Omicron Blue Chapter# 22


‘Society is a mechanism and it requires a mechanic and a manager just as any machine or factory does. Mechanisms do not change themselves to meet nuances in markets, tastes, or technology. Man changes mechanisms, and this is as true of our social mechanisms, our institutions, as it is for any other machine. The thing is, the manager of a factory is very much aware of the need to retool and make his mechanical capability consistent with the needs of the time. However, our society has no managers making the same type of modifications in our social machines. Consequently, most of our institutions are mechanisms which were first created during the Middle Ages, which have been altered only slightly if at all to meet changes in needs over time. And now the times are rapidly on the move. Technological improvements, changes in man’s physical tools have progressed so rapidly over three centuries that man’s social machines are now hopelessly inadequate.

‘During the 60’s, students in the street, without being explicitly conscious of it, were crying in anguish against the archaic institution of the University as much as any other malady. It is time that we train social engineers to devise new institutions. Such a Change would be on a larger scale than we might imagine. The conduct of our lives has changed so dramatically during recent years that institutions, forms, have to be changed dramatically and discontinuously in order that they might be consistent with the fabric of society.

‘Such a Change will not be easy, but any inconvenience, or slight discomfort which such a Change might produce would certainly be worth the agony which would be displaced. The existing institutions are a corset which straps our every movement and promises to burst forth any moment if remedies are not soon found.’

It was the first Sunday in September. It was six o’clock in the morning on their wedding day. Omicron and Aura were ready for their ascent up the mountain. Two tribes would be involved… however, the customs of Golden Sun Tribe would be followed as the couple had chosen to Live with them after they graduated from the University.

There had been