Children of Darkness

Children of Darkness
© Copyright, Frank W. Andres, 1983. All Rights Reserved.

From darkness into the Light. How trite these words seem, yet
nevertheless, they are true in an historical context. And more and more are
they true today as my whole being is constantly and completely infused with
the fact by the contradictions of an age…the schizophrenia…that is, the
multipersonalities of a species…which cloaks one with frustration, yet is no
doubt also the regalia, the harbinger, the psychodrama of an age in transition
and evolution.
Darkness, Light. From the dark cave-like refuge of the monk’s wall to
the expanse and splendor of the Gothic arch and tracery. From the bat-like
wings of priestly office and candle-dripped manuscripts of forgotten libraries beneath the earth to the erudite illumination of universities. From the
skulking, furtive transactions of the Jew…in the shadow of the wall of the
prince, sword, and early death…to the engines of steel and glass straining
forth with the energy of the millenia towards the expanse of the heavens,
towards the sky-brilliant Light.
So blinded by light in fact are we that we all too often forget that we are
still children of darkness. So frantically have we sought to place our whole
selves into that finest of pin-dots of light afforded by man’s technological
wonders, which by our estimation should immediately translate us unto a
paradise of equisite joy…that we have nearly torn the body societas asunder…
as foot, leg, trunk, arm are still firmly anchored…in relentless mediaeval

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