Omicron Blue Chapter# 8


Omicron participated in a few military exercises in the morning. Then he sent cablegrams to the U.S. Music Academy in New York with his grades, samples of his songs, training he had had, and recommendations from instructors and imminent persons in the community. At noon, he read the New York Times while he ate lunch. The Times, of course, had been transmitted electronically from Cerebrum to the terminal in the Blue cluster. Omicron read the ‘paper’ as he did all books and magazines by downloading data into a portable reader…some things had not changed during the past fifty years.

As he read, his mind wandered until he was thinking about the community he supposedly wished to leave. He did not really want to leave. The community was a wonderful place to grow up and in which to Live. The members of the communities were considered to be brothers and sisters and genuinely felt and interacted that way. There was constant caring for others, their problems, their needs. Children played together, watched by baby sitters and instructors who were professional child psychologists, as well as by older people who Loved to be with them. As they grew up, they went to school together, played games together, attended Sunday meetings together, went on excursions in the mountains, to the Nation’s Creative Center, on the other side of the Bay together. However, in all these activities, the activities were secondary to the Love which existed one for another. It was not the goals of an individual or of the group that really mattered. What was important were the intense relationships they shared.

However, Omicron’s passive mind began to rationalize for decisions made long before. One can be smothered in all of this community stuff, he proclaimed to himself in a self-satisfied way. He desired to be free, at least for a while, from all this. He desired to see the world. He wished to be more than what people in his community thought he should or could be. He wanted to grow and do what he wanted outside of the strictures of some supposed ‘affinal’ group. He wanted to be a musician, a composer. He needed to go the East Coast for training. It was a free country. He could go where he wished. He was going to go!

His eyes slipped back to an article in the Times about an aesthetician, who was developing a physical theory of Beauty. In analyzing the impact of the size and shape of various blossoms of the same species of flower upon the human brain, he was able to establish a relationship between certain curvilinear edges and energy in calories of energy consumed by the brain. These curved-shapes he then related to shapes which existed in man and woman’s natural primal environment millions of years ago and related the perception of Beauty to primitive man and woman’s attraction to members of the opposite sex, to animal shapes he and she encountered in hunting, and plant life they encountered in gathering fruits and vegetables. In addition, there was Beauty that was related to the operations of the left hemisphere of the brain, such as the beauty of geometrical shapes. However, for the most part, Beauty was related to the importance of food to the individual and of reproduction to the species. Thus, the abstract idea of Beauty contributed to the perpetuation of the species and was the result of evolutionary pressures. Now the scientist was looking for dynamic determinantal equations like F = ma, which could be used to predict physiological responses and expenditures of energy given the perception of different organic shapes. These equations were powerful because they incorporated the five dimensions…of space, time, and energy…In the article, Beauty was related to physiological responses in the brain to various shapes. These responses were then compared, measured, in terms of the brain’s response to one standard shape. In this way, ‘intangible’ concepts such as Beauty could now be made concrete and quantified.

However, Omicron knew this was but half of the story…the researcher had forgotten one thing…the I

Within each of us…is a piece…of the Cosmos…and that piece…brings with it Truth, Will, Love, Justice…and yes. …Beauty…It is a Beauty which is allied with mathematics, morality, and that which is exquisite in the colors and configuration of elements in paintings…How can the human mind possess innate knowledge of eternal Law?…of a Beauty that resides in the lofty realms of the Cosmos?…It is because everything in the Cosmos obeys Law…everything possesses Beauty… including the structures which are embedded within the left hemisphere of an A-type’s brain….Plato was aware of such a Beauty…and knew…that it was of another sphere….Again one’s attention was drawn to that special subject…that of the I.

Sylvia had been packing all morning. There was a light knock and tone at the door and she paused to let Beta in. Seeing Omicron sitting and reading, Sylvia took this opportunity to vent her frustrations caused by the disruption of their Lives and by her increasing concern for her son…which was embarrassing for him in Beta’s presence.

‘What times these are. Steve is preparing to go to war. We women are consigned to the boondocks, perhaps never to see our husbands again. And you, Omicron Blue, sit here as if nothing were happening at all. Are you staying, are you leaving? Are you going to leave your brave father here alone to fight the Indians? Are you actually going to leave your community just so you can go play your piano in a dream somewhere far from here?

