The Finale!!! Here is the culminating chapter of Omicron Blue!

Omicron Blue Chapter# 26


‘I feel like a man astride two ages. The present is harsh, unbearable, cruel. The future is one of my highest hopes and greatest dreams. It is the dream that goads me onwards. Yet with that dream lies a danger. I am becoming acutely schizophrenic… actually exhibiting a multi-personality…. as I devote more and more of my life to that dream, to that fantasy. ‘Sometimes I find myself caught up in that magical crystal ball. I actually begin to believe sometimes that I am living in that far off age, that all is well… all problems have been solved. In reality the bulk of the work lies ahead and this fact plus the exigencies of the work goad me all the faster towards the fantasy.

‘However, I am a man firmly committed to my age, and to my mental health. For in fantasy there is no more joy than in a dream. Joy comes from creation, but creation must change and impact the external world. The dream of a future world can be one of two things. It can be my hope. It can be my escape. If it be the first, then hope is of value…as it calls forth the effort required to start building that world. Hope is a good place to start in a perplexed and caustic age. If it be the second, then drugs would have been the cheaper, more efficient escape… nay, suicide would have sped me towards the destination that road does lead.

‘I am a child of my age and the father of the next. And in the end I shall deny neither. My work is here and now and no burden shall I shirk. For the labors of the present, and only those labors, shall give birth to the future. In these labors I shall not be content to stand upon a large boulder and cry forth upon the multitudes. Such cries are rife today and most will quickly die as they reverberate through the vacuum of space.

‘Instead I must become a part of the world. I must be wed to the world. I must not be afraid of the world. For in the end, the world, society, culture with which I live… is the earth… is the soil from which my body didst spring. That world is my parent. It is my past, my Source. And I must live through that past, and shape, mold, lead, and move that past, an inch at a time towards the future. I must do this to preserve my dream, otherwise will it lose meaning and fall to dust, it will dissipate into fantasy and condemn me to isolation from life. I must do this to preserve my sanity and my species.

‘But what is the need for action? Is it not foreordained for these things to pass? When one considers man’s past and his basic nature, is not the dream, the beautifully perfect world I foresee, inevitable? If this world is inevitable, why then must I act?

‘Man is an animal bearing tools. He is an animal…creating tools…When one mentions man…with his tools…one is automatically assigning the appellation of ‘animal’ to him…Professor Leaky once proclaimed…with prescience…that man is an exotic sort of chimpanzee…who creates tools….So when one speaks concerning man’s tools…one is speaking to his animal nature.

‘Man creates tools for the work at hand. Tragically, he also bears tools for the work of yesterday. Ironically, many of the tools which once were valid…once were powerful… which in fact…did allow progress to a glorious present… now are these magnificent tools rigid…now are they prisons… which restrain. In this way…man is an historical animal… too often, too securely chained to a past of his own making.

‘Thus, it is…that man’s social tools…his institutions…need not be broken…and reassembled…These institutions are naturally declining in power…as automation moves industry away from human activity…Instead, a new tool must be formed…that can be operational in a new world of pervasive human creativity…a tool that can be valid for all climes…for all future times…replacing government bureaucracy, the corporation…and the university….or working in conjunction with remnants of what exists presently…Strangely, it appears that the institution…the pattern of organization which is valid for all times…is the primal band itself…as it seems that all existing institutions have evolved…have been developed from such bands at the beginning. Instead of going back anew…and building new institutions from scratch…utilizing such bands at the beginning…we may just skip that whole process…and just use the primitive band itself…without the added bureaucracy…to power us into the future…

‘As I say… machines soon will do most physical work…Man will be left with only work of the mind…that is, creative work…to do…and such work can not be scaled up…can not be made into billion dollar companies…In the future…small clusters of energy will do creative work…Like a primitive band…like a fraternity…they must be small…to be efficient….But there can be many of them…There can be a galaxy…of them… spread across a universe…of a world….Such a Cosmos on earth…will be powerful…increasing research thousands of times…creating…a world culture…a magnificence…that a species can be proud of….

