Omicron Blue Chapter# 5


‘Life is an enigma which defies all solution. My mind is persuaded that all in the universe is either energy or matter. Yet there remains the perplexing question of the I. I can accept the proposition that my body is the product of an evolutionary process, that life is merely a structure in which matter has been molded by the pressures of historical circumstance. But why is there an I? How am I inside of all this flesh and sinew?

‘There can be only one conclusion:… the I is a sham, an illusion… the mind, the brain reflecting upon itself. And this is my first step towards emancipation.

‘Emancipation! Emancipation must seem the least likely outcome…at first. For straight way does this thinking immediately lead to despair… of the soul become dung,…of the dream become nightmare… of sparkling gossamer become dross.

‘Yet one must persevere…for from the agony of self discovery, it is possible to ascend upwards to heights never before imagined. It is true we lose a dream. The heaven of yesteryear was a vague land of happiness that always existed in the land of tomorrow… therefore, it never did exist for man, not even in his dreams. It was only a lie to fill a gap, for man had nothing better to fill a void created by his cerebrum.

‘Thus it is… that the truth is far better… for with these facts, one may then build theories, discover laws which will allow a person to experience the quintessence of life on earth,…in the flesh, within his lifetime. He will be able to live a life… not a lie. He will dwell with his brother and sister in the flesh… not in a fantasy.

‘In such a world may man accept the genius of his mind… yet also the cravings of his body. In such a world may man command his stretch of universe…yet with the acceptance of his place in the continuum of matter… may he regain the calm acceptance of things as they are,…that calm acceptance that was and is possessed by primal man, by all other animals and other forms of matter. And this will be well.’

Sylvia looked fondly upon these archival remnants… Much more is known about the I now… It had been difficult to examine such a phenomenon… even though, as scientists now know…I’s are ubiquitous… they literally saturate the Cosmos…The problem was that they were just too small for our instruments to examine carefully….Sylvia had mulled all of this over many times before…I mean, after all, it was the I...this is, the quest for the I …that had led to the Science of Everything and to an entirely new…. Scientific Method…..

Because the fact is…the Truth is now known…that each atom, every single atom… in the Cosmos….possesses an I… ‘looking out’… Yes, my dear…this really seems to be the case!…One would think that its existence would be easy to confirm or deny…. After all, physicists have pretty much been in charge of the atom…Well, chemists know what atoms can do…But what is an atom and what is it composed of?…This is physicist stuff…It would be an astonishment if in the end atoms possessed something as important as this…something as potentially powerful as this… and physicists had no inkling that such a thing existed at all…Yet there it is!…Every atom comprising every rock, cloud…the boundless seas…has the capability of… ‘looking out’!….of perceiving, thinking, and impactng the world around it!… If physicists have actually overlooked such a pervasive phenomenon right under their noses…Well, that…would be,,, quite an embarrassment!

But it was like quantum mechanics… research on that stopped somewhere around 1925…As I say…when you are talking about atoms you are talking about things so small that man and woman’s tools are at their wit’s end to ascertain much of anything….That is, the primary tool used to probe atoms in the twentieth century…was the cyclotron… which smashes atoms to pieces and then sorts through the debris… that is like trying to examine Life only by looking at dead things…after Life has been riddled and liquified by explosions…So to examine the I…scientists had to find some other way…and they did it!…

