Omicron Blue Chapter# 4


‘Today we know nothing. We accept everything. The truths of yesterday are gone and we are too clever, too chic, too modern, to search for new truths. Having a taste of freedom, we are slow to begin building new cages, which trap and enslave and then melt as castles on the beach in the face of implacable Time. We are slow to begin building new magnificent bodies of thought…only to have them left torn, bleeding…incinerated…on the battlefield.

‘In such a condition, can one be blamed for reverting to the pleasures of the senses and the sensuality of the body as the only truths we can know. Yet this base nature we can quickly know too well, if we plunge directly to its depths without preparation and care. For to surrender to sensuality is to confirm the dark suspicion that long has been lurking within, hulking over us …that in the end, we are but animals. If we are but animals, then we are but dust. If we are but dust, then….

‘In reality something has already been learned from this preoccupation with the body. A hope has begun to emerge. First, as man and woman have become preoccupied with their bodies, the myths from the past concerning the body have been brushed aside. Factual information about sex and the body has been gained which will be important to building the future. Second, preoccupation with the body has induced man and woman tto search for the final proof they have required to convince themselves that they are indeed animals. That definitive proof has not yet appeared…Yet there are five different things that bring the probability of their being animals to about 99 percent. Just to name one thing…the contortions a human embryo wiggles through as it passes through the various stages of development are very much similar to the embryos of the animals that we find ourselves related to by reason of evolution….Indeed, the probability is so high…we may as well just assume the obvious….that humans are animals, and this information will be useful in building a future. Finally, preoccupation with the body has united man and woman in the flesh in a way that tools heretofore have been unable to do. Worship of the flesh has resulted in the worship of oneself and worship of one’s brother and sister. We have stood naked before each other and the sky has not fallen in, as was threatened by the fury of the medieval Church. And it is right that this should be so. For are we not all one flesh, one throb, one family?

‘Through the corridors of glass and steel come the irrepressible pulses of the jungle. The stomping of feet, the whirling of skirts. In the primal band is there the love, the true sharing of blood, which our flesh craves. In the whirl of the skirt are we made one. We are made brothers and sisters in the flesh. And this brotherhood and sisterhood of human beings, which we are fast gaining, will also be essential to the creation of our future.’

Sylvia held the precious papers… Man and woman gained great brains…

and the greatest result of having that impressive organ has been to recognize that humans are mortal… that they will die… no other animal worries about this in a thinking way…Other animals are always acting in an instinctive way… in a reactive way…striving to preserve life…But the way humans worry…is different. And along with the notion of mortality has come the sinking feeling that he and she are merely dust… life is nothing more than a dream conjured by the dust…

‘A Dream of dust”…Are man and woman only this?…Scientists know more about all this now…First, at the time of the writings on the papers before her.. the ninety-nine percent chance that man an dwoman are animals that resulted from the piling up of probabilites from known facts…was a figure valid enough to pretty much confirm the hypothesis….Howver, with the delineation of the human genome…and comparison of it with the genomes of the great apes…it is now known that we are about 99 percent identical to chimpanzees…Most scientists had thought we might end up being something more respectable… like being almost a gorilla…but no…now the 99 percent figure is a proven one…and we know exactly which animal is our forebgearer…very impressive…

However, equipment is still inadequate to investigate particles… and e must investigate particles to consider a hypothesis even more startling…more potentially depressing….the only way to investigate atoms has been to blast them apart …and search through the detritus…through the specks of whirling rubble…in which all operations, all dynamics, all relationships… are lost…

Again…from the piling up of probabiliteis…we aer at eighty-fuve percent probability that it is ture….We are almost certain that in each particel…therefore in every atom…. there is an I in there… there is consciousness…in every atom!….Eight different discilplines and areas of thoughts…l converge upon that truth… I mean…we scream out to the universe…for two reasons….First…There is no soul….but second….Matter is not dead!…

Yes, scientists have been scouring the universe searching for signs of life…out there…But now there is the high probability…that there is existence… there are I’s …everywhere.!.. in every atom!…Which has several implications…One…it means we have an eternal home… What kind of home that might be…we have little idea…I mean… there may be better places to be… better than others… in the universe…so we don’t know exactly how well off we might end up being….Btu it seems pretty certain now that we are eternal… and we shall end up somewhere…forever…Two… knowing that every atom possesses an I...well, we are now very certain that the entire Cosmos was once one completely… one big I…like a god…And three…this is the first implication underscored….as I have said… we know…that no I …since everything is composed of energy…no ever lost…our I…is eternal!…this should come as great relief…to all…

It is incredible that an I exists… I mean how does that work?… Each I is the center of the universe… You cannot imagine how another person can be just like you… ‘looking out’… it is inconceivable… but it is just the beginning… beginning of the miracles that fill this incredible Cosmos…

It was Sunday morning, and Omicron was moving briskly about the cluster preparing for his day with Beta Firestar. There was actually little to do… however, his mind was alert during these hours while many in the community slept…He kept busy so the dragging hours might pass more quickly. He gathered his hiking clothes and equipment, dressed and filled his pack, leaving room for the food which would be dispensed automatically as he left. Then it was 11:45. He took the food from the dispenser, filled the pack, swung it and his guitar on his back and bid goodbye to Steve who was just coming from his study.

