Faraday, Maxwell, And The Black Box

Why Quantum Mechanics is Now in Serious Trouble!


Frank W. Andres

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So during the passage of this past year, we wrote eight minibooks. The last two may have had an impact. A bank in Silicon Valley failed. It was investing in things related to electronics, of course. It appears that there were several large important investments in two areas: Hydrogen fusion – and Quantum Mechanics. And our last two minibooks were devoted to exactly those two topics. We are not saying that we were responsible for the failure of any bank – but it is just that we really showed why hydrogen fusion and the utilization of quantum mechanics in its present state – are going nowhere. As we say: There is plenty of evidence that these topics were in trouble anyway:

So up to this point, all of our efforts in science have seemed to be pointed toward destroying pet ideas that have long been held as panaceas for the world. Now it is time to be Building! Not destroying! And we promise – we shall get to that!

For the fact is: There are corporations out there looking for the next promising thing to invest in. We are not interested in money or fame. But we can imagine companies coming to us and asking: Okay, wise people. What now? Because the double-double rule that has guided electronic progress for so long – is over. It seemed that progress in electronics was doubling in capability every five years – year after year – almost automatically. This explosion in electronics was driven mainly by corporations. Well, kids go to school and learn whatever they can from whatever the universities might be talking about right now. But the fact is: Most of the electronic revolution in the past has been an empirical thing – an experimental thing. Corporations are not interested in quantum theory. They give kids just out of graduate school large laboratories to work in with every possible new-age piece of equipment with any substances – well, legal, of course – they might think they might want to toy with – using every brain cell in their young active imaginations. The result: The primary result has not been breakthroughs in sceintific theory. Instead things have just gotten smaller and smaller and smaller – until: They didn’t.

Well, the universities have had their pet theories all along, of course. But they have been mostly ignored by people who want to make money – until lately, when progress has stalled – and corporations have finally taken a hard look at what professors in academia have been working on all these years.

Well, there is quantum mechanics, of course: Big breakthroughs supposedly were made in the first 20 years, well, possibly thirty years, of the 20th century. As we have said: All of this erudite theory has been ignored by corporations. But scientists could see that they might actually be of use when the double- double years started to peter out. Well, with the turn of the new century: Suddenly that folklore of double-double was in big trouble. As we say: It just was not happening automatically – any more. So makers of electronic products were suddenly interested in University work – as they had never been interested before.

Well, the universities had been doing work quietly all along, of course. In 1970 there was a book like Mathematics of Classical and Quantum Physics by Frederick W. Byron, Jr., and Robert W. Fuller – 650 pages long – with authors who at the beginning – were a bit smug as they could deduce hundreds of pages filled solid with equations. However, by the time one received the most recent edition of this work in 2017 – the smugness had faded away as it has been realized that all of this theory was a pipe dream. When they finally were able to take some of these blocks of solid mathematics and test the theory that is embodied in it – at least in a half sort of way – well, in the quantum particle world – things are simply too small and too fast for scientific instruments. When scientists now in desperation began to test something, anything, everything – in any half way possible – and the verdict finally came in: Slabs of mathematics have not gotten physicists anywhere important. When it comes to hydrogen fusion – well, in our minibooks we have found what they must have found: Every hydrogen atom possesses a Black Hole – there is no way fusion of two hydrogen atoms can occur – outside of a star! And when it comes to quantum mechanics – there are two problems: Mathematics can not begin to duplicate, account for the intense complication that exists in reality – and scientists were missing two important aspects of reality anyway – even if there mathematics had worked better: The fact is – first, every particle possesses Consiousness – atoms can do stuff – and second, yes, waves are attached to particles as Faraday and Maxwell discovered – but in the end – it is the particles that are able to do stuff. Waves do only one thing: Move information! Consciousness and Cosmic Information – neither of these things are in the mathematics – of quantum mechanics. No wonder gigantic books filled with mathematics are now – in the waste basket.

So now what? Well, we have our Science of Everything which is an inductive, synthetic approach to creating hypotheses. During the next year we are going to try and stop destroying – and start building! We shall see how much progress can be made -without the inevitable need for large monetary and laboratory resources to test different ideas. We shall let our imaginations roar, soar into this Space – which will be, we promise, anchored firmly in a place far from the pixels of this website. Our ideas are anchored firmly in the reality – of the Earth – in the Truths of twelve different disciplines. It is important that we just see how far we can go. For the Truth is: Humanity is in trouble – there is nuclear capability – for energy. But it is fraught with dangers. And humanity is running out of resources: even sand! The latter is the largest used hard substance on the planet – and the vast quantities in deserts is not usuable. There is global warming: Two-thirds of the world needs lifting up from lives near poverty. We need big ideas – right here – right now.

But first we have to direct our attention toward what exactly has forstalled progress in the field of physics – in the recent past.
The verdict is – that is, the Problem is: In many respects – physics has not moved much past the work of Michael Faraday and James Clerk Maxwell!

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