That Special Something Musical

Welcome to CFTheater.
You are invited to witness a short musical,
entitled “That Special Something’ by me…hee, hee… Frank Andres.
This is one-third of a real musical…at least song-wise…
A real musical has 18 songs…Well, 15 or 16 songs
with 2 or 3 re prised…that is, repeated…
I believe that San Francisco can be the new Paris of the West…
a center of creativity, research, and innovation.
CFTheater conducts research, which gives us ideas…
Then we express these ideas by means of entertainment…books, music, and theater.
America needs new industries…we believe that creativity can be a new industry.
We believe that research can be a new industry…with everyone participating,
using the Internet as an engine.  Creativity of all types can employ many people…
in creative groups, perhaps living together..
There is work for everyone…with income to supplement your day jobs.
Work for everyone…just as an army has people of all nations…
of all abilities…
So sit back and relax.
Thank you for participating.
                                THAT SPECIAL SOMETHING
[The curtain opens to reveal a black sky…pierced by diamonds of light.
The protagonist sings the Overture.]
He sings:
“That Special Something…The Overture”…
which seems appropriate.


The curtain opens…a fella is sitting at a desk,
looking at a wall.]
His love and he have been separated now for some time.
Well, they had made plans.
It all made sense.
but now
it is strenuous being apart.
He thinks of her every two minutes.
The both have work to do.
They are progressing well…
progressing towards the ultimate destination
of being together.
A pixie of light alights on the desk
and says”
“Cheer up, Bozo…Things ain’t that bad…
Sing a song to me
and things will get better!”
The protagonist sings:
the melliphonic
“All Day All Night.”



The idiot stands and paces,
looking at the piles of trash at his feet.]
Well, at first he had been brave…
They could do this thing.
But things weren’t that easy any more.
He finds himself staring out the window…
out into the darkness of the night.
[The pixie saunters across the desk,
trying to provide some comedic relief…
She says:
“Now take my wife…
Well, she’s no wife…She’s Trump in a clown’s outfit…Kawump!”
The protagonist thus rudely interrupted
“What the hell are we doing?
And why?”
He sings the cloyingly, slobbering melody:
“A Hole in My Life.”

[The protagonist…”protag” for short…
arises and strolls to the out of doors
encumbered within a magnificent cloak
wrapped around his head.
It is cold, rainy, monsoon, typhoon, glorious confusion.]
Now things are bad for him…
and I mean
really bad…
the worst…
He is so alone…he cannot move.
Let’s see…
Oh yes, I know who the referent might be…
She sends pictures…her love, her words…tear-stained confections…
there is nothing.
He ha lost his Will…
which is damn serious…
He has lost his way.
He attempts to select a route through the hurricane
hand in hand with his pixie…
“Light Up my Light”

[Whoops..a goof…
The INTERMISSION  was supposed to have come
before the last stirring song…
So all the ladies had peed their pants.
Never the lost…
Now is the time
Get up and get a drink…
Walk down the hall…
feed the cat…
try to whistle a tune you might have heard somewhere
in from this riveting show…
Then be carefully cautioned…
The song are all in 12-tone scale…
There are notes that will surprise you…
They sort of sneak up behind you and
Tot to pee again?
Okay now…
back to your first row lounge seat with the sticky papers at your feet.
The magnificent spectacle continues.]
Suddenly he feels hope.
The pixie feels hope…
rain pouring on their faces…
mud splashing their clothes.
He feels hope
in spite of the fact
that he has caught pneumonia.
Within him
there is a spark…
There is a piece of her within his mind.
Well, later he will commemorate this thought
with wild fellation…
Well, there’s the cat.
he can attempt to stand…
try to move.
he can begin to create once more.
It won’t be long…
It will be soon…
They have work to do.
Stumbling over a log,
the mad, compulsive, raving McBeth sings:
“Fire my Fire.”

Suddenly the curtain arises…
does it ever fall?…
The stage is filled with dancers and singers.
Well, we are near Skid Row…
Our family and friends have designed the scenery and the costumes…
One guy really know how to work with lights.
Well, he’s a gay stripper.]
So here it is!
The Finale!
The ‘protag”
lost in the dark
in the nearby woods
a reprise
[Did you know that one-half of the words in the
English vocabulary are of French origin?…like “reprise.”]
He sings:
The poignant, organ-grabbing:
“That Special Something…The Finale!”
I realize that you have been
in your home as you have looked at
and listened to all of this…
Nevertheless, there is a type of thing
that is said at the end of a play
or PTA meeting
that I shall say now:
Thank you and Good night.
As you drive home…
Please drive carefully…
Please watch for bolting deer.

About CF Theater:

Frank Andres is president of Fire Mountain Nation.

We are descendants of the Beats and Thomas Edison.

We are a Nation of ideas our music is 12 tone scale

an invention like the light bulb. The world is in

Depression. We need the energy of entertainment.

We need the ideas of research of invention to climb

back on top where we belong no we must do these

things to survive for civilization to survive.

CF stands for concept formation

for ideas.

We turn on a light!

Visit: for more Music,Videos and Books

Copyright 2013-2017 CF Theater, Fire Mountain Enterprises. All rights reserved.

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