“Whatever you’re doing, you’d better decide fast. Everything must be shipped to the University Tribe in the morning and those who are going have to be on the mag by two. The tribes on the other side of the Bay are taking the tribes exposed to danger into their communities until this thing is over. The Jasmines have invited our band to stay in their band’s guest clusters. I guess we’ll have to learn how to live like chimpanzees for a while. We live like Greeks and Romans…they live like baboons or something…So Omicron, get those legs moving.’

“Mrs. Blue,” Beta asked, “do you think our community is in danger? I can’t bear to think of a Life without communities such as this.”

“Beta. Our community is in danger for the moment. I personally feel these rodents have Lived the soft Life for too long to be a Truly great danger. In addition, they have only money… not Love, to fight for. There is a lot of difference between a corporation making a tactical move to capture a larger market… and a band of people protecting each other and its young from the enemy.

‘When one focuses on what is..I mean, it is obvious to all that our enemy is evil…and stupid. Does Truth like this come to us because of Truth inherent in the human condition…from what works empirically in the plant/animal world?….or does such Truth come to us from the I‘s that embedded in each person’s mind…an I which has come filled with the Cosmic Truth of the heavens….Another question is…when we find Love in the human condition…and Love is what we will be fighting for…is this Love plant/animal Love or Cosmic Love?….Is this Love a sexual, reproductive based sort of Love…or a more abstract Love related to the I within us…that is, is it related to Cosmic Connection? Another paradox is…you want to worship God yet you are God…inside of you…there is a piece of God inside of you…if both are True…that God is in here and also out there…, this is called a ‘nondualist’ position and a dualist position held simultaneously…In a way you are praying to yourself…The fact is…God existed before the Big Bang..and now permeates all things… all atoms possess an I...a piece of God…yet the Cosmos seems to influence things…we can pray and really feel that someone, some thing is listening…Is this because the Cosmos is like one large brain?.

‘In times like these… we ask questions such as these…God feels so very far away, and we long for God…Not because we believe that God and self are ultimately existentially separate… but because here in the midst of our mundane animal tooth and claw reality, our I’s long to return to where we come from…to a sphere of Absolute Love.

‘I think we’ll win. ..whether prayer really helps things or not… Even if we don’t, those creeps won’t get far. These losers can capture only a City or two, for what purpose I am not sure. But the work of the country will go on. There are other communities we can move to. There are other areas our communities can relocate to. We are in the dawning of a new era that is occurring as a part of man and woman’s evolution. Well, our bodies don’t actually evolve anymore…most everyone Lives way past maturation and can reproduce if we desire…our environment is no longer a constraint or influence upon our genetic makeup…One could say that now our tools are evolving instead…but that is wrong…man and woman are still in charge of their world…if the world is going to be better, then we must develop things…we must create the tools that will allow that dream world to emerge…things do not happen automatically…From the first streams of hydrogen ions that created and developed Life…Will has always been paramount to Life’s success in this world…We can never lie back and take it easy…there is always creative work to be done… This is the last gasp of a mediaeval world that is passing. I just can’t understand how Omicron can just sit around… when he should be preparing to help put the coup d’ grace on these scatological vestiges of darkness.’

At the White House, the President was talking to his Chiefs of Staff. ‘So the last report is that mobsters are headed south towards the City, Jupiter Nation, and that it is estimated that they will be there in a week with a force of a couple of thousand. Two thousand puny criminals against the might of our armed forces. This is ridiculous.’

‘But they are scattered across hundreds of square miles. It is taking time for our forces to respond in numbers…right now our troops are mostly reserves which can be mustered quickly only in the immediate area of the assault,’ said Major General Thistlebrush. ‘Brigadier General

Stonemountain has activated two battalions with approximately 1,600 men from twenty tribes. One battalion comprised of two divisions…each with five companies with 80 men… each was sent to the City tomorrow to bolster the existing security forces. The other battalion with approximately the same configuration will mag in by Friday and attempt to blunt the assault before it reaches the City. There will be a lag in getting equipment there and set up, but we should be ready. It is to our advantage that the enemy is unable to use the mags for transportation. Meanwhile, the communities in the danger areas along the coast are being evacuated to safer areas inland.’