How did they do it? Well, first they created a Science of Everything… That is, they took the social sciences and the humanities…and placed them all on a biological base…After all, it is now known for certain…that humans are animals…so it is obvious now that humanity must be examined in the same way as animals….But…you say…what about philosophy? Well, sir, as we all know now…philosophy was the first to collapse into biology and physiology…One scientist using a Hegelian approach…took the ideas of eight philosophers…and showed how their ideas when combined by the use of induction and synthesis…implied that there were two kinds of philosophers…ones whose minds collect…and others whose minds separate….the first use an inductive approach…the latter an analytical one…and of course, this immediately led to the realization that neural scientists had already examined the two hemispheres in the brain and had concluded that one side possesses an inductive synthesizing ability and the other has an analytical, mathematical strength…Every person is dominant in one of the hemispheres…no person utilizes both fully… Therefore… philosophy is a metaphor for how the brain operates…That is, philosophy is actually the study of the human brain…from the inside out!…Well, this led immediately to new biological approaches in all the human related disciplines…When that was done…all the social sciences and humanities…all of which formerly possessed different methodologies and jargon….all now could talk each other…work together…and bingo!…they all could work with the biological and physical sciences also…they all could gang up and approach problems from different angles…and study things that instruments could not…they each possessed circumstantial evidence that a certain thing was true…and if eight or nine of the diciplines indicated that a certain thing may be True…then together they could raise the probability that each particle in the universe possesses energy…and pow! that everything in the universe is composed of particles…yahoo! that every particle is composed of energy…wham! when one particle was added to a plankton…it stopped floating like a leaf and began to move…away from danger..towards food…this meant that that one particle that was added must have possessed consciousness…because there was no significant change in the plankton’s DNA…The simplest thing that could have been added would have been a hydrogen ion….an atom whose electron was missing…thus this atom’s nucleus…was revealed!….it could impact the world around it…This led to the possibility that energy in all of its forms…possesses consciousness…so wow! this led to the possibility that each nucleus of every atom in the Cosmos …possesses consciousness!….

So the I led to the development of a Science of Everything…but it in turn led to a new Scientific Method…Before the Science of Everything… every Truth that scientists possessed…was won from empirical proof….one would have to be able to examine the nucleus of atom somehow and ascertain somehow that it possessed consciousness…Well, none of this was possible…but a new method was developed where several disciplines could be used at once…to provide circumstantial evidence that something might be True…and that by using all of these disciplines… probability could be increased as close to 100 percent as possible that something was True… and then that hypothesis could be utilized as if it were True…If such a hypothesis worked . then that was good enough…in fact as time went on…the utilization of such hypotheses brought such dramatic results…that these results became empirical proof themselves…..Absolute empirical proof …was no longer required..This was a new…Scientific Method! This Method led to cures for cancer…and the development of very efficient computer chips….

One surprising conclusion of all of this…a conclusion reached immediately was…that I’s do not die… at least that is the theory…and it appears that all of this has about an 85 percent probability that it is True….it all comes from the Law regarding the conservation of energy… There was a finite amount of energy at the beginning of time… There is still that much today… it is just spread out more… so the theory goes… So if energy embodies, contains, is imbued with…consciousness…and energy is eternal…its quantity never wavers…then there must be just so many I’s in the Cosmos… and that number will always be… That is a thought which should be comforting to all of us…

It is just that we are not certain as to where our particular I will be located… at any particular moment…in the future….An eternity is a long time… You don’t want your I to be somewhere lonely… or somewhere nasty… or somewhere dark… All of this…just makes us all try hard… to be Good! … very, very Good…just to be sure….

Because of the abrupt ending to school, the students in Omicron’s groups were required only to hand in work they had completed to date and instructors’ evaluations would be based on those submissions. He, like the other students, was paid a base salary for going to school… However, the money received from worthy projects and reports in the past that typically were not completed until the last week of the term… had been for him…a substantial monetary addition to this. It was clear that this additional money would not be forthcoming this year… In addition to this disappointment, his hopes for having a musical drama presented in the tribal compound were now dashed. Thus, he had lost his opportunity to gain national attention, which would have increased his chances to gain admittance to the United States Music Academy in New York.

Simultaneously…suddenly Omicron realized that this is the way his boyhood education… and his boyhood, in general… was ending. He had learned the equivalent of what sons of the Egyptian ruling class had learned when they supposedly went underground at the age of eight for a period of twenty-two years. Omicron now had a solid foundation of knowledge and had developed the habits and skills necessary to create new ideas. He was now eligible to apply for admission to college or music school, or both.