‘So why are we in this present quandary? Why are obsolete, confining tools allowed to persist? Why cannot we move now confidently…towards a future that is obviously going to exist? The reasons are these: avarice, fear, complacency. The greedy man may keep the past if it feeds him surfeited… even if the good of society, which previously sanctioned the works, no longer is served. Fear of the new paralyzes many who might act. Complacency and sloth bind the rest. The worm which does not crawl forward flounders in its own excrement. The shark… master of the sea… which does not swim forward… drowns in it tracks.

‘The logic of tools points thus and so. But logic is a tool of man. And man must act, by means of other tools to implement that logic. And it will not be those with beads and flowers who build this new world. The man of the future must be at home with tools, he must embrace them. He may live apart from them eventually, but he will always be of them….for ideas are the first tools…before the more physical ones are made in an idea’s image… and the human world will become more and more idea oriented…Thomas Edison created a thousand inventions…they were physical things…The inventions of tomorrow will be mostly idea…until the last step…From now on….one will not just pick up physical things and create something new…in the future one will have to study and study before an idea which seems to have no relationship to anything practical will actually be found to help propel man and woman to the future.

‘So here’s to creativity…here is to the creation of tools…This is the fight I urge. Half of this…is an individual fight. It is each person learning all, developing all… creating as much as he or she is able. Yet, the other half is…we are now not alone…we possess the Will…to conquer…to progress…However, we also possess the Love…the Connection…a Circle of friends and family…all of which from now on…guarantees that we shall never be alone…We are one of a multitude…who are striving every day… together… creating…driving innovations to the future…

‘This is the ultimate fight. It is the greatest fight. Only by means of such effort will man and woman continue to progress. Only by means of such effort will he and she… as a species… endure.’

It was the second Sunday in May the following year. The tribe rose. It had been rehearsing the song for several weeks. It was being recorded on Cerebrum. Finally, in beautiful harmony, they sang as Osiris conducted. It was one of the many songs which Osiris had written for the community. In all that he did for them, it was through his music that he felt that he contributed most to the communion of Love and heavenly joy which existed in the bands. He wrote with a 12-tone theory that was highly developed now,…his key of C, like all of his keys, possessed literally one million chords now. He could really write what he was feeling now. He felt that his music was a Cosmic gift, one which could contribute to tribal communion, but it also would provide a vehicle with which he could commemorate his grandest concepts, his Cosmic ideas. Through his music, Love and Will were united. The community stood on the meadow and sang as one body the song of Mind and Will, the song of the Magi:

Oh, deep mysteries of the earth and sky,

Truths which tell the reasons why

The earth is built this way,

How to build a bright new day.

And we learn the secrets of Thy Mind,

So on earth Thy treasures find

And so our Lives will be

Pure, bold, and free.

Oh Magi, may thy Truth Light our path.

We’ll escape the fire’s wrath.

All cares will cease.

In Love we’ll share all our days,

Together find new ways

And Live in peace.

And trust the Laws of the universe,

Which fight the Darkness curse

And steer us on our course

Emboldened by Thy Force,

By Thy Force.

Osiris luxuriated in the warmth of the united community. How fortunate we are, he thought. We are united physically by the primal band. Then too, we are united intellectually by a biological conception of man and woman. We are united Cosmically by an international integration of institutions and systems, and, in the most Cosmic sense, by the knowledge that the whole universe is derived from one substance, one spark of energy … one immense I… from which all I”s were created… in one profound magnificent gesture…expansion… of Love… As the universe is filled with I‘s forever Connected by Law which governs their interaction…the Cosmos becomes one profound gesture of Will…The universe is filled with the tools… the artifacts… created by one great mind…With this gesture…was creative potential rendered unto all matter… Consciousness, Will, Love, Light… was spread forth unto great expanses of darkness…imbued within each speck of energy… from which all forces and all matter are derived,… Thus, has One tremendous explosion filled the night with Light. In antiquity, Life and knowledge were in great syntheses. Great civilizations were One, each under one powerful ruler. Knowledge, Life systems and religions were organized in great systems of thought, which incorporated the inductive synthesis ability of the right hemisphere of the brain to the highest degree and the delineation and understanding of concepts to the highest degree imparted by the left side of the brain.