‘I can’t understand how these criminals have been allowed to roam freely across this country for so long,’ said the President, surveying a bank of screens equipped with closed-circuit connections to the communities, to the command headquarters in Jupiter Nation, and several viewing preparation efforts in the field. The country, the creative enterprise of the U.S.A. was now in bands, tribes and nations. However, there were relics from the past. The 50 states that existed before the Change were still in tact, although towns, cities and counties as political units were gone. The states could eventually disappear as nations slowly gathered suzerainty over the geographical areas in their jurisdictions. Meanwhile, governors and state assemblies were running the states with governance bands replacing the bureaucracies that existed before. Each tribe was sending a representative to sit in the assemblies, the President selecting people from these to run each state. The country now possessed a Congress of 450 representatives, one from each nation. The Congress chose the President from its own body. There was no need for checks or balances in the governance now as the country’s nations now ran the country through their representatives for the benefit of their own people. The country’s government was also implemented by governance bands that replaced Federal bureaucracy. In general, these governance bands worked closely with the nations to get work done. The nations earned enough money from their Cities that they were able to pay for three levels of government, nation, state and country; finance the Universities; and dispense minimum incomes to the members of the bands. In addition to tending to the needs of the country, the country’s government also attended to all international affairs and worked closely with the world government in securing peace and prosperity for the planet.

‘Well, it’s a question of conserving energy,’ Thistlebrush said. ‘CASTLE is scattered all over the furthest reaches of the country. It is far easier to protect the Cities and communities than run after every suspected mobster. In most cases, it would be difficult to produce the evidence to hang them now anyway. And for the most part, they have left us alone,…until now. They must have run through all that dough they’ve stolen from everyone. Now they’re like a bunch of red ants looking for a new nest. The problem is they have a jump on us. They are spread all over the place, moving only at night, hiding well from surveillance during the day…We’re not sure exactly where they are headed, or exactly what they hope to do, but the City by the Bay…is a target, that’s for sure. And it’s our one big chance to corral a lot of undesirables all at once. The cost, however, could be high. The alternative is to capitulate to them, which would lead to an array of possible next-steps on their part which would be equally as grim. This is where we must make our stand.’

Beta helped Omicron pack in the afternoon. Omicron had not been admitted to the music academy or the University at this point. Therefore, in the short run, there was one decision…. either to stay and fight, in which case his belongings could remain packed and left within the Blue cluster. If he decided to leave, he would be ready to move to the University Tribe or the Music Academy…whichever would be his academic destination. After about four hours of packing, he was able to stuff one school years’ worth of clothes, books, and supplies into one large footlocker plus three suitcases. Around five o’clock, Omicron felt the need to be alone and think. After he walked with Beta to her cluster, he lied and told her that he had to stop by Jonathan’s cluster for a while and he would be back in time for dinner with her and to help pack her things. He felt the necessity of finding a place of peace for reflection. He felt that a walk by the Bay, which was a favorite pastime for him, in this case would not be conducive to his purposes. He no longer could pace across the expanse of meadow… as soldiers and equipment were disruptive to thought.

Finally, he chose to walk past twenty or thirty clusters belonging to a band to the north and then to slowly work his way up further upwards into the hills. As he progressed up the winding path, he did not look back but instead focused his energy on climbing until he reached the top of a ridge and finally,,, could see without obstruction the large peak beyond.

