that their I-particles could be released to combined with other ions and remain in the Light…and the greatest hope was…that each bit of consciousness…would remain somehow available to be united ultimately… with that one special I-particle…perhaps with more… with which it had become close to…during its time on earth…

There were tears at the funerals. However, there were also orations. These men had died in the pursuit of the True and Just. They were heroes, but more than that they were Victors. No higher tribute than the ones they received could be given. No greater satisfaction could be received regardless of what one could accomplish during his Life… than that, which one would receive if he or she were to die in such a noble quest. A martyrdom such as this… might in itself be worthy of an eternity in the Light! A plaque was erected in each community, celebrating the victory that was theirs, with the names of all those in the community who had given their Lives for the cause…signed by the highest officials in the communities, country, and world. Although the bodies of these men were now ash… disintegrated and perhaps one day forgotten… their works would Live on. One result of their work was the preservation of their way of Life which guaranteed to all a Life full of happiness and joy. This result of their work would always be appreciated in song and in national honors. Their example would remain for millennia as examples of men who gave their all for the correct causes. Special tributes were sung and said, and representatives from the country’s and world’s governments were present at countless ceremonies .

After the dead were attended to… the celebrations began. There was the celebration promised in Chimpanzee Savvy Band…when Omicron and Arua…to the extent that he was able… danced the night away.

A week later, Omicron was able to move about a bit…he began to mag over to Aura’s band near the University…They walked over to the lake nearby, with the University looming on the hillsides above them. They waded calf deep as the sun sank behind the hills. The clouds hanging dark and sinister above them suddenly exploded with color, first fire red, then bright yellow, and finally, light violet. Knee-deep in water Omicron and Aura embraced and kissed as the sky slowly slipped into darkness. The remainder of the week, Omicron striding along with the leaders of the Nation…surveyed the damage incurred by the City during the battle… Steve made Omicron a leader of Love Song Band. Caterpillar tracks and ruts had been torn into the meadows when the troopers were preparing for battle. However, considering all that had happened, the communities had been spared the exigencies of warfare. The focus of the enemies ferocity had been upon the City.

Every day Omicron was walking with Aura through the hills, savoring the sensations of being animals, one with Nature. The long blustery winter storm had broken at last. The clouds now were white and frivolous, and for the first time in several days had become a secondary feature in the sky. Most prominent now was the Light and its warmth from the heavens which energized Omicron as he stood with Aura and looked out over blue waters… surveying their earthly realm.

Two weeks after the victory…leaders of the nations convened in Washington D.C. The ceremonies that occurred then were broadcast instantaneously around the world. The leaders of the world government continued to remain in the Bay area… as they now had the greatest honors to bestow. The armies of the country marched in formation, fired military salutes, and covered their heroes with medals. Steve Blue was made general. Omicron was made captain. The group which stormed to the top were bedecked with gold, silver, bronze medals, ribbons and clusters. All men who had participated in the Struggle were decorated. The President shook Steve’s hand and the entire country watched as Steve told the world how his son, now standing tall and beaming beside him, had thrown the final bombs.

Aura waited patiently as her man was feted, decorated and hailed. It was too soon for them to be seen publicly together. Sylvia had accompanied Steve and Omicron to Washington. All three were eager to get back to their home and regain the momentum they had had in their Lives… before the Struggle… in their community by the Bay.

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