Omicron Blue Chapter# 25


‘They were philosophers, gurus. They smoked their weed, settled back with drinks and talked of the world. There was a philosophy. There was a faith. Actually, the pot powwows were antecedents, of sorts… precursors of a world they hoped would exist some day. Woodstock was a national manifestation of this philosophy. There was hope for real Love between brother and sister. Affinal groups sprang forth. Children ran naked under the watch of their “uncles” and “aunts”. They talked their talk… sometimes with the help of great books,…usually not. Somehow there was the faith that if one talked enough, even babbled enough, wrote enough… Truth somehow would emerge. This was inherited from the Beats.

‘But it all dissipated in a cloud of smoke. Now in the 1990’s there are no hippies left…except for me. And I never felt a part of all that. Ironically I, the non-participant, absorbed everything and continued the work… developing 12-tone scale music, working on intellectual answers, real answers to the problems their dazed minds thought they were considering in depth. Like Annie Lennox, naked, in tears, crouched on a bare, hard-wood floor, singing a ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’… I look around and ask, “Where is everyone?’ Even the songs from that age: “He is my Brother,” Thunderclap Newman… are never played. I am alone, sad, yet hopeful. Somehow the past will spark and begin the conflagration promised by those times. There was no revolution… instead everyone put on a suit and tie. Then all that crumbled. Now everyone works at McDonalds. Yes, perhaps in a way evolution has replaced revolution…away from highly paid do-little jobs, everything is now falling from the top, downward…hopefully, by means of some miracle…somehow…falling from the city…towards a land…of….new Power…and Love.’

It was June, 2092. The young lad was now ten years old. Constantine’s father had worked very hard to inculcate the principles of the Theology of the Mind. He was straight and strong. He ran the hills in the morning and studied long and hard in his group of fellow I-types, in his collaboration with A-types, and in his independent creativity at night in Love Song Band. Upwards he grew, as it seemed his stature, crowned with his mother’s golden hair, was striving for the Light.

Omicron had written many musicals, three of which had been presented nationwide. He and Aura were finally collaborating on one now, which had taken several years as their research in the Science of Everything had had higher priority. She had developed an interest and ability in art and had presented several shows of paintings and sculpture at the Creative Center. She had also developed fashion designs that were utilized at the Center. However, the major change which had occurred was that both of them were now conducting research together. Aura had shifted her attention from insects to man and woman, for she had fully accepted the fact now that they are animals and every bit as worthy as insects of application of a new Scientific Method that they were developing…for the examination of humans in terms of their physical as well as their behavioral traits. Omicron had worked with her on many topics concerning the social activity of man and woman…and they had been nominated for a Nobel prize for a series of books they had written together. That work benefited from their collaboration as I-type and A-type, of course, but also from their special knowledge concerning the Will and Love of man and woman. Working together… they were able to address topics such as… the role that DNA has played in the emergence of human society… as well as the importance the I possesses in the Lives of human beings…which surprisingly parallels activities initiated by cognition within their cells.

In their work they had been able to apply their knowledge of the five dimensions of the universe to help develop dynamic determinantal equations for the actions of man like F = ma which had previously existed only in the physical sciences. They saw man and woman as an organism dispersed upon the earth like other animal Life, but whose minds had created a second supporting world of tools and machines which had finally been made complementary to them…no longer conflicting with their physiology as it had during the twentieth century…when humans were trapped in mold-like metropolitan areas…embedded in their tools… Omicron and Aura were now at the height of their intellectual creativity and in some aspects of their Lives they could move on to work on the Cosmic level. Climaxing this decade of productive work together, Omicron and Aura crowned their efforts by publishing the final edition of Man and the Cosmos, the Science of Everything. The first draft of this opus had been written by Omicron’s great great grandfather… it had provided the theoretical underpinnings for the Science of Everything. They started with their progenitor’s ideas, then collected all the ideas concerning the new science that had emerged since his time… and added ideas of their own. Earlier drafts of this work had been used extensively by workers in this field.

Man and the Cosmos. The book begins as a dualistic philosophy like Descartes developed… where a person looks out at the world around him or her…mind versus the external world…and tries to build tools for the phenomena he or she sees closest to him or her and work slowly outwards until one is able to build tools that will impact the entire Cosmos. Descartes believed that mind and matter were two different things… however, by the time Omicron and Aura worked to the outer reaches of the Cosmos, they had shown that everything is matter from the mind on out and that is why all the disciplines should have the same methodology… they are all part of the same all-embracing science. The kicker though…was that matter itself possesses consciousness…every atom seems to have an I... that is capable of ‘looking out’…If electrons are removed…then the I…is ‘revealed’…and is able to impact the world about it.