‘Well, I’m off,’ he said, noting a serious look on his father’s face.

‘Yes, have a good time. Be sure to be back in time for the Sunday tribal meeting. I don’t want people to be worrying about you two, when they should be having fun together.’

‘Well, I don’t want anyone to worry about us, Dad. And I have no intention of being lost in the woods, with Beta Firestar… or anyone.’

Steve smiled, then fell back into serious thought as he turned away.

Soon Omicron and Beta were hiking along the Moonstar trail. The going was easy at first and the conversation was light and happy. Then the going got harder as they climbed five to six miles of trail. The lush grass was interspersed with areas of scrub oak. Large white clouds began to sail over the bright blue sky. At Sage Brush Meadows Omicron sat nervously beside Beta. He was aware of her eyes upon him. She seemed to be very careful, almost anxious in her selection of words, and in the positioning of her body.

‘Omicron, you write beautiful music. You must sing a song for me.’ Omicron was regretful that he had brought his guitar, as he felt little motivation to sing for her in this setting. Beta was slowly bending and unbending her legs such that enormous stretches of brown skin were revealed at the lower edge of her tunic. Omicron felt surges, still new, strange, and exhilarating to him, fill his torso. She took his arm in hers and pressed her body near. Omicron desired to enjoy the sky, the animals, the breeze. However, his attention was slowly and inexorably drawn to her legs, her thighs, now a glimpse of secret white.

Beta pulled him to herself and kissed his cheek, then lips met in his first kiss, his blood coursed through his body. His hand groped for a soft, globular breast.

Then he stopped. He pretended to be distracted by deer threading their way daintily, cautiously through brush nearby. Then he carefully attempted to extricate himself although Beta continued to hold his hand and periodically caress him with her body. It had all happened so quickly. And each action, reaction had occurred automatically in response to behavior embedded in his brain, either as a part of physiology or as a result of years of inculcation. Omicron was stunned by the series of events, as a boxer recovering from a flurry of punches. However, soon a part of him marveled that he had stopped. Why had he stopped?

Then he realized that he had stopped in response to his developing Will. He had learned that the Will is the instrument the mind uses to control the body. Without this control, a man or woman cannot rise above other animals. His father had explained to him repeatedly how this control could enable a man or woman to expand his or her mind to the limits of existing knowledge and beyond, and be able to accomplish any task which his or her mind is intent upon completing. With this control, a man or woman can rise to rule the world, be in command in the face of any challenge and impose his or her desire upon all that lives and breathes. All of this was part of the Cosmic theology his tribe ascribed to…it was directly mainly to males…yet are not men and women a bit of both sexes?…Women possess testosterone, too. Women could benefit from the Arcana just as men could benefit from the female theology of Love.

They ate and soon Beta was asleep in the warm spring sunlight. Omicron climbed a nearby rise from where to the right he could survey the path which they had climbed to the meadow. Up to his left rose the mountain peak, which he was not yet prepared to climb. The meadow was in the first of several levels of foothills which ascended one after the other to the peak. Omicron knew from what his father had told him that around and beyond the mount was the easy, more gentle path to the peace of the ocean shore.

Suddenly, Omicron was imbued with a strange, new feeling… suddenly, he perceived himself to be strong and pure. Before him appeared an apparition. It was the image of a man clothed in white. Omicron’s body throbbed as his body was bathed in golden rays of light. He felt as if he was to commence upon a path which men had tread before, and which would be tread forever after. Pulses of energy wracked his body and propelled his attention and concentration up to the very peak of the mountain.

Then, slowly, his gaze moved down the path to the community and the world, to which he had to return, to where the battle ultimately would have to be won. The power he felt… encompassed all of his body. He began to feel a sense of mission. Before him now loomed a goal which was as yet undefined in his consciousness;…however, a goal that he was now convinced he must undertake. This goal, this path, this progression, he now was beginning to see, was related to phenomena, to forces far greater than he… to impulses whose Source was the primordial fire of the universe. The progression was related to that ultimate pulse of the Cosmos which would command its true servants to be warriors for Good and destroyers of evil. The path had been vividly charted for him by his father, both by word and by example. However, the actual attainment of the peak, should he be successful, would have to be the result of his own effort, suffering, and victory.