Omicron sat in his music room at eleven o’clock, ‘monday’ morning. The days of the week…just didn’t seem to be capitalized for him any more. He had handed in his contributions, truncated as they were, to Cerebrum, where the proper authorities would evaluate them, give grades for course work undertaken and ascertain that graduation was earned. Such it was…that he suddenly now had time on his hands…His first inclination was to try and remain creative…He would work on music theory….However, once he sat at the piano and attempted to play…he realized that he had more important work to do…He really had to stop…and think a while…. As he tried to sort out disorganized and conflicting ideas concerning the future, his mind reflected upon the education process he had just finished….He frankly had no idea what his next step should be.

The door to the music room opened and Steve’s lean, wiry, strong torso appeared. It was obvious that he had been up for a while…He was moving around early…for an ‘owl’….

‘Handed your stuff in, I guess,’ he said as he slid a giant pillow close to the piano to sit on.

‘Now, young man, you have some decisions to make. You have conducted competent research regarding the Science of Everything, considering man and woman’s behavior in light of the fact… that we are, indeed, animals…When the social sciences are placed upon a biological base…as we now know they should be…then the social sciences become one with the biological and physical sciences..All the disciplines now have the same methodologies…the same language…We are now…all working with the same things…working on the same things…And because all the sciences are one now…well, now they can “talk” to each other…disciplines are .no longer isolated…each in its own monastery cell…Research may now be conducted in light of all the disciplines, with respect to all the sciences. This has accelerated progress in research…thousands of times.

Well, because of this, research now is very interesting…very exciting…You could apply to the Nation’s University and probably be admitted to commence studies right away. On the other hand, if you decide to go to a music academy, your excellent work could earn you a position within a week or two. You have studied piano and guitar diligently. You have learned the principles of composition and have learned to express ideas by means of your music. You have made advances to the existing music theory. Several productions you have worked on… have been presented in the community…with success. Either way, University or academy, you’d probably miss this whole military mess altogether.’

Steve rocked forward, hands on his knees, to rise from the pillow. He paced, briefly… surveying the Beauty of the Bay through the membrane. He then began to measure and re-measure the width of the room as Omicron turned on the bench to face him.

‘Personally, I wish you would stay here. And it’s not just because you are my son and I wish you would stay near us and work in the community. In all species, when the young grow up, they must go their own way. That’s life. ‘What I am concerned about is your progress in terms of developing all of your potential powers. If you stay here, you will be a lieutenant in my command. This experience will be a valuable first step towards developing leadership abilities that one day may be used to be chieftain of the tribe or perhaps a general in the military. It is my conviction that a man, a woman must not be content to develop only part of the talents and resources at his or her disposal. A man, a woman… is whole. There are many aspects to his or her personality. A man, a woman, must grow in a multitude of ways if he or she is to command the earth. And to succeed in this… is to do “no more than accomplish one’s mission here on earth.”

‘Physical creativity, the production and raising of children is the first source of joy and happiness for man and woman. Well, it stands to reason that procreation would be a source of great reward…since it is of paramount importance for the survival of the species…But the fact is…joy and happiness for some reason…for humans…can be derived from two other types of creativity…Most people in the world must be content with joy and happiness coming from physical crreativity. However, in this day and age wherein each family is now limited to having one child or none, this joy must be supplemented. Well it so happens…that Joy and happiness may also be gained from intellectual creativity. That is….the creation of concepts, ideas, can be very rewarding. However, if a man or woman is to reap full joy and happiness from life, then he or she must fully exercise his or her abilities to create products from ideas, to work in the primal band, to create social change, and to work on the highest levels of Cosmic energies. He or she must go beyond physical and intellectual creativity… One must impact the external world… One must move on… to creativity… on a Cosmic plane.