They started with the mind…and worked out step by step from it…The major breakthrough…if there be one…is the importance in the book…of man an woman’s tools…In the past, social scientists looked at different aspects of modern man and woman…kinship, linguistics, institutions…However, now in this book…the concept of ‘tool’ possessed a new meaning…After and woman were now seen as an exotic sort of chimpanzee…and biologically they were now categorized…as a tool-creating ape…Thus tools were now their name…and tools were now their trade…Philosophy and psychology were now studies of how the human mind creates tools…first in importance of their work is how the brain creates ideas…..investigating the activities of the left and right hemispheres of human brain from the outside…and from the inside out! Thus the first discipline to be studied was philosophy, wherewith they were able to show that the ideas of the great philosophers were not actually contesting ideas in a battle of abstract ideas…from which only one bloodied victor could emerge…but instead these ideas can be placed in a sequence that can describe how intellectual thought…is indeed accomplished. Every philosophical stance makes sense in this sequence…wherein step by step ideas are formed on the basis of similarity and induction and then separation and analysis…Hence, readings in philosophy were no longer primarily just an entertaining pastime, they were now biology… Psychology is not just looking at rats in a maze and finding associations with how the brains of human beings work. It is accepting the fact that philosophy is actually describing the functioning of the human brain from the inside out…and thus becomes the right arm of psychological research as it can give hypotheses about brain functioning that psychologists can test and verify. In addition, psychiatrists now had laid aside the ideas that mental illness was primarily related to trauma people had experienced…when they were very young…There was some Truth to this…however, now mental illness was considered mainly a physiological, genetic disease…and exploration of and treatment of maladies of the brain were of the utmost priority now.

Anthropology was now the study of how humans are connected physically, biologically, genetically with all of Life…as the result of evolution. It is also the study of man and woman and their tools. It is tools that allow man and woman to leave the province of their minds and venture out and impact the world. The first tools were physical parts of the body with which they hit, killed, and shaped objects in the external world. However, soon they were picking up stones and tree limbs…and utilizing them to hit, kill, and shape things…But there were ideas before these…about how stones and tree limbs could be utilized to hit, kill or shape things …In this way it is to be understood that ideas are tools and exist in the mind and preexist any physical tools that are made by humans and utilized to impact the world about them. Among the tools created by man and woman…very important are institutions which are major tools of society… and they must be recreated regularly or progress in the rest of tool creation can become strangled and constrained. In this way…the study of institutions and human patterns of collaboration moved one on into the discipline of sociology, which in the previous century used to amount to esoteric discussions of kinship, friendship and urban behavior. Now sociology recognized that man and woman are animals, thus, the discipline now was conducted as investigations of the behavior of any other animals are conducted… except there was now great emphasis upon man and woman working with their social tools…and upon the fact that things like metropolitan areas and creative clusters of people…are actually biological entities….and are to be examined as any other animal collaborations and organizations are studied….

One of the greatest areas for examining the interaction of man, woman, and their tools is economics. Omicron and Aura show how economics started with barter, that is, only with goods. Then humans began to use media of exchange, that is, goods like gold or shells…When these goods are exchanged…they do not complete a transaction but facilitate the overall exchange of goods. This occurs because someone may want what you have, but does not have what you want. So an exchange is made and you take what he gives you and exchange it for what you want. The transaction involving three people or more is not over until all are satisfied. Eventually, media of exchange were replaced by coins and paper, that is, with money. That is, people no longer carried goods around that they did not want. They carried paper that promised delivery of goods that were needed. Therefore, money is not a good, it stands for goods; it actually is a cost free loan. One person in an exchange does not get what he wants, he will have to wait a period of time before he gets it… however, he does not charge interest for this delay in consumption, he is grateful for the convenience of completing half a transaction… he can find a person who has what he wants later. Eventually two worlds evolved… one of goods and one of money. That is, in almost every exchange money goes one way and a good or goods go the other way. One can measure either world to get an idea of the magnitude and composition of the economic activity that is taking place. In the twentieth century, economists looked at money flows, which they thought to give a more exact idea of what is happening. Now economists know that money analysis is inherently static…you have to stop the economy and count up and then compare monetary totals with other periods. Monetary is also partial…When money is exchanged for goods…transactions are not completed…Creation of goods flows from resources to manufacturing to wholesale to retail to the customer….this dynamic interchange of goods over a period ot time is lost in monetary analysis…Because of the static and partial nature of monetary analysis…dynamic interactions are lost…biological interdependence of human beings that can depicted spatially on maps…and seen in the lights of metropolses at night…all of that is lost…in columns of people-less and useless numbers….. Thus, one must take a biological approach when analyzing economic behavior…which is an ‘alien’ approach…that is, one takes the point of view as if a person has come from another planet and attempted to describe human economic interaction. As was said…it would be like a biologist describing a colony of termites, not merely compiling columns of numbers. It is realizing that humans during the twentieth century were distributed on only four percent of the total area of the United States… in metropolitan areas that spread and acted like molds… a configuration based on the efficiencies of the tools humans utilized… not on the psychological and emotional needs of the people caught up within it. It was realizing that money was on one side of the equation and goods and the movement of goods on the other. This is like E = mc^2. In all determinantal equations like this…like F = ma…the = sign is really a transformation sign…the left side is not a subset of the right side…Energy…is transformed… into goods and movement of goods….Money represents this energy…energy that has been expended creating goods….money is like energy credits…which are used to claim goods that have been earned…goods that energy expended by other people…has created….In this way…money really stands for the energy that is expended at every step that goods are produced or moved… from raw materials to the consumer…As was said…when one looks at the earth at night…from outer space…one sees Light expended by humans on earth…and these Lights display, in general, places where energy is expended daily in the creation and movement of goods.

