If I Were a Soothsayer

If I Were a Soothsayer
© Copyright, Frank W. Andes, 1983. All Rights Reserved.

Oh, that I were a soothsayer and able to envision the future. What
phantoms, dreams, nightmares I might have of that far off tomorrow. How
can this world, this troubled world, catapulting towards disaster, survive? I
anticipate the worst, yet there is a small part within me that tells me: ‘Man
has survived the past, man will continue into the future.’ My curiosity cries
out for one small glimpse of society as it will be a generation or two from
now. I wonder if Einstein’s theory of relativity could actually propel me
towards that which is to be. Supposedly if one moves fast enough, he can be
projected into the past…or something like that. By symmetry, one would
expect that some sort of opposite motion might thrust him into the future.
Theory says it is possible. Common sense pronounces such a concept to be a

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