Omicron recognized the man standing, glowing before him as ‘the Magus, the type of the perfect man, in full possession of his physical and moral faculties.’ … This was the symbol for Cosmic step number 1… Will… His father’s words rang in his mind. The man was ‘standing upright, in the attitude of Will proceeding to action. He wears a white robe, image of purity. His belt is a serpent biting its tail… the symbol of eternity. His forehead is enclosed in a cloth of gold, signifying Light, which expresses the continuum in which all created things revolve. The Magus holds in his right hand a golden scepter, image of command, raised towards the heavens in a gesture of aspiration towards knowledge, wisdom, and power… the index finger of the left hand points to the ground, signifying that the mission of the perfect man is to reign over the material world. This double gesture means that human Will ought to be the earthly reflection of the divine Will… promoting Good and preventing evil.’

At last the day his father told him about had arrived. Steve had told Omicron that he could only give his sons the words; but the meaning, the reality of the words would be made clear to them and become a part of them only as they lived the Truths of the universe and actually progressed from one level of consciousness and utilization of Will to the next. At this moment the ascent for Omicron had begun. The presence of the Magus before him indicated that the first Cosmic step towards the heavens had been taken. Omicron had withstood the fire ordeal of sexual passion.

‘Before the Magus on a cubic stone are placed a goblet, a sword and a shekal… a golden coin with an engraved cross in the center. The goblet signifies the mixture of passions contributing to happiness or misfortune, according to whether we are their masters or their slaves. The sword symbolizes labor… the striving that overcomes obstacles and the tests that pain makes us undergo. The shekel is the image of aspirations fulfilled, works accomplished, the apex of power attained by perseverance and will power. The cross, seal of the infinite with which the shekel is engraved, announces the future ascent of that power into the spheres of the future.’

Omicron knew well the goal of the Cosmic man. It was to develop a concentration and power of Will with which man could rise above the fluctuations of fortunes and flux of time, to a sphere where great Truths were known, and monumental achievements were possible.

Omicron knew of such Cosmic men and women. He had read of the great men and women of the world and his country, the recent Presidents of the United States, the leaders of his band, tribe and nation. However, his closest association with a Cosmic man was with his father. Steven had achieved this coveted station shortly after the Change at which time the principles of the Theology of the Mind had been selected by Golden Sun Tribe and had been elucidated in detail. Steve had scoured the earth searching for a Cosmic theology that was the best he could find. Once he found this theology, he began to live its principles immediately. So by the time the Golden Sun tribe adopted it, Steve was far along the Cosmic path. He wore no medals, possessed no ‘golden shekel,’ nor other outward sign of his attainments. A Cosmic man is known by his works and by the quality of life which he lives. The powers of the Cosmic man and woman…are so great that his or her presence is immediately apparent to all about him.

However, the ascent of the Will is not easily accomplished. One must strive continually over a period of years. Most strive all of their lives and never obtain the greatest powers. However, all benefit… from the progress they are able to obtain. It requires labor and endurance of the pain from the sword of constant struggle. Above all, the first step which must be taken before any progress can be made is the domination of the cup of sexual passions… otherwise the potential powers of the Will are dissipated in unproductive expenditures of energy.

In the physical world, step one is identified with ‘man, the highest of all living creatures, called upon to raise himself by a perpetual expanse of his faculties into the concentric spheres of the Absolute.’ In the intellectual world, it embraces ‘Unity, the principle and synthesis of numbers, and the Will, principle of action.’ In the Cosmic world, it expresses ‘the absolute Being who contains and from whom flows the infinity of all possible things.’

Omicron walked uprightly, shoulders back, a significantly different person than he had been before the climb. Omicron gently awakened Beta to commence the journey back to the village.

They arrived at the tribal communal area that was located in an expanse in the hills just north of where the Great Bridge had been…There was an amphitheater with an adjoining dance area…there was an extensive athletic diamond and field surrounded by a high fence on a large terrace below….all of which was located near a dense little forest of redwood trees…cratered all around…with empty nuclear missile silos…It possessed an impressive view of land moving downward, downward to the ocean…which since they were near the end of the peninsula…could be seen at the end of a long sloping hillside below….