Thus, all the social human sciences were now on a biological base…they were powerful disciplines now…looking at real people in the real world…not just addressing them with piles of words and numbers…each with a different, strange methodology. The social sciences now can talk to each other…all now possess one language… one methodology…And most powerful of all…the social sciences now can talk to and work with…the biological and physical sciences … For example…one can realize now…that physicists once had their own idea of what dimensions were…what Time and Space were. And that philosophy had already come to the correct conclusions regarding them…a long Time before that.

The opus was written over ten years and the two toiled ardently on it. At last it was published on Cerebrum and the response was immediate and world-wide. Steve was a commanding general now and was a leader of Jupiter Nation. Omicron had duties to perform in the conduct of tribal affairs. The year before, Steve had been honored during ceremonies celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the Struggle. Films were shown of the battles, and Steve, Omicron and the other heroes were feted at tribal dinners throughout the nation. To cap things off…Omicron and Aura traveled to Stockholm and were each presented the Nobel prize.

As Omicron and Aura stood before the array of prestigious honorees, Omicron saw a garland of golden roses which represented the supreme Cosmic step 21… the Reward… of the Theology of the Mind. This garland surrounded a ‘star and placed in a circle around which are set at equal distances the heads of a man, a bull, a lion, and an eagle. This was the sign with which the Magus decorates himself when he has reached the highest degree of initiation and has thus acquired a power limited only by his own intelligence and wisdom.’

A choir sang processional music written by Omicron for the occasion. This was followed immediately by his hymn of joy. His father’s voice sounded loudly in his mind…’Remember, son of Earth, that the empire of the World belongs to the empire of Light, which is the throne reserved by God for sanctified Will. Happiness for the Magus is the fruit of the knowledge of Good and evil, but God only allows it to be plucked by the man sufficiently master of himself to approach it without covetness.’

They were given the golden prizes. Omicron had now attained the highest level of the Theology of the Will. Before the ceremony, Steve had drawn him aside for a half hour of final admonition and instruction. In addition..there was a surprise…Omicron was told when he was very young that much would be expected of him. He had been given a letter of the Greek alphabet for a name. The meaning of this letter would be revealed to him only at a time when it was evident to Steve that he had progressed far along the Cosmic path… into the sanctified region of the Cosmic reward. Steve now told him that ‘Omicron,’ which was a Roman letter…had stood for the name of the Egyptian god, Osiris. The tribe would now confer this name upon him to be used daily. It was at once a crown and a challenge. It was the conferring upon him of the trappings of Cosmic greatness. However, it was also a stringent admonition that his every action would be expected to be worthy of him whose appellation he now held. He must ever continue to strive upwards towards the unattainable goal of the Light… until the day that his body was at last laid to rest.

Omicron and Aura looked into each other’s eyes as they stood before the other Nobel recipients. Aura had simultaneously attained a high level in accordance with the Theology of Love. She had broken her flesh in childbirth, brought sweat to her limbs in arduous service as a mother. She had sacrificed many of her most unshakeable chimpanzee convictions to come to an understanding of how her husband viewed man in the universe. She had worked hard to be a collaborator with him, although she still had large areas of creativity to herself. Omicron had learned from her the importance of compromise, constantly struggling to live in a Loving, growing relationship with another human being. He had learned to be the head of a family governed by Love. He had learned to risk losing progress in the Will when the Love of one or more of the Circle of people within his band was at stake. He had learned to be a leader in the communities at every level, in which one gives without expecting receipt in the service of his and her brothers and sisters.

Aura had done her work well. As a tribute to her immense progress in both the Theologies of Love and the Will, the tribe had transformed her name from Aura, which spoke to the beauty of her countenance… to Aurea…the golden one…a name which commemorated her radiant beauty…yet also the presence of a woman in tune with the all consuming, all powerful energies of the Cosmos…now looking forward to one day earning the stature of tribal High Priestess.

The audience hushed as one blood red lips… again commemorated a union destined for eternal progression and creation.

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