‘When a man or woman succeeds in these things, his or her impact upon the earth will live beyond his or her death. And the satisfactions to be derived from life on earth will be of the greatest magnitude. He or she may then die a fulfilled man or woman, one with the universe, one with the Cosmos. These benefits I desire you to have.

‘However, the path I am describing is not an easy one. Joy and happiness in this life are not your just due… merely because you are here. Pain and joy are not opposites. A man striving painfully to raise children derives a joy which more than compensates for that pain. Pain is but a signal in our bodies which tells the mind that the body is being mutilated. Pain is psychological. It is only a mental tool. One must not fear pain. One must not fear death. One must only fear the cessation of growth. One must always strive for the heights in life, strive “for the Light which illuminates the mysteries of life.”’

Steve fidgeted as he looked at the gray water, brown hills, and clouding sky.

‘My great grandfather fought with his pen and with his voice for this way of life which we are fortunate to have today. The hardest work has been done. All we have to do is put down this one last challenge. Then we’ll be free to progress. That doesn’t mean there won’t be problems. We are men and women with flaws and weaknesses. We all have good aspirations… However, we all have lethargic tendencies. It is a constant fight for a man or woman to be master of himself or herself. It is a constant fight for a society to be master over matter.’

Steve stood and stretched. He regularly operated with six hours of sleep. His muscles tightened in anticipation of a surge from this early momentary gentle initiation of motion… to an astonishing list of tasks and appointments scheduled for his day.

‘I will have to have your answer by Friday. On Saturday, the troops will be leaving for battle. It is a decision only you can make. I would admonish you though… that the decision you make will drastically affect your future progress.

‘We’re gearing up the equipment and gathering supplies this week. However, if you have any questions, I’ll be available to you any time of the day or night until Sunday. Good luck. I’ll see you later.’

Steve gave the grand piano a pat with his hand as he wound his way out of the room. Omicron began to finger the keys of the piano again. The real question, he said to himself, is whether one can really be an artist, write aesthetically important and interesting music, and be a commander of the troops. I like research… he continued thinking. However, music is my Life. I’ll always do research too, because I don’t want to have to rely on music for an income. I know I could have a fairly good basic salary if I did almost nothing, although no one is allowed to be idle in the communities. There is always baby sitting, equipment maintenance, and odd jobs to be done. I do not want to have any constraints on my composition. I could just do some stupid job and not place the burden of earning energy credits upon my development of music theory…If a piece is successful and popular, fine. If not, that’s fine, too. I need to have freedom to write music the way I feel it should be written based on classical forms…and with breakthroughs in a 12-tone scale theory… I must be able to express ideas I want to express. How will I ever have time to be in the military, be a leader in the community, conduct research, constantly fight for the Right, and write good music, too?!

‘Is it wise for me to delay my studies another month, or a year… while I go out and get killed in a war? I know what Dad is saying. Omicron looked at the water and sky. God knows, Dad has been pounding these ideas into my head all my life. But I don’t have to prove to myself that I’m great. I know that I can do some good things. I don’t see how I can be made a better person by ordering other people around. Just what the world is looking for…a singing general!

I just want to be at peace with myself and with Nature. I want to have as much time as possible for my art.

With that, he began to compose a song,… However, it was confused and depressingly too much like other songs he had written before.

Well, I’ll do better this evening, he thought.

A half an hour later found Omicron in the bluffs above the village. There wasn’t much else to do. A storm was forecast for the week, with even greater storms after that. Omicron breathed in the fresh air that blew in from over the mountain and the ocean beyond. Someday I’ll live by the ocean and just write music all day long, he said to himself in reverie.

All of a sudden a thought hit him. It was at once so obvious and yet so profound that he couldn’t help laughing at himself for not thinking of it in such a gravitating way before. When other people looked at him, they obviously were thinking this obvious thought… He had graduated from school! He was done with the formal part of his education. Of course, in this day and age, one was a student for life. The machines had taken over most of the routinized work of life. One was almost forced to do creative work in almost every job that was available. Yet the formative part of his education was completed. Before the pump can work, it must be primed, and the human brain required approximately thirteen years of priming in the home and at school.