Omicron and Beta arrived a half hour before the community meeting was scheduled to begin at four o’clock. Every weekend various games and sports were participated in by band members in the tribal compound on both a formal as well as an informal basis. Every Sunday hundreds of people from the bands gathered for a meeting. At the meeting the leader of the tribe spoke, and songs were sung by the tribal choir. Then, an entire evening’s slate of activities was scheduled, including musical groups composed of band members, plays, musical dramas, movies, and always tribal dancing all night to various kinds of music. On the work days of the week, physical and intellectual creativity were paramount in the bands. On the weekends… rest, recreation, and family and band activities were stressed…On Sunday Cosmic creativity was celebrated by the tribe. On this day of the week…all were together… One in flesh, one in blood.

Steve Blue saw the couple strolling across the meadow, smiled, and walked quickly towards them.

‘Well, I see you made it back on time. Sylvia and I are in the choir today. Omicron, I think it is time for you to write some music for this community to sing. We will be in need of some meaningful songs to share, especially,…’ His words died out. He seemed to be ever on the move even when he paused to talk. A furrow was darkening above his eyebrows. Omicron suddenly realized that this meeting might embody more than the usual importance.

‘After the meeting,’ Steve continued, ‘why don’t we all join in the dancing? There will be some exceptionally good music tonight and the food is specially catered from New York. It was magged in, this morning. It’s the tenth anniversary of the tribe, you know, and we’re pulling out all stops. See you at the dance later.’

The couple muttered affirmative replies as Steve retreated, shaking hands and embracing loved ones, then they continued to walk until the weekly Sunday community meeting was convened.

The leader of the tribe was silver-haired, Samuel Wolf, who was also on Jupiter Nation’s board of manufactures that was responsible for overseeing the production of all goods by the nation’s City. He was also general in the country’s armed forces. He had been in charge of tribal affairs for seven years. All public offices in the nations, tribes, and bands were elected save for the leaders, for which nominations for the post were made by the entities involved… however, actual selection was made by the country’s government on the basis of international and American service as well as band, tribal and nation efforts.

Sam stood nonchalantly at the microphone and warmly welcomed the tribe to the meeting, and then began to speak brightly:…

‘This is the tenth anniversary of the formation of Golden Sun Tribe. The science that we conduct research in is a new one,…basically, we study everything. Consequently, it has been difficult to know what our work is and what people we would need to pursue it. The caliber of people who are in the tribe now is impressive and the work we have done for the University speaks for itself,…it has been enormous.’


‘Our tribe has operated successfully during these ten years. We have earned sufficient energy units to live happy, fulfilled lives. We marry early now and children are limited to one or none. Our population is the same as it was ten years ago, in spite of the fact that many children who were here ten years ago have children now. The generations are crushing down upon the next, yet our people are prosperous, happy and seem very content, concentrating on their work. ‘

Then Sam’s tone darkened and he stuffed his hands deeply into the pockets of his robe:

‘Our country is at present being threatened by those who would turn back the clock. By those who would go back to the hard transition years when man and woman were among the machines. By those whose roots go back even further than those of the factory… back into the darkness of a medieval age. These wretched people know nothing of true Love among a primal band. They kill one another for the gold of the earth as readily as they would kill one of us. They are heartless and ruthless beasts who know no higher principles or Laws… They possess only the instincts of the mob which must be ruled by force. These enemies are now headed this way… towards our community, towards the land and life we have grown to love and which we have rightfully won.’

Sam now began to emphasize his words with thumps of his right fist upon the lectern.

‘The muscle and courage of every man and woman assembled here will be called upon during this emergency. And I am certain that with sacrifice, hard work, and valor…. the battle will be won.’

At this point, the tribe burst into vigorous applause again… although all faces were sullen with the impact of the message. Beta looked worriedly at Omicron as he looked grim-faced toward the podium.

‘I think it would be well,’ Sam continued, ‘for us to quickly review some of the basic principles of our theologies. Each tribe has its own theologies, which it modifies regularly. It may even change theologies if the tribe wishes. We have two theologies…one for males…one for females…Our theology for males is based on the ideas of ancient Egypt. In keeping with this, we wear clothes of classical Greece and Rome and many of us have first names that are consistent with this, many have family names related to the beauty of nature in which we now reside. Some scoff and say that no such theology ever resided in ancient anywhere… Regardless… we find the principles of this wondrous group of ideas… to be Cosmic… to be stirring.. to be True… regardless of their origin… Thus do we live them…