After the fall of Rome, society and knowledge in Europe fell apart. The unity that society had was shattered. People sought the protection of powerful rulers over small areas who had armies and castles. The people worked like slaves on great manors. Life was this way until the cities began to grow and an entirely new middle business class emerged. At last, great metropolises like molds began to capture most of the developing countries’ populations, yet peoples Lives were still not whole. People were still enslaved … this time by their machines… fragmented into individual households, communicating by telephone and car with everything and everyone else… Living in an organism of glass, steel, and plaster….actually as parasites in an organism by, for, within mechanisms…human health no longer…foremost in importance….in twenty-four hour service to mechanical monsters….who began to rule…the earth.

Then came the Change…finally, society was united in primitive bands and higher communities. In the band the great ancient concerns of Love and Will were united. All humanity was now one family in the band’s embrace. These bands were not merely communes, wherein humans sought shelter from the machines…grew their own…in nakedness Lived with their own…Instead this was a new world…fueled only…by human creativity….

Osiris marveled how the intellectual world had become unified only recently….although such unification of disciplines had existed in the far past… In the ancient world, the universe of the intellect was whole. There was a Cosmos of the mind…which reflected, spoke to, described, and worked with the Cosmos without…. All phenomena in the universe were seen on a continuum… all Life, including man and woman, manifestations of the same basic substances, the same inert matter.

Then was that Cosmos shattered. During the Middle Ages, scientific disciplines, similar to humanity at that time, were fragmented into tiny, segregated fiefs, each ruled by suzerains whose distinction and Power was increasing, related not to the efficacy of their tools in the conduct of intellectual thought, but more and more related to the manners and felicities of the court, to superciliousness and provincialism themselves, which from the first were palpable enemies of the thought and creativity which scholarship was charge to protect and nurture.

The disciplines related to man and woman suffered most. First, the social sciences disappeared in the face of the tyranny and doctrine of the medieval Church. In fact, it had been only recently that the last of the medieval chains upon scholarship had been broken. When the social sciences finally appeared, they each had a methodology different from the other social sciences and completely different from the way scholarship and research were conducted by the biological and physical sciences. In the twentieth century, in spite of the proud technological achievements which supposedly earned for man the appellation of ‘modern,’ yet did the science of man and woman still languish in the misconceptions and constrictions of the past. Only recently were the pieces gathered and reunited upon the entirely new, mind boggling Truths of matter, of Life, discovered during the last half of the twentieth century pertaining to DNA and nuclear physics.

Now all was One. One science. One methodology. One science that includes everything. Similarly, consideration of art, theology, and even the natural sciences themselves, the five dimensions, relativity, all aspects of man and woman’s world had been enlightened and integrated by acceptance of the obvious… that man and woman are animals. Religion had gone from the unity in a shamanic past…to separate astounding, amazing differences under civilizations during antiquity… to unity in Europe under the medieval Church. The medieval Church was the One unifying Force that existed in Europe during the Middle Ages…as civilization was almost lost for a millennium… With the Renaissance, man and woman in the West were suddenly emPowered by their past… a past they had forgotten… So Powerful was this reaquaintance with classical times…its science, philosophy, scholarship… that in only two hundred years… there would be a Newton… and a scientific age. With the Enlightenment came questioning of the suzerainty of the Church and new denominations began to appear in Europe. The theology of the medieval Church possessed Truths… however, religion is like clothes and food that various countries may have, they possess good aspects but no one has enough Truth to be embraced by all as the way of doing things. Consequently, after the Change, each band was allowed to choose its own way to dress and eat and what religion it would follow.

