Plants and the I – The New Science of Plant Intelligence


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If we recognize that plants – well, atoms, in general – are not objects – they have their own agency – then we have potential partners in confronting the world’s problems. Cosmic co-operation between humans and many different kinds of Conscious entities – may be necessary to ensure the survival of humanity. We have been reading a book, Planta Sapiens – The NewScience of Plant Intelligence, by Paco Calvo. Dr. Calvo is a professor of the philosophy of science and principal investigator at the Universidad de Mureia’s Minimal Intelligence Lab MINTLab) in Spain. His research interests range broadly within the cognitve sciences, with special emphasis on plant intelligence, ecological, and embodied cognitive science. After two decades of research, he has found a rich and here-to-for unexplored world. He is convinced that every plant possesses some sort of intelligence. We – after 60 years of research – are highly certain – for a number of reasons – that each plant – is actually brandishing forth – a countless number of I s.

The authors of this minibook have written several regular-sized books – and many minibooks – that is, smaller but intensive investigations – on Consciousness – during the past fifty years. We wrote the book: Man and the Cosmos – The Science of Everything – during the 1970s. We have our own Science and our own Scientific Method. The instruments that scientists use – are unable to measure objects that are too small or are moving too fast. Humanity in its Industrial Revolution age has utilized almost everything at hand that is visible by eye or microscope. We now must work with the sub-microscopic world. In this endeavor – because of the inadequacies of scientific instruments in a virtually invisible world: Our Science utilizes all of the disciplines in the university curriculum to attack problems from all sides – from every angle. Our Method: Uses the inductive Powers of scientists who are right-hemispheric dominant – who are by means of standard admission procedures – screened out of university work completely – it would seem! When we use both sides of the brain – coupled with our new Science – to tackle difficult problems: Unbelievable progress is able to be made.

Some of our breakthroughs are:

There is a hydrogen ion in our brain – that is ‘looking out’. This has made it possible for us to consider empirical data about phenomena at the atomic level received from personal experience. As we say: Humanity must now operate at the level of the atom in order to bring forth the next Industrial Revolution. We are ‘looking out’ from the center of a hydrogen ion. We are able to obtain information about atoms from our own personal observation!

We have investigated the social sciences from that same unique perspective: We have seen how they can be made more Powerful – through the perspective of the I.

We have studied chemistry and physics – and new worlds are now opening up – now that we understand that every particle in the universe possesses Consciousness:

When it comes to chemistry: Atoms possess Consciousness: They communicate with other particles. If we can learn their language: We can create new molecules. Scientists can access new sources of Energy. We can work with – atoms now. This new collaboration can bring forth: An astoundingly new – Industrial Revolution!

We are able to consider physics and quantum mechanics from the unique perspective of the I . In the past this investigation has been hampered by the fact: Much speculation has been made necessary – by the fact that scientists have been working in the face of – a Black Box. There are particles – there are waves – physicists know little about what each is – about what each does. As we say: Each person has an unique perspective upon phenomena such as these: We are ‘looking out’ from the center of an atom – from the center of a Black Hole! Physics has been slowed for over a hundred years. Our I s – will allow us to made the necessary breakthroughs – and start making progress in this most important theoretical world – again.

As we say: We have a new Science. When we develop our hypotheses: We work with twelve different disciplines. We come up with a Synthesis – in which all breakthroughs – from every source – are consistent. We are 99 percent certain that our hypotheses are True. Induction does not yield certainty – only the left side of the brain combined with the results of experiments can give absolute certainty. We feel that there exists a great enough probability of our ideas being True – that intensive investigation by universities – is warranted.

With a new Science, a new Method, and our new ‘microscope’ – our I : We are able to see all the world – in a new Light!

We shall now look – at the world of plants.

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