‘Fundamental principles from our theologies are mentioned at these Sunday meetings. However, I would like to review the most fundamental concepts in a brief yet comprehensive way and then briefly describe actions that will be taken in the face of this emergency during the next few days. My loving wife, Petuna, will take a turn at the microphone in the midst of this…to review the principles of our female theology…for as brave as our men must be in these coming days…it is the women…who are the embrace of Golden Sun Tribe…who are the rock upon which Golden Sun Tribe is established…Yes, we men are so mighty and great, ‘ Sam orated sardonically…’Yes, we men are so mighty and great…But we men know who we are fighting for,…We men know what we are fighting for…We men know…how to put down our precious thoughts and work for a moment…and fight for all our tribe stands for….Yes, it is for our women we fight…It is for our tribe we fight…In the end it is for Love and Connection and Family…for the great Family… of tribe, nation, country, world…that we fight …and Petuna exemplifies all the Goodness the better half of our lives brings…

‘First, there is the Source of all things. There is the energy from which all matter is made, which produces all movement, which is the Source of Consciousness. Evidence of this energy is seen in the fire which has been shattered into countless pieces and scattered across the heavens. For in the beginning…there was the Source…from which the entire Cosmos was built…there is a piece of the Source in each piece of the Cosmos…there is a piece of the Source…in each one of us….

‘But energy does not just shower randomly throughout the universe. Energy conforms to patterns observed time and again. The Source is converted into the entire spectrum of matter and is the author of all movement of matter in a manner which is regular and predictable. Thus, the Source conforms to regularities which are called Divine Law.

‘Now since all that is in the universe is or has been transformed from energy… from the Source… all things must conform to Divine Law. In the variations of matter, the Law is observed to operate differently, yet a basic conformance to the Law must always exist.

‘For man and woman, the Law is manifested on two levels of existence. There is the Law which pertains to the body and there is the Law that pertains to the mind. This duality comes from the Source… In the beginning was Love… that is a creator which has invested all particles with an I… this is a miracle… there is no explanation for it… it just is… it was given by the forces of Love… once there is an I, there is Love…imbued from the Source…yet there is also Will… empowered by the Source…the I’ can perceive, think and act… Love and Will…in humans this duality is expressed by the phenomena of body and mind…of woman and man…of course, women are intelligent and are equal to men in every important way….yet women often are devoted to more important things….

‘The Cosmos is filled with Will and Love…there is fire…yet there is form….there is Law…An atom with electrons is in equilibrium, in peace and harmony and connection…in the realm of Love…when electrons are stripped from it..there comes a Force, a Power… there arises Will…whose ultimate aim is to restore the Beauty and Form of Love…which was lost…The interaction of Will and Love results in a hierarchy of atoms, molecules, and organisms which increase in complexity while minimizing expenditures of energy per unit of mass. This interaction between Will and Love has resulted on earth…a stream of plant and animal species, performing the dance of evolution, which, in turn, has resulted in an array of forms… from simple to complex at any period in time which changes over time to conform to a changing world environment.

‘ All matter and the forces which move matter were initially One. Individual particles in their configurations and interactions… appeared as the universe expanded and cooled. It is natural for individuals to exalt in self… express Will which is inclined to Power matter into conflict and separation… But with True principles, Love can be obtained which Connects…reunites bodies, matter, and energies into combinations…into Cosmic entities… reflections of that initial One.

‘On earth there are two spheres…the plant/animal world that is arrayed about us…and the Cosmic sphere wherefrom we have all come… In the plant/animal sphere, the processes of reproduction are fundamental and crucial to the perpetuation of species. Because of this, reproduction is given high priority in the observance of the Law. Because reproduction is important, the rewards for successful acts are great. As a result of physical creativity… that is, successful reproduction… man and woman receive the joy and happiness which is reaped from Love between male and female, Love among members of a primal community, and from offspring themselves.

‘Our instruction regarding the Law of the Body comes from the example and teachings of Jesus Christ whose life was devoted to the Love among brothers and sisters. However, way before Jesus Christ there arose in the desolate frozen wilderness of the arctic…there arose the shamanic Earth Mother… The Law of Body forms the basis for the elaborate Theology of Love, which is handed down from mother to daughter and which is the heartbeat, the embrace of the Golden Sun Tribe. My wife Petuna will give a few words concerning our theology for females…although each one of us, of course, is not one, but two…We all possess testosterone…we all possess estrogen…we all can benefit from both theologies.

‘We imagine that The Law of the Mind was discovered by the ancients. The Law of the Mind was sequestered by the few in power to guarantee their supremacy over the masses. Today the Law of the Mind is available to all and when possessed by men and women physically and morally worthy of its possession, it renders unto each of them an individual and aggregate Will which cannot be defied. The Law of the Mind gives to man and woman access to knowledge, wisdom, and power.