Osiris smiled. Indeed was he fortunate to be endowed with such a legacy. What admiration he had for those whose ardent striving in the face of adversity and superstition had made this legacy possible. It was his job to add to this work, work in which he and Aurea had already been able to add much.

Yes, now mankind was moving from an intellectual phase…that now appeared to be more and more like a late Middle Ages…Now it was time for Cosmic work…it was time to build a more perfect world. There were only a few clouds in that blue sky that portended trouble. Man and woman still had work to do. Thirty percent of the population now was without work. Research was now being done at thousands of times the rate of the last century. More research meant more breakthroughs making Life easier, more and more aspects of their Lives were being automated, fewer and fewer people were needed to do non-cerebral work. More and more people who were unable to attend the Universities were left without work to do. There were more and more entertainment and games on Cerebrum to occupy their time. However, the future was a question mark. In twenty years, it was projected that sixty percent of the population would be unemployed. The ideas that Osiris had played with in a musical a few years before now were close to becoming a reality, a nightmare, severely testing the optimism that he had possessed before.

Osiris still had to believe that man and woman would continue. It was the Nature of man and woman to build tools and progress. To do otherwise was to be non-man, non-woman, was to be the end of a lineage, a species,…was to die. All of man and woman’s ingenuity would be called upon to endure in a world wherein less and less was required.

There might come a time for another Change to occur. What would it be? What would the next world look like? There was reason to hope… so many breakthroughs were being made. Too many breakthroughs were the problem…there were now fewer and fewer problems to be solved…yet perhaps breakthroughs would be made that would solve the problem of breakthroughs.

Wolfgang and his wife, Clarissa were in Love Song Band with their daughter Lucinda. For seven years, Osiris and Wolfgang had worked together in a world creative group communicating with experts from around the world by means of Cerebrum. This group had begun to develop new ways of providing drinking water from ocean water by direct manipulation of molecules by means of minute factories… tiny, almost invisible organisms and nano-mechanisms working on the atomic level…Food could be produced in the way that Life was first created…utilizing streams of hydrogen ions building sugars, with the application of energy…yielding immense oceans of edible substances efficiently and inexpensively…..

The world had been at peace for over a decade now. Creativity was now shared world-wide, one of Omicron’s musicals had traveled from creative center to creative center around the world. The human race was becoming one family, One organism working together for the royal jelly of Life… Joy and Happiness… which made Life worth while. The Meadowlarks had a new son, Matthias, now… who did not replace Anthony, but who was a special person in his own right. Rex Meadowlark was a leader in the nation now. Dorothea had composed music for many musicals. She was active in the band’s research. The work the band had done for the President had resulted in a seat on the President’s Cabinet for her…that was concerned with institutions… the examination, the improvement and eventually the replacement of these Cosmic tools of society. Dorothea also was on several committees in the world government. She had ideas about world societies. She was concerned that customs and traditions of some communities were being lost in the rush to live in developed areas of the world…which possessed more resources. She felt more effort should be made to bring some industrialization to older areas…mechanized Cities might be built there… to preserve some of the past even if this eventually cost more.

Beta Firestar had married a doctor, was now a nurse and they both worked in the Creative Center. They lived in one of service bands near the Center.