The mountain was the same which Beta and he had seen from Sage Brush Meadows. It was the highest mountain in the immediate vicinity of the Bay. The golden mountain against a blue sky had always been a symbol to him of the highest and purest ideals and concepts in life. Now with a difficult decision before him, Omicron looked to the mountain for Inspiration, the fifth Cosmic step towards the Light… As he gazed up at the mount silhouetted against a blazing sun setting behind it, he felt the power of the universe flowing through his veins. He felt one with all matter about him… made of the same dust and subject to the same Laws as all that filled the heavens. He understood that there are universal Laws ‘regulating the infinite manifestations of Being in the unity of substance.’ He understood that there is the world of mind and world of matter. There is the Law of Will and the Law of Love. Will builds tools…and utilizes the two sides of the human brain….The right side is that of Conception…it builds hypotheses, syntheses, generalizations, and theses…the left side is Formation…which works on the products of the right side with delineation, seeking determinants, simplification, crystalization, by means of analysis….Man and woman are aware of the matter around them through a multitude of perceptions. The mind first Collects these perceptions by persons with right hemispheric dominance…on the basis of similarity…then the perceptions are separated, crystalized by persons with left hemispheric dominance…to create a Form, a tool, an idea, concerning matter and the movement of matter… which embodies crucial information concerning matter…in the Form of definition, in the Form of Law…which can be used…to impact the world about them. The mind of the community of man and woman is thus filled with tools…It is the goal of human community…to create a Cosmos of the mind within…which corresponds to the Cosmos of matter without. Man and woman’s mental tools reflect the Power of Will and the Connection of Love…Will is Cosmic Consciousness ‘revealed’…unleashed to exert Power…Consciousness utilizes Conception and Formation to fashion tools and impact the Cosmos about it…with the greatest mental tools being…Law… Love is Cosmic Connection among all things….embracing all from particle to nebula….in physical patterns of interaction which the human tool of Law…recognizes and attempts to utilize in man’s control of earth. Religion…that is, .Cosmic theology… is the explication of everything…laying out ‘the relationship of the Absolute to the relative Being, the Infinite to the Finite.’ That is, Religion is the study of the Source, the energy, which embodies Consciousness…which at the beginning… produced all matter and movement of matter…and which is now embedded within each particle in the universe. Tools are the artifacts, the sign…that Consciousness is at work…and the Cosmos is a spectacular array of tools spread across a universe…relics, physical traces left behind by a Cosmic Being that has become shattered, creating sparks of fire,…of Consciousness… now moving inexorably outwards though space.

Religion is the study of the ultimate Laws which man and woman have devise to utilize the interactions of matter. The ultimate Laws are those of Love and Will. As was said…The Law of Will concerns man and woman’s impact upon the matter about them…with emphasis upon the individual. This Law is very powerful… however, it must be mitigated, tempered by the Law of Love, which considers human beings as members of community in unselfish service to others.

Before Omicron came a vision which his father had described to him many times. The vision was of a man leaning on a cross with three horizontals. Omicron understood that the three horizontals represented the three worlds – the physical world, the intellectual world, and the Cosmic world. The man represents Cosmic Inspiration… which flows to and through a person whose eye is upon fundamental ideas and Truths. It was the depiction of the fifth Arcanum… Man and woman are inspired by the physical quest that humans by Nature possess, by intellectual accomplishment, and by Cosmic Will. Cosmic Will is when released within an individual…leads to the creation of ideas…which are tools…and then on…to the conversion of ideas into action…into impact upon the world around a person… It is to Cosmic Will… Conception crystalized by Formation…that humans must turn to… to create the powerful tools required…in the fierce, Natural Struggle of possibility… versus an implacable, deterministic world.

Omicron understood that man is free to choose his path;…however, once a decision is made…implications inherent in the decision lead to outcomes that are in a sense…inevitable in accordance with universal Law. In order to ascertain what should be done in each case, man and woman must retreat from the mill of the crowd and from the chores of the world in order to meditate and ‘to listen to the voice of the heavens in the silence of the passions and the instincts of the flesh.’ Joy and happiness are possible only when one Lives in accordance with universal Law. Whether a person is Living in accordance with universal Law is evident from what he or she accomplishes on earth, ‘for all men create their Lives in the image of their works…in the image, in the reflection of the tools that they fashion…and the impact they are able to exert…upon the earth.’ ‘The genius of Good is on your right, evil on your left; their voices can only be heard by your conscience.’ This is related to one’s sense of Right and wrong which is associated with the left hemisphere of the brain, the analytical side, which controls the right side of the body. Sexual passion… as well as ‘uncontrolled’ inductive conceptual thought… is related to the right side of the brain which controls the left side of the body. In making a decision as to which course of action to take, one must first consult his analytical sense of right or wrong. If he is an A-type, this sense is strong. If he is an I-type this sense is weak. I-types should consult A-types for counsel in matters such as these. Therefore, Omicron relied heavily upon the moral instruction given to him by his father who was an A-type.

However, greatest progression and development of potentialities are based upon both inductive and analytical abilities and neither should be disparaged. In the long run, it requires both the left and right hemispheres of the brain in a Cosmic pairing of individuals to ascertain the Truth of the universe, to attain the highest levels of creativity…that is, to create tools, in profusion, and to obtain the highest levels of joy and happiness.