‘The Law of the Mind is implemented by the Will. The Will imposes the energy of the mind upon the inertia of matter. The Will may evolve and progress such that a given amount of energy of the mind is able to impact matter in greater and greater ways. In this augmentation of the power of the Will, the mind is encouraged to create tools, mental and physical, of greater and greater complexity and power, in an upward evolution which parallels the evolution of the body. By means of tools the Will is able to impact the external world in ever more powerful ways. The Will must move, soar upwards to higher and higher planes if it is to gain full control over matter. At the highest spheres of ascendance, the Will is able to tap the ultimate energies of the universe and is able to perform feats which can result in an eternal expression of that Will. The use of the mind is so important to man and woman’s survival that biologically they reap great joy and happiness from the exercise of the Will in creating tools… intellectual creativity… and from the progression of the Will to the highest Cosmic spheres…impacting the world…with Cosmic creativity.

‘In order for the Will to evolve, it must adhere to the four basic principles of the Mind. These principles are symbolize by the parts of the Sphinx, which stands in front of the Great Pyramids and which we believe was a part of the theology of the ancient Egyptians. The first principle, symbolized by the head of a woman, is that “human intelligence must consider the aim of its aspirations, its means of attaining them, the obstacles to be avoided and the barriers to be broken.” The second principle, symbolized by the body of an ox, is that “man, armed with science, goaded by a tireless Will and bearing the yoke of each trial with ox-like patience, must slowly travel by his own road toward success or failure.” The third principle, symbolized by the paws of a lion, is that “in order to attain the aim set by his intelligence, man must not only desire, he must also venture; it is not enough merely to work, it is necessary sometimes also to fight and to make a place for oneself by force.” And the last principle, symbolized by the wings of an eagle folded over the Sphinx’s massive body, is that “man must hide his plans beneath a thick veil until the moment comes to act with a resolution that if need be reaches the heights of audacity.”

‘From these general principles have been deduced a series of Cosmic steps or Arcana with which all of you are acquainted or will be acquainted with in time. Learning the lessons of each step is the first phase. Living the lessons is the second difficult phase which may or may not be accomplished in a lifetime.

‘Now my wife, Petuna, will address the better half of our ideas…the better half…of our ideals.’

Petuna was a high priestess of sorts…a leader of the women in the tribe every bit as much as her husband was a leader of men..She strode to the microphone, dressed in a flowing robe with flowers in her hair…

‘My sisters…and my brothers…Oh dear, my brothers!…You are at it again…Now we women must clasp another close to shield from the combat caused by men and their Will…Men have always seemed to have been an add-on of sorts…in the beginning all was one…all was Love…now where are we?

‘I shall be reciting from the words of the great priestess from recent decades past…Mirabai Starr…Her great words resound powerfully but not loudly…they reverberate everywhere …energizing softly…

‘“Women do not preach or teach or exhort…Women simply embrace, comfort, +love….

‘“There are women mystics from all branches of the I family… Hinduism, Buddhiism, Taoism, Judiasm, Christiianity, Islam, and in every indigenous way…This is because true religion began 30,000 years ago in Siberia with the shaman…and all religions have been birthed…therefrom…

‘“The great heart and wisdom of the divine feminine lies with poetry, prose, practices, prayer…with Spiritual/ Inner-Being…We do do not mount the pulpit and scream to the guilty…Instead we feel the beating wings of mercy and the flowering heart of forgiveness…We tell the heart’s story of divine Love…We hear the cries of the world…We embody a feminine ferocity.. .powerful and compassionate…fearless and commanding…We accept the decisive challenge of existence…We are in the lap of the Great Mother…We drink deeply from the well of wholeness and hope…The empowered lady of today gathers the flowers of various mystical traditions from all around the world into a bouquet of Beauty…of connection with all aspects of ourselves, and of the interconnectedness of all beings…The female way is relief like rain in a world parched by politics and angst…We strive to awaken and instruct what has been lacking under Patriarchy…We are a wave of feminine wisdom emerging into a world that has been starved for too long…It is our challenge to flood our troubled world with grace…to engender the soft, mysterious embrace of the Beloved…to dazzle all with an exquisite dance of illusion..

it is our challenge to make the jumble of human experience into One Love…to bestow upon all a wild mercy to live, love, and save the planet by means of… with…Love, generosity, and wisdom…to compel us to be more, to do better, to love more fiercely, to open our hearts, to let the Light in…to let the Light… out….

‘“The Great Mother is a mystery…known only through surrender. Surrender only happens through Grace…that is, through forgiveness …to release humanity into the radiance of the many ways the Goddess reveals herself, She is there before us…illuminating our Path back home….She surprises us with her frees-spirited passion, erudition, and blazing candor…for…as we know…everything is holy…herbs, water, fire, the body, there is Light…in every last thing.