Osiris marveled at the path he himself had trod, from Will, Knowledge and Action up towards supreme Power, towards Eternally Active and Absolute Wisdom. He had not reached the end… by any means… just the last guide post. Just as he was helping Aura progress through the first steps of the Arcana…she was on step four now…so Omicron had started over…his a Force aimed straight up to the heavens…hers a more Circular movement bringing the Love and care of the community with her…Together the Forces of the theologies in their Lives inscribed a double helix of Will and Love…a vector of energy bolting towards the Light…yet bringing the Loving circle of family and community with it… which was an example for all….From now on they must grow and progress on their own…doubly entwined… without help of parents or ancients. Yet was not the entire band rising in a spiral together? Yes, of course…yet beyond that… also the Lives of the tribe, nation, country….even the world….were rocketing upwards…towards a new even more Cosmic world…. So it was that Osiris realized that one was no longer alone…all Lives in the species were exalted…together. In ancient times, religions were systems of thought that integrated other elements like the planets, numbers, the alphabet, astronomy, astrology and all the sciences Nowadays, much of that was seen as being arbitrary or just plain wrong.

The religions that Golden Sun Tribe possessed seemed to have great strengths which all people respected.

First, there was the theology of the Will which all males and females were inculcated in to some degree…spiraling upwards, upwards in an eternal progression … Osiris reviewed in his mind the steps he had taken, which supposedly had been integrated by the ancients into one Cosmic synthesis of upward progression:

1 2

The Will, equipped with a mind with which to acquire Knowledge and

3 discern what is right and wrong, and equipped with a body with which to Act


is able to have an impact upon the external world and Realize the intent of

the Will. In impacting the world, the Will must operate in accordance with

5 Universal Law, which is the product of occult Inspiration, and must choose

between doing good or evil. The passions of the body are so intense

compared to the intentions of the mind, that the choice between doing Good


or evil proves to be an Ordeal , which must be won if the Will is to be


Victorious. When the Will is victorious over the passions, is able to operate

8 9

in the world in an Equilibrium with Nature, and is guided by Prudence gained

from the wisdom of experience, it is able to dominate the fluctuations of

10 11

Fortune. Human Strength, first physical then moral, tempered by sacrifice,

12 13

by Catastrophe… is at last Transformed into a Cosmic strength. A Cosmic


Will gains the ability and the Initiative to act in a universe in which a


deterministic Fate prevails. The Will continually encounters reversals of

16 17

fortune and the Ruin of plans; however, an inner Light of Hope sustains the

Will in its progress if it remains master of the instincts and is wary of


Deceptive treachery of enemies. In time the Will progresses to a state of


Earthly Happiness. This happiness may end at any time, because of the Law

20 φ

of continual change and Renewal and the Law of Expiation which metes out

punishments for every error. At last, all human weakness is overcome and


the Crowned Magus acquires a Cosmic power over the external world which

is limited only by his intelligence and wisdom.

Then one is back at square one …and begins again…except at a higher and more difficult level.

Then there was the theology of Love…for the feminine side of tribal life.

Second, there was the theology of Love…The mystical heart of all the world’s religions..that is, the shamanic beginnings that reverberated throughout the world some 30,000 years ago asserted what scientists believe today…that the Cosmos is infused with consciousness… there are I‘s in every particle of every quantum of energy…Similarly, the beliefs of the shaman led to the profoundly feminine understanding of ‘panentheism’…that is, all the particles of the universe are infused with the substance of the Divine…that God both interpenetrates the universe and is greater than all that is…there is a piece of God, an I, in each of us… but also somehow the Cosmos is able to think and interact at various times…with our Lives…that is, women pray to a God…a piece of whom…is actually inside each woman’s mind.

The High Priestess…now speaks…

‘The nations now believe…that the feminine theology challenges women to reclaim one’s wild creativity. ..that ability to learn so much and formulate a whole world of ideas and tools that every child displays during the first three years of life…. With a bit of aging…one becomes cautious…it can be dangerous when one allows herself to become a conduit for primordial Cosmic energy…when one stops learning by rote and instead absorbs all, yet simultaneously builds her own world…the ability to create the new enters like Light and everything becomes illuminated….

