Omicron Blue Chapter# 16


Omicron was awakened by rays of Light which shot through the hole at the bottom of the stairs and illuminated the entire corridor… penetrating even the recession in the metal in which he was hidden. Omicron listened. There were voices from afar. He looked out from his enclosure and saw no one on the stairs. He painfully stepped out onto the staircase. He did feel stronger now that he was well rested. He checked his gun, and took inventory of the bombs left on his belt. Three positive ion bombs and one shrapnel one. He looked up the stairway with dread. He loathed leaving his shelter, but he knew he must. He longed to delay an almost certain death; but the time had come.

Somehow his ailing, weak body climbed the stairs. At the top, he looked left…then right into a long hallway. There were men talking casually a long way down…to the left…There was an open entrance way across the hall…which led into banks of electronic equipment. He was now standing…within the brains of the entire City. When the men down the hall…seemed to be preoccupied with their conversation and were looking the other way, Omicron walked as fast as he could… but not in a manner which would evoke attention, across the hall. Once across, he checked; that the men had not noticed him. He went slowly and quietly up a narrow corridor. He had just entered a room…that rose 200 hundred feet to the ceiling…filled with banks and walls of equipment. The corridor was not a passageway for humans. He climbed up and over machinery along paths that robots took to repair and replace electronic components. The going was difficult in places as he could barely crawl through small openings among the wires and modules.

At one point he reached a place in the mass of computer parts where he could look straight up to the ceiling between two great walls of computer equipment. There was a fundamental question in his mind… There should be approximately 900 enemy on this level,…where were they? I must go up, he thought. If he had stopped to think, he might have questioned the rationale for climbing upwards. Where would these walls of computer banks lead? He instinctively wanted to climb upwards because that was the direction to the City’s command center which was perched on the top of the third level. What he, one person, hoped to do if he miraculously escaped detection and managed to get to the enemy’s headquarters was a question which he might not have had the answer for… I must climb, he repeated to himself, but how may I? I can barely walk. But he must!…I must!…for the True and Just, for the country, for the communities!,…Yes, and now… for Aura! For now he fully acknowledged how much he actually did care for her. More importantly, he now realized that he could win her… if he wished… if he survived… if he could reach the top of this pile of electronic mechanisms! Omicron reached upwards and grabbed onto a mass of wire. He placed a foot on a metal part, then the other inside, on a steel rod. Then he grabbed metal with the other hand…and lifted himself up. Inch by inch… he struggled up. How could he ever make it? he thought. He was weak from the wound. He was in constant danger of falling back to the floor….Yet strangely… fortunately …there was an award gained…from his strategy of mind over matter…Suddenly, there was no pain!

Before him, Omicron saw ‘a skeleton scything heads in a meadow.’ He seized wires and metal, his foot smashed into films of circuitry. ‘It is the emblem of destruction and perpetual rebirth of all forms of Being in the domain of Time.’ His body seemed to become lighter. His hands moved more quickly upwards. He was able to move partway into the frames of computer parts. ..which became like steps…upwards…upwards… He was able to go faster and faster. Then he saw a large opening in the electronic mass with a ladder on the other end…which reached to the very top of the building. With renewed vigor he tore his way towards the ladder. He was half way there when he heard a noise. His hand instinctively reached for his gun. He inched his way towards the ladder. There was someone behind one of the large sheets of metal to his left. He edged up to the end of the steel plate and jerked around the corner. He smashed right into the barrel of a laser gun and two intense brown eyes. Omicron almost yelled from surprise, then said, ‘Wolfgang!’

Wolfgang said that there were about a dozen troopers hidden with him nearby in a nest among the computer parts…and that there were several other isolated groups of survivors scattered throughout the complex. They were keeping in touch with each other by means of hand radios. The enemy did not have the benefit of these and their frequencies and thus were not able to intercept their messages. They were also in contact with the troopers’ high command. It appeared that the enemy was unaware of their presence. Wolfgang said that the President had acceded to the enemy’s demands. He was going to come to the mag terminal in person at eight o’clock that morning to give Liege the money and would remain with them as a hostage until they were safely outside the country. The President was certain that there was no hope left for the troopers to capture the Complex. The enemy now believed it had won and was no longer concerned about troopers. About eight hundred troopers had exited the Complex in retreat. They left the City as soon as was possible…and remained in a group at the first mag station… which was about 30 miles from the City…waiting for their next orders….Most of the enemy had left the City Complex…and were feasting feverishly on the food left in several buildings…by the troopers. It appeared as if there were about 100 troopers on the third level like them…who were officially unaccounted for.

The war…was over. Yet….

‘On the physical level, the thirteenth Cosmic step represents physical death, that is, the Transformation of human nature on reaching the end of its organic period.’ The troopers on the third level…would wait until night time to make their move. ‘On the intellectual level, it symbolizes the ascent of the Will into the realms of higher energies and powers.’ ‘We shall prevail!’ Wolfgang said, emphatically. ‘On the Cosmic level, it expresses the perpetual movement of creation, destruction, and renewal.’ Everything is different and new now, all has been transformed! thought Omicron… We are going to make it!

