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Here it is!…

The updated edition of Man and the Cosmos…people have been waiting for…Like Darwin’s Origin of Species…this book has been delayed because of the controversial nature of its ideas…Man and woman are biological creatures now…as is proven by DNA…This means that the social sciences must be rebuilt. This book begins this work…proceeding as Descartes did…from philosophy and the human mind…proceeding from what is most clear and distinct to the scientist…out, out into the Cosmos…to psychology, anthropology, sociology, economics…and finally theology. Scientists say that humanity has only a fifty percent chance of making it through this century. We need a rebuilt, powerful science of man and woman to confront the problems of these perilous times….Each chapter in this carefully thought out book…has work that can begin now…The Internet is powerful…but now we are moving from a time of Infrastructure, like Facebook and Google…we are moving into a time of Content…entertainment, education, and research…This book is the first step…towards the Future. 

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