‘There is a vital connection between creativity and mysticism. By mysticism the proud powerful priestess means to learn to engage the inherent powers of the I...when an atom is stripped of electrons…It is a point of creativity…it is a potent spark of Will…that can fabricate ideas….make tools…

these powers come directly from the Cosmos and are not part of the plant/animal instinctual package that most Life possesses…to engage with the creative impulse is to agree to take a voyage into the heart of the Mystery…to that point of Will embedded within the base of a brain…. In this way…creativity bypasses the discursive mind and delivers us to the Source of our Being. When we allow ourselves to be a conduit for creative energy, we experience direct apprehension of that energy. We become a channel for Grace…that is, women rise above the vagaries of plant/animal pettiness and self interest and become One with the pulses of the Cosmos with eternal perspective.

‘To make art is to make Love with the Sacred. It is a naked encounter, authentic and risky, vulnerable and erotically charged…art reflects the dance of energy within us…it is able to impart Truth instantly I to I...Like a tree in winter whose roots are doing important work deep inside the earth, the creative process needs fallow time. We have to incubate inspiration. We need empty spaces for musing and preparing. We need empty spaces for musing and preparing, experimenting and reflecting. The society of the twentieth century did not value its artists, partly because of the apparent lack of productivity that comes with the creative life. This societal emphasis on goods and services was an artifact of the male drive to erect and protect, to engineer and execute, to produce and control…

‘Art begins with receptivity…with direct communion with the pulses of energy in the universe. Every artist, in a way, is feminine, just as every artist is a mystic…and works continually with the I…. Making art can be a subversive act, an act of resistance against the deadening lure of consumption, an act of unbridled peacemaking disguised as a poem or a song or an abstract rendering of an aspen leaf swirling in a stream. True science and art can be next-door neighbors…as long as the search for Truth is unsullied by profit or self-serving attraction of favor from others…Science must and should be creative…and the creative process feels the same whether its Power is directed toward science or art…Art should possess ideas and science should be always seeking the new which is the child of creativity…The most intelligent people on earth…have their day jobs..yet somehow they can also be artists and musicians. Their finely tuned minds are always grappling with some creative conundrum, trying to find ways to translate the music they hear in the concert hall of their heads into some intelligible form that others can grasp and appreciate. An artist is an I on fire…inflamed by an unquenchable urge to create. Each of the creative arts is a different language with which to praise the Divine or communicate important truths to society… and all are interConnected.

‘If one spends a Life in reading…and thinking…one quickly sees the creativity is not really a matter of logic or the utility of ideas….One is drawn to Cosmic Beauty in a creative process that the Cosmos itself expresses itself…occupies itself…somewhere…somehow…every moment…It is as if one is participating in a sacred act…When an insight one has reaped from years of hard work comes…it is astonishing how this advancement in ideas flows from one’s heart with passion and literary power…one’s whole body becomes one with the delivery of what should be inert, objective findings…One receives joy from performing the highest of callings!’

The Cosmic priestess, Mirabaie Starr..recounts in her works…that her mother when moved by a coyote drinking from her garden fountain or jolted by news of a vast network of Mayan city-states discovered in Guatemala…her mother’s response was to compose poetry, short stories, lyrical essays…Yes, creativity begets more creativity…joy overflows…the creative Heart. Her parents belonged to the cult of Dostoevsky, who proclaimed that Beauty would save the world.

She says…’Forgiveness. The Act of Mercy. Sympathy for the stance in the world..of others…Constantly, saying to one’s self….I am not angry…I am not angry…for example…Saying to others…I’m sorry I interpreted your rejection as rejection, rather than as a cry for Love that it really was.

‘As for the twentieth century…I forgive you for putting profits ahead of people, technology ahead of clean air and water, head ahead of Heart.

‘Forgiving you was the best thing I ever did. Forgiving you set the bird of my heart winding through the universe. One must possess sympathy…one must extinguish must be filled with Mercy..before creativity is able to flow…’

Aurea knew that one must repeat over and over…all will be well and all will be well and every kind of thing will be well….the Nature of the Divine is Loving-kindness, and the Divine wants us to absorb this into every fiber of our Being. This is a phrase that females should repeat over and over…like Hail Marys with a rosary…just as males should repeat Emile Cou’s phrase… ‘Every day in every respect, I am getting better and better’…although this will help females too….it’s like you form tapes in your head that keep playing and playing if you refresh them by saying them every day.