‘I’m going to make it!’ Omicron affirmed out loud.

The President had gotten the money immediately. One trillion dollars in world government international bills was nestled securely in a multitude of large trunks in the staff office. The world government was the only level of government that still had paper money. There were times it had to deal with people and entities not integrated into Cerebrum’s world-wide financial network. The President was going home for the remainder of the day to be with his family for the last time. For he knew that when he and his honor guard met with Liege and his men at the mag terminal on the grounds…that everyone, himself, the guard, and Liege and his men would be cut to pieces by troops hidden at the terminal…who were setting up cannons right now to greet them. They had to do it. There was no other choice. These rats must not be allowed out of the country to breed and vilify the earth. This chance to eradicate forever these leftovers from the Middle Ages and the benefits which would accrue would be well worth the Lives lost.

As though a few more streams of blood would be noticed in the river which had already flowed… thought the President.

Today, however, it was strange, for the President felt his spirit lifted a bit for no obvious reason. Something within him began to communicate faintly… words which his rational mind refused to acknowledge. Again and again words within himself surfaced to consciousness and resurfaced: Somehow, someway, things will be all right. We are frighting for the True…and the Just…We will…be all right!…

That may be true, the President thought. But until I see better evidence of such a thing, I must prepare to die. And even if I must die, it will be all right, he thought. So much Good will be the result.

The troopers nestled in the electronic machinery of the third floor… and slept as much as they could. They would need every bit of rest and strength they could muster before the attack at midnight. They would delay that long to be certain that the bulk of the guard upstairs was asleep. Omicron looked around the third level…as much as he could see…all of which was illuminated at all times from above by another eerie blue-white light which transformed the metal into hulking black shadows.

‘Remember, son of Earth, that earthly things last only a brief space, and that the highest are cut down like the grass in the fields. The dissolution of your visible organs will come sooner than you expect; but do not fear death, for death is only birth into another Life. The universe ceaselessly reabsorbs all that is her own and has not been spiritualized. But the freeing of material instincts by the voluntary adherence of the soul to the Laws of universal movement constitutes in us the creation of a second man, the celestial man… and is the beginning of our immortality.’ Oh, how Omicron Loved these words. His father had told him that these words were the inspiration for so much of the religiosity of the Middle Ages. In mediaeval times, men thought that these words supposedly written by ancient Egyptians meant that after death man would Live on in the same form as he was in on earth, but somehow his body would be celestialized and made eternal. The Egyptians believed in a soul, a part of man and woman which would Live after death. The concept of a soul was based on shamanic practices tens of thousands of years old. Since than, scientists have found no evidence of such a thing in the Cosmos around them. There is no reason to think that anything remains after death. Except for one thing… one thing that can be attested to by each person aLive… it is an empirical thing and it is True. That is, a person will tell you that there is something inside his or her body ‘looking out’…like it is the center of the universe. There is an I. Scientists know that the Cosmos is made up of particles and nothing else. This I is so striking, so unique… that it may be the property of a particle that animals have somehow captured…an I particle. High on a list of potential particles that might fill this role was a hydrogen ion for many reasons….Scientists were close to proving…that this is True. It now was ninety-five percent probable that every atom possesses consciousness…but even with every innovation possible to improve instruments…scientists still were having problems measuring or even identifying things that were too small or were moving too fast.

Omicron’s father felt that these ‘Egyptian’ words… had struck upon other Truths. Matter Lives on forever, as the energy from which it is made cannot be destroyed. However, its form changes over time and although forces can slow this change… in the end, such change is inexorable. However, the acts of the Comic man and woman are eternal, their impacts resounding forever through eternity. There is one Cosmic Truth…Tools are artifacts left behind… by an active, powerful…consciousness….The Cosmos was filled…with artifacts, remnants, evidence…of a great consciousness…operating in the past.

Cosmic step 13… Transformation… This Arcanum, Steve told Omicron again and again… is not about death,…It is…about Life! This step is most fundamental to the change of a man or woman, who has successfully learned to control his or her passions and developed his or her intellect,…into a man or woman of the Cosmos. Once this step is obtained…the goal is in sight!

Transformation! The mountain peak now hovers above, well within one’s grasp as long as one vigilantly keeps his or her eyes upon True principles! As those words pulsated again and again through his body, Omicron felt energized, revitalized, joyful. The scythe cuts and kills, but it does so only that the new may be born. He had progressed through so many vital steps… he had survived the deadly war! In the end he would prevail! And he was not alone! Others had also survived the slaughter without… The solidarity of Will would conquer!… The Love of brotherhood and sisterhood would sustain and propel them to the crest!

For now though,…they would have to wait.

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