Overture to Faust 2024

After a long wait – here is the overture to Faust 2024. It is in 12- tone scale harmonics. We have been working on this for 60 years. There have been 45 breakthroughs in just the last three years. Major breakthroughs have come from taking music theory – that is, the Circle of 5ths – and placing Goethe’s Circle of Colors on top. This has culminated in Gold being found at the bottom of both circles. And then that discovery has led to Gold all around both Circles as we take opposite triads like: F and sharp – B and B flat – E and E flat – A and A flat – D and D flat – B and B flat – and Magic occurs! The curtain rises – as the Overture is being played. Faust is up stage left – in total darkness save for a lamp at his desk where he is seated facing the left wall. As the music plays – a dancer appears up stage right – in a spot light. She is Faust’s mind. He is alone in the night. His country is at a crossroads – as Germany was 300 yeas before. There are only 30 years of oil left. There is population explosion. The world needs breakthroughs in science. Desperate times – call for desperate measures. Will Faust – make a pact – with the Devil?

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