What is sin…well, it is something that causes a negative impact upon society…it does not really affect the Cosmic world…although you may alienate people and not end up in the Light….and it does cause pain on earth.

In the end…the theology of Love is simply the following…

‘We honor the Hindu teaching of namaste...“The Light in me honors the Light in you.” Like Martin Buber…the I in me recognizes and honors the I in you. ..that is…the Thou…in you… The scientist in each of us has to accept the fact that there exists this reciprocity between I and I…we only have empirical proof of our own I. The priestess jumps immediately to belief in the I in another…as she recognizes immediately…in the person in front of her…the existence…the presence of… Love.

‘With the female Cosmic perspective…a deathbed feels like a birthbed…Like the universe is taking a big inhale, recalibrating, and exhaling a new reality…a new adventure…

As has been said…’With a Cosmic perspective…you can feel your grip loosening on your ambitions, orgasms are no longer the main goal of Lovemaking…or a major reason for Living…It is easier to sit beside a pond and do nothing but follow the trajectory of a dragonfly’s journey with your eyes.

As has been said…again and again…

` ‘There are women mystics from all branches of the I family…Hinduism, Buddhiism, Taoism, Judiasm, Christiianity, Islam, and in every indigenous way…the priestess is constantly contemplating union with the great I and a better Life for people. The great Heart and wisdom of the divine feminine is that…one’s Life is filled with poetry, prose, practices, prayer…Spiritual/ Inner-Being…you feel the beating wings of mercy and the flowering Heart of forgiveness…the Heart’s story of divine Love…You hear the cries of the world…feminine ferocity…Powerful and compassionate…fearless and commanding…you accept the decisive challenge of existence…you are in the lap of the Great Mother…you drink deeply from the well of wholeness and hope…the priestess gathers the flowers of various mystical traditions from all around the world into a bouquet of Beauty…of Connection with all aspects of ourselves, and of the interConnectedness of all beings.’

Steve and Osiris strode through the hills in the crisp spring morning. At the top of the rise, they found Constantine posed as a statue looking eastward out over the Bay, his long blazing hair blowing in the wind. The golden mountain began to emerge to the west through the gloom. Nature serenaded the land with its raucous symphony. The air was clear, as the sky was slowly transformed from deathly black, to Life-giving blue. Then did the three join arms in one strong, communal, joyful blood chain and gaze intently and confidently into the brilliant Light… of the rising sun.

Omicron Blue. Omicron Blue. Omicron Blue.

Omicron Blue. Omicron Blue. Omicron Blue.

A man of the future,

Rising high above the past.

With body and mind

His star is rising fast.

Omicron Blue. Omicron Blue. Omicron Blue.

Omicron Blue. Omicron Blue. Omicron Blue.

His body clean,

His mind is strong,

Ready to move and act.

He knows Right from wrong.

To Victory. Matter is below him.

The Victory. The heavens do bestow upon him.

Master of the Forces, the wisest you will find.

Ruler of Fortune. Strong of body and mind.

Omicron Blue. Omicron Blue. Omicron Blue.

Omicron Blue. Omicron Blue. Omicron Blue.

Turned to the Light,

Master of all Fate,

Filled with the Light

Beyond an earthly state.

To Victory. Matter is below him.

The Victory. The heavens do bestow on him.

Master of the Forces. The wisest you will find.

Ruler of Fortune. Strong of body and mind.

Omicron Blue. Omicron Blue. Omicron Blue.

Omicron Blue. Omicron Blue. Omicron Blue.

Exalted beyond all spheres.

Enemy can’t tear him down.

He lives in happiness and joy.

He wears the golden crown.

Omicron Blue.




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