Space and Time

Space and Time
© Copyright, Frank W. Andres, 1983. All Rights Reserved.

Time and Space. These words are perhaps two of the most important in
the universe. Yet what are these? I have an intuitive notion of such. Time is
that which unites the past with the present and allows me to anticipate the
future. A clock measures Time. But Time appears to be an abstract concept,
which is separate from the external world about me; thus it is difficult to
comprehend. Space at first seems to be easy to understand. Space is the
vacant area around me or around an object. An object, thus, may be
measured by a consideration of how much of this Space the object consumes.

But the Space around the object is infinite and it is the opposite of matter in
that it is the absence of matter; therefore, Space is nothing. Thus, Space
seems to differ from other objects external to me in its infiniteness and
nothingness. Space and Time are not objects in the external world, thus they
cannot be perceived directly by man. If Space and Time are not objects, then
do they in actuality exist?

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