He was now aware of the relationship among the past, present, and future. The Truth is…of course…that there is only the present. We possess a memory…how much of a memory an atom possesses is not certain…But without a substantial memory, there is no past…and without a past, one cannot extrapolate into a future…The past must be understood before problems can even be addressed in the present. The real Truth is… both past and present must be understood and basic cause and effect relationships must be recognized, and determinants for first causes of these relationships must be found… before one can project what might happen in the future…that is, what might happen if a person does nothing…Then…even if a person does take action…what must be done…to keep things the same?..Even a decision like that…must be based on knowledge from the past…just to allow things to flow the way in which they are flowing…such that things do not deteriorate. Thus must it not be even more challenging…must not one know many things from the past… if he or she desires to actually impact the world…if one actually desires to take action… .desires .to change the future… for the better!

In mathematics, he understood that the numbers are all related one to the other in a system that is constructed by the left side of the brain. In this way, the analytical mind builds the number system out of nothing…the system is all built deductively from the null set, φ… that is… literally, from nothing… which means that mathematical patterns created by the left side of the brain are useless and have no relationship to the world unless they are filled with a synthesis of concepts which are formulated on the basis of similarity and inductive generalization by the right side of the brain.

Also, he knew that the world is divided into mind and matter…that is, there are two things…there is consciousness… and the external world…The main job of consciousness is to create tools with which to impact the world around us…Knowledge is the collection of those mental tools which are available to impact matter in the external world…Knowledge…is artifacts…it is concrete evidence of consciousness…working…operating in the past…Scientists see this from the first…from the first emergence of Life.

Another fundamental concept is… that however important the mind is to man and woman, they cannot neglect or denigrate the needs of the body, which is a part of the matter external to one’s mind. It is to be remembered that the sexual differentiation of human beings into man and woman is a fundamental part of the process of evolution. It had to have happened when plant and animal diverged…which was when Life was in the form…of plankton! Sex should not be considered a ‘dirty,’ irrelevant pastime to the man who would wish to maximize joy and happiness in his life. Man is an animal and his physical activities must be viewed in a way that is consistent with all other animals. The relationship between man and woman is paramount in importance… for great joy and happiness was to be derived from the extended family and its extension, the primal band. This does not mean that primal urges can be allowed to surge where they wished. Momentary passion and fleeting sensory pleasure must always in every case be subordinate to the continual search for joy and happiness in Life.

Scientists now understood the importance of the pair-bond in human sexual relationships. Polygyny has appeared in the evolution of man and woman…even in the twentieth century most societies allowed men to have more than one wife…This practice began with agrarian revolution and empire five thousand years ago…when wealth first appeared and the relative equality that had previously existed in bands disappeared…and slavery appeared… However, as scientists now know…even where polygny is practiced…there still exists pair-bonding…for example, there can be one male and several females connected strongly together…it is the attachment, not the exclusivity, that is key…Hugh Hefner said that he Loved his women…each as if she were his only…And each, he maintained…Loved him in the same way…In the history of mankind…the sultan…has had…his privileges….In female dominated human societies…the equivalent to Wonder Women…has had her harem also…in the same way…In contrast…in chimpanzee culture, the ‘A’ guy might have his harem…yet his females sneak off with other males …any time they have the opportunity and inclination to do so…There does seem to be in humanity…an innate desire to bond with one person… and this desire can never be fully suppressed or replaced…even in a polygynist society…or even by a highly elaborate set of ethical rules created arbitrarily in an artificially formed community… designed precisely for the purpose of cutting that connection. Many artificially created communities have tried to abolish the nuclear and extended family…and have failed. As was said…animals do not seem to possess such a thing.. yet there may be a hidden kind of connection that is realized…some sort of bonding…that is a consequence of mating…. even if such interaction is only one time…and momentary…

So, it seems for humans, pair-bonding is paramount in importance… This is consistent with the Tribe’s theology…wherein it is believed that one purpose of Life on earth…may be to secure an attachment with one other…an attachment so intense and complete that it may carry over into the eternities after death…a connection so profound…that it would guarantee that an atom will continue to exist in the Light…saved from the ubiquitous darkness that composes ninety-seven percent of the universe.