‘“At the core of all life is…a circle… of wild and welcoming women…

‘“Men are welcome here…you just don’t get to boss us around or grab our breasts or solve our problems….you may sample our cooking and wash it down with our champagne…

‘“Again…and again..the earth is cracking open, and the women must again arise from their hiding places and spill onto the streets, lifting the suffering into our arms, demanding justice from the tyrants, pushing on the patriarchy and activating a paradigm shift such as the world has never seen…

Women have not been comfortable since the rise of civilization…well, all men and women…have been slaves…in addition the architecture of the human world has been designed by and for men. …institutions have been built to fit and uphold a male-dominated way of existence…Then the balance of power was disrupted…the conversation was reorganized…The results of the alienation of the feminine became obvious..the twentieth century was the greatest time in the history the world…yet things were lacking…

‘“But women desire not to merely become part of this male dominated sphere…they long for another way of life entirely…they wish desire to replace the crown of gold and diamonds with a crown of daisies…

‘“Man has created power which has elevated man and woman high above Nature about them…women are leading humans back to the Earth back to Nature…to the giant garden of the I…found in every flower and weed….each tree and species of blooming grass is an unique and glorious example of the Beloved’s Beauty….Like bees, we draw nectar from it all…our life-giving nectar is Love and compassion…Yes, again, typically masculine attributes long necessary in a primal world… rear their ugly head…Can we not see the obvious…We must now discard obsolete messages that ‘otherize’…We are one with all the Cosmos!…We must now discard obsolete messages that extol violence…band against band…tribe against tribe…No!…Have we not traveled far beyond that?…We are now in a world that should be an Utopia…We must discard any part of the past…that is toxic!…

‘“There was a counterculture in the 1960s and 70s…in communities that appreciated the wisdom of multiple paths…we are all masculine and feminine

…we all desire to reach for the sky yet bow and revere the earth…this is the plant-animal way…we are united in our journey with truths that we have brought with us from the heavens, from the Cosmos….All that exists possesses Light from the Source…in the beginning all was female…men are an add-on…many one celled organisms simply divide….after birth one is strictly on its own….the division occurred before plant and animal emerged…as both descendants, plant and animal… possess dimorphism…

‘“The perfect way of life is not the feminine…the male drive for individual success and empirical argument is necessary for continual progress…nay, for creativity in general…the masculine possesses a dazzling arc of its own…But when both are combined….erect fist to the heavens…combined with the circling embrace of the earth…they create a spiral upwards like a double circling helix of DNA …of creativity thrusting within embrace…consuming into Cosmic Fire….

‘“For the female priestess, contemplative life is not so much a matter of transcending the illusions of mundane existence or attaining states of perfect

equanimity as it is about becoming as fully present as possible to the realities of the human experience. The what is…reveals itself to be filled with holiness…We pause and we get better…and better… at seeing Love everywhere we look.

””Immanence…there is god in everything…every atom possesses consciousness….yet there seems to be transcendence…there seems to be powers of god somewhere else…the Cosmos seems to tend to our lives…if only a tiny bit.

‘“For men, union with god is about dismantling, disassembling, deconstructing all corporeal and conceptual forms in a passionate pursuit of the Formlessness that lies beyond the realm of the senses and intellect. For women, union with god is a matter of embracing every particle of inescapable reality …seen as imbued with, dripping with, overflowing with… divinity….

‘“The feminine priestess is a different creature than the manly prophet. She is not a lone wolf, raising her voice in the wilderness. She is not a strident preacher, warning of doom. She is only as powerful as her community. Alone she is nothing, and she knows it. The very concept of an individual messiah makes no sense to her. When she hears the cries of the world, she reaches out and grasps the hands of her sisters, gathers up her children and asks the blessings of her elders, kisses her lover and turns the kettle to simmer, and rides straight into the arms of the Mystery, where she will wait until it is clear what needs to be done. Then, together with her companions, she will do it.

‘“There is a great need for mothering in the world right now.

‘“Women build community. Not as a mason fabricates a fireplace or a developer plans a shopping mall to maximize consumerism. We create community the way we create family or a symphony or a good meal…without a lot of grandiosity or demand for accolades. We empower one another. We ask questions, and then we listen, and then we respond. When I lead grief retreats or teach writing workshops…which are largely populated by women…it takes about five minutes before community begins to magically coalesce before my eyes. Without my doing a thing, the people in the room gravitate towards each other and take the risk to trust.