Omicron felt a Oneness with the universe and a certainty concerning all things… which reassured him that he would make the proper choice the next day. Every cell of his body rejoiced in the chillness of the air, the green of the grass and brush, the smell of flowers and trees. A hawk floated supremely high above the earth. A rabbit scuttered through the meadow grass. Omicron felt at peace with his world as the sun sank slowly in blazing color behind the rock of the mountain.

Omicron was deep in thought as he took a longer way back down the hills. It is necessary and vital for the mind, the Will, to expand its world and command matter about it. However, he had learned from Sylvia, although he was not instructed by her in detail as a daughter would have been inculcated, of the importance of the world of matter…of the body. Man and woman have marvelous minds, yet in the final analysis they are animal. Thus, it must be remembered that as man and woman develop their minds and expand their Will that he and she also must accept as being valid and satisfy the needs of their animal bodies. Development of the mind is a wonderful thing, but it is an individual thing, almost a selfish thing if it is carried to extremes. When one concentrates upon universal Law and devotes himself or herself to conformance to the various aspects of it, he or she is in danger of neglecting primal biological needs of his or her body and the bodies of others. Once a person receives Truths concerning the universal, Cosmic Law, he or she then must supplement that knowledge with lessons learned from the Life of Jesus Christ. In the pseudo-theologistic system of Golden Sun Tribe…the Law of Will was based on Hebraic law…which in turn was based upon the Law of the Magi, the priests and rulers of the Egyptian theocracy thousands of years ago. It is from the Magi that the definitive knowledge concerning the world of mind is derived. In actuality, the entire Arcana theology seems to have come from ideas in the Jewish Kabala…with supplemental ideas from Celtic runes….However, Jesus Christ tempered this Law of the Magi, Hebraic law…the Law of Will…with the Law of Love…He placed emphasis upon the primal needs of man and woman for Love, sharing, caring, for concrete close relationships as brothers and sisters. So it was that when Omicron made his decision in the morning, he by necessity would have to take also the Law of Love into consideration. Christ said that if one is struck and hurt by another, he should turn the other cheek to receive gladly another blow. This famous quotation emphasized Christ’s message that in contemplating the Law of Love, focus must inevitably be turned away from the individual and his progress in the universe… and increasingly be placed upon progression of the larger communities. In a similar manner…the conception of Right and wrong must not be related only to the individual… Right and wrong should not be related to a particular community as if it were an individual. Right and wrong must be tempered by what is beneficial for the organism, Homo sapiens… in the aggregate, for communities as a whole. If an unfriendly neighbor wrongs you, turn the other cheek. This interaction may lead to familiarity and an appreciation for hidden parts of the neighbor’s personality. One should be prepared to ‘go the extra mile’ in order to build bridges to other people in order to satisfy man and woman’s primal need for community. However, if the community is threatened, then it must be protected. If the survival of the community is at stake, then the tools of the Mind and Will are at hand… to be directed against the enemy…to destroy that threat.

All of these words and ideas concerning the Law of the Love were understood by Omicron in terms of… from the perspective of the male theology of Arcana and Will…Sylvia relentlessly would temper these ideas from the perspective of the Cosmic Priestess…

For the Cosmic Priestess…one does not need millions of dollars or an abundance of material things…For the Priestess, one needs first and foremost… a community of Love in which the individual may create and exercise his or her Will….Will…Creativity… within the embrace, the Love… of the primal band…yields the greatest joy and happiness.

It may no longer be deadly…in the face of the Inquisition… to form small communities dedicated to the values of contemplative practice and environmental sustainability… as it was during mediaeval times… but it is still subversive…Living with other human beings is one of the most challenging things most of us will ever do…it is difficult enough to coexist with our marriage partners and children….Making decisions and making meals and making a difference in the world in conjunction with a bunch of people who used to be strangers requires a depth of surrender and humility that was rarely demanded of us in an alienated, suburban mainstream Western society….