Omicron understood that the Laws of matter and the movement that matter displays are related to the energy from and by which matter and movement are produced. He understood that knowledge was produced by processes of the brain, which is entirely matter and therefore, knowledge possesses a structure. Knowledge is the fruit of the application of the structure and connecting processes of the mind upon sensory data received concerning matter in the external world…In addition…ultimately, knowledge is a gift given to one who is vigilant enough…worthy enough… to understand implications from the Laws that permeates the Cosmos…. such as the Law of Will and the Law of Love…Thus, the generation of knowledge is a gift of biology…and a gift of the Cosmos… to an individual… Thus, there is no reason for an intelligent person to be proud, self-satisfied, or rewarded in an extravagant manner.

Also, man and woman’s perception of external matter is finite… the universe and the variety of objects and movements which it displays compared to our small ability to perceive,…is infinite… Thus, all human knowledge and therefore, Truth, are finite and incomplete and always increasing without bounds.

Omicron had learned from his father and from first hand experience that Truth does not come easily and must be pursued in an indefatigable and systematic manner. In order for knowledge to be gained, man must quiet his passions and decrease his concern for material things. ‘Turn your face toward the Sun of Justice and the knowledge of what is True shall be given unto you,’ sounded his father’s voice in his memory. Omicron now understood that with the completion of school in the community, he had now passed a Cosmic second step towards the heavens….

Before him came a vision, as he father had described it, of a woman seated on the threshold of the Temple of Isis… it was the symbol of Cosmic step number 2… Knowledge… The woman wore a golden crown, on top of which was a crescent moon. A veil fell from the crown over her face and half-covered a book in her lap. She was waiting to lead Omicron on to higher paths of Truth and knowledge and unlock for him Nature’s secrets. With this thought…rays of sun broke through the clouds, producing a broad beam of Light which contrasted with the gray… and flashed in brilliant glints off the water. Perhaps he would strive to learn more about the universe around him. Perhaps music was just one vehicle to communicate Truth… Truth which must be found through the vigorous pursuit of knowledge. Perhaps then, his primary occupation in Life should be the search for Truth in all areas of Life. When Truth was found, he would be responsible for the dissemination of this knowledge by means of communication of these ideas through various modes,…one of which would be music.

Still it would be nice to go to the music academy for a while anyway, he thought. Then I can concentrate upon the pursuit of knowledge later on. But whatever I do, there is no reason I need to be king of the world or anything. The creation of new ideas and music is an important enough contribution in itself. With this he began his descent toward home.

It was dusk. Omicron was walking idly around the perimeter of the lagoon near the tribal compound. And there she was,…seated on a flat rock, looking at expanding concentric circles issued from pebbles tossed one after another into the mirrored surface. Aura’s father had come to talk with Steve. He was picking up the work that had been completed to this point as little further work was expected to be done for some time. Aura had accompanied her father on this trip.

‘So what are your plans, Omicron?’ Aura asked.

It was as if the calamitous climate had dissolved the walls of isolation which had existed between them.

‘I shall probably travel east to a music academy,’ Omicron said, remitting an answer wired into his mind… an answer he had automatically given people for a year without reflection. It was as if the words themselves were shaping, moving his life.

Aura’s face quickly darkened.

‘There will be war. Our communities are threatened. You will not stay and fight?’