‘“The Divine Essence embodies the full range of feminine qualities, from mercy in response to wickedness to courage in the face of danger, from ‘homey friendliness’ to passion. God-the-Mother encourages us in states of paralyzing doubt, even as she challenges us to subvert entrenched systems of power and authority and cultivate a direct relationship with the Holy in the temple (or the anchorage!) of our own soul…

‘“Women work in groups, communities…Women soothe each other’s nervous systems, make it safe to open our hearts, create a listening vessel for our pain and a cheering squad for our accomplishments…

At this point, Petuna paused and stopped reading the papers before her

…she looked out at the community and said….

‘Yes, there are times when masculine applications of Will are required….Yes, we need men with their Will to come forward and help us now…Our new way of life is at stake… However…you must never forget…that we women are here at home waiting, hoping, crying, despairing, holding hands in the common circle..forming an embrace for life to return to normal…After the grief caused by the past…is gone….Love is here…Always!”’

There was no applause when Petuna was done…only a marveling, astonished silence….

Sam regained the podium for a few final remarks…

‘Corresponding to the Law of the Body and the Law of the Mind are the Theologies of Love and Will. Neither Theology can survive without the other. And both can survive in their fullest Cosmic bloom only in the setting of the primal band, tribe and nation. Only in these communities can primal, all-embracing Love be expressed. Only in these communities can the Will progress from the physical to the intellectual and on to Cosmic levels of creativity. For this reason we must fight to preserve the precious benefits which we possess. These Cosmic laws have been tested empirically and by means of the tests of biological science have been proven to be true. That is why many tribes adhere to these same theologies. Therefore, as we live, we may have the comfort that we are on the side of the Divine and Eternal Law, that we are living in ways which are consistent with the power and energy of the universe, and that we have knowledge concerning how this power and energy may be tapped. For these reasons, I am certain that in any fight for our existence that our cause will prevail.’

Wolf paused at this point to allow the content of what he had said to be digested, then he continued:

“Our nation, Jupiter Nation, is now in an official state of alert. Starting tomorrow the military company in this tribe will meet daily for drill and instruction. The latest sophisticated equipment will be sent by mag tomorrow. Since we are near the end of the school year, final reports will be due and examinations will be given the first part of the week with the school year terminating thereafter. There is no need to curtail activities tonight, though. So, have fun. Hopefully this mess will be over very soon. Thank you.”

The choir sang songs written by one of the band’s members. And then the tribe sang favorite songs for approximately an hour more. At six o’clock, the community split up to participate in the numerous activities that were scheduled. Omicron and Beta danced quietly the whole evening in the company of Steve and Sylvia. Omicron kept thinking of Aura, of how she had sat with him at the piano… she felt that he could come up with a new music theory. She had looked back with a smile and that perplexed look of interest. Maybe she really liked him, although this may not have been fully acknowledged by her herself. He certainly would have invited her to Sage Brush Meadows if he had thought there was a chance she would have gone. Since she had left, he had felt empty and alone. He would like to write some music for her. Somehow she had been the reason for his sudden urge to visit the City, to finally take the bull by the horns and do something. Why he needed to visit the City, he was not completely sure.

Around midnight, Omicron and Beta walked quietly back towards their clusters, when Beta stopped, took Omicron’s hands in hers and stood face to face.

‘You promised you would sing a song,… no, write a song for me,’ she lied skillfully. ‘Now… you must keep your promise.’

Omicron hesitated and was prepared to decline. He had no instrument, no ideas in his head, and he had always been unsuccessful at improvising songs spontaneously. However, somehow he felt the urge to sing, to create a song for her whose smile remained before him. He closed his eyes and concentrated upon the face, and sang:

‘Oh Love,

With you within my arms I feel strong

With might to quell the storm

Which around us swirls.

This world in struggle

Longs for peace.

‘My Love,

I’ll fight the top of every peak.

I’ll strive to sun and back

To keep you in my arms

‘Til last the fight is won

And our new life begun

And never cease.

‘ Across the ‘spanse of universe

The light of Love does fly

And beating back every curse

And caring not where or why.

My love spans all time and space

Until the lost star is found

United e’re with my love faire

Joy forever without bound.

‘Oh Love,

The winds of Fate will blow our way

But with you forever I will stay

The Light of heaven bright above

Ignited by the Sun of Love

When you are with me

The night

Is Day.’

The song was imperfect in many ways. Much of it didn’t rhyme, although he was surprised when rhyme had sprung forth without effort toward the end. The music was the best he had ever written and there seemed to be an intimate relationship between the words and the melody. And it had all sprung forth so easily, without rational thought, without hours at the piano.

Omicron flushed with embarrassment when he noticed that Beta was staring at him. He fabricated a reason why he had to quickly return home. He lay on his bed for several hours as the strains of the song and the smile on the alabaster face with golden undertones wound themselves repeatedly… inexorably…through his mind.

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