For the feminine, the line between contemplative life…that is, individual development of tools and Will… and communal action vis-a-vis the external world is blurry to the point of insignificance …For females, communities conduct research, fashion tools…that is, think together…Then do they act together to change the world…Physical creativity is having and raising children, within the embrace of the primal band…Intellectual creativity is thinking, coming up with new ideas together as a community and Cosmic creativity is taking those ideas and impacting the world…the primal band facing the world…as one…in Love…with an upraised fist!

All times experience adversity…yet this was a very serious threat the new world was facing from CASTLE. One reason the Change did occur was the need for the world to show a new face in the confrontation of the major problems it was challenged with…problems as serious as CASTLE….During the previous fifty years… this same society had worked together and solved the problems presented by global warming…..also at the beginning of the 21st Century there was a 50 percent chance that humanity would not make it through the century with its high level of civilization…in tack…The challenge posed by CASTLE was one of the existential problems that this new way of Life…was designed to confront and solve.

. Thus, the Law of the Will and the Law of Love are compatible and consistent. Utilizing the theology of the Magi…with the help of the Cosmic Priestess…these two Laws are brought to Cosmic synthesis in the primal band. The Law of Love and of Christ is consistent with the Love of the primal band as a physical, functional loving organism. The Law of the Will is applicable to the quest of the community as it encounters the unknown without… seeks to unlock its mysteries, to obtain the necessities it requires to survive, and protect itself from danger. Both Laws are consistent in terms of the biological unit of the community…and both Laws are ultimately derived from the Love and the Will…from Connection and Power… embodied in each particle in the Cosmos… And both Laws must be considered when one makes a difficult decision.

Mind and body… Will and Love…the world government was in the process of creating a Cosmic theology…each tribe in the world had its own religion… but all theologies are by nature partial, unsatisfying… Religion in the past has not stopped human beings from going to war… the world government needed a theology that was Cosmic in nature and could supersede, overrule other religions if there were disputes and conflict…The Theology of the I …a Cosmic theology based on science…was a potential candidate for such a world religion….

The Laws of Will and Love…The theologies utilized by Golden Sun Tribe were consistent with the precepts of a new world religion based on new breakthroughs in science….and could be incorporated into the final configuration of belief…The basic ideas in the Theology of the I...were these…. Life on earth was plant until one day a plankton acquired an I and became an animal… that is, Life on earth is plant … sometimes with a Cosmic addition… the I… in charge…It turns out…that the I is from the universe… thus its view of things is consistent with the Laws of the universe… things like Equality… as all I’s are equal… there is energy and there are patterns of energy… that is, there are patterns which constrain the movement of energy… When humans utilize their minds…perceive the movements of energy…make generations about these patterns… and then crystallize these generalizations into succinct mathematical relationships…the result is called Law…which is a tool…that the mind can use to impact the external world…The I brings with it ideas of Justice, Truth, Beauty, Goodness….

So to tell more about this I thing…Well, one day a plankton was floating like a leaf in the ocean… the next day it was moving towards things it could eat and away from things that could eat it… a big change in behavior with little change in DNA… It had acquired an I...

It now appears that every atom has an I and if electrons are stripped from an atom… the I is ‘revealed’… that is, an ion thus created can impact the world around it. Every cell… every Living cell in plants and animals has one trillion interactions among atoms and molecules within it every second… Much of this activity is made possible by enzymes…that is, proteins that work like catalysts to accelerate activity… However, now…looking more closely… there seems to be something in the cell…that is in charge…it now seems that there is an ion in every centrosome in each cell that is in charge of intracellular activity and an ion in the cell wall that implements cellular actviity vis-a-vis the external world…that is, there is an ion in the cell wall of single cell organisms that directs the movement of the organism towards food and away from predators…In a multicelled organism…the ion in the cell wall coordinates activity of the cell with other cells in its environment…In this way, an animal doesn’t just have an I in its brain that directs its movements… it actually possesses I’s in every cell in its body… that help it survive every day. These ions, these atoms without electrons come from the Cosmos…they possess consciousness…they possess Truth brought from the Source…they possess Cosmic Truth and Law…that a world government must possess.

For Omicron all of these ideas were swirling in his head… The next day… action would have to be taken… His mind would make important decisions that would influence his entire Life…his Will would set energy in motion… but that action would need be tempered…by the Law of Love…by the concerns of community and species…The next day the wheel of destiny would begin its plunge, one way or the other.

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