Another pebble jarred the icy cold surface. Aura had just completed her final laboratory work and was suffering from the normal post-graduation depression that came in spite of the fact that she had done superior work. She was also upset because the traditional graduation dance had been postponed indefinitely. She had so looked forward to dressing up in the beautiful dress she had bought for the occasion and sweeping across the floor with her Prince Charming.

Then, too, there was the impending battle, which was the cause for the disruption in their community’s life, which preyed on her mind. She could not blame Omicron for wanting to avoid the fighting. On the other hand, she could not imagine how one could so easily turn his back on his community when it was in danger. His behavior, however, was consistent with her rational assessment of his character and potential at this point.

‘It is important for me now,’ he said, ‘to be exposed to new experiences, new teachers, just new things in general, which would really help my music.’

A few more pebbles sank, throwing up tiny columns of water after them.

Then Aura spoke, in an almost breathless manner, like a worn, old woman.

‘Experiences are experiences. It’s not so much what you experience,…a variety of things happen everywhere. It is how you react to and learn from your experiences that counts.

‘These communities are my Life. If I were a man, I would want to stay and protect them. All of this… our communities, this way of Life… could be lost. You should think of all you might lose, as well as all the benefits you supposedly will gain,’ she lectured, a bit too vigorously, given their lack of familiarity with each other and her supposed disinterest in him.

‘A man may search the earth for treasure, only to find that it has existed under his nose all along.’

A few drops of rain fell.

‘I wouldn’t be gone that long,’ Omicron said, for the first time actually contemplating the drastic changes which would soon be taking place in his Life whatever he decided. ‘I’ll return to work in Golden Sun Tribe. But in the meantime, I won’t have much to write music about unless I keep exploring, learning, and growing.’

The rain was falling fast now. Aura still sat, as if to prolong the moment, regardless of the drenching she was absorbing. She looked up at him fondly, and took his hands in hers.

‘I know you will make the correct decision,’ she said with warmth. Omicron was stunned by this demonstration of feelings by her towards him. It was as if the times allowed and sanctified direct expression of True feelings. And Omicron found himself looking deeply into her golden brown eyes, and for the first time realizing the depth of the feelings he had for her. The moment was eternal, as they paused, transfixed.

As he moved along the shore of the lagoon before retreating upwards to his cluster, Omicron walked slowly, oblivious to the driving rain upon him. Her face, her smile, the gentleness, sweetness, her intelligence, her concern for others, the community,…what a wonderful person she was!… And she liked him! A symphony exploded within him. A rush of emotion and passion coursed through his veins, into his brain, to his ears. Yes, there was music! He walked out on a small pier out over the water…and looked up into the darkness, through the rain, through the clouds… and there in the smoky-white blanket above him was an opening, framing a golden, celestial sphere. Omicron was aware that in that second, in that Cosmic second,…he was writing a song. Superficially, the song was addressed to that which he saw above. In its essence was the song an offering to his first Love. The song rose within him.

Oh moon, which shines above,

Tell my lady of my love,

Of the burning coal which burns within my breast.

Oh moon, which glows on high.

Shine down where my Love doth lie.

May kind thoughts of me fill her peaceful rest.

Brilliant diamond sphere,

Tell my love to never fear.

My love for her will never pale.

Silver radiant gem,

My love will never dim

Like thy light tonight

E’re be strong and never fail.

Oh ruler of the night,

Who reigns o’er starry light,

Keep watch o’er my love for me.

Til the morning’s dawn

And night’s doubts and darkness gone,

Flood my lady with rays of hope for what might be.

Brilliant diamond sphere,

Tell my love to never fear.

My love for her will never pale.

Silver radiant gem,

My love will never dim,

Like thy light tonight

E’re be strong…

and never fail.

In wonder, in awe of the powers within him of which he had been previously unaware, which had suddenly been unleashed, caught up in the ecstasy of Love… Omicron stood… his clothing hanging from his body… saturated with streaming water… his gaze was transfixed…looking upward…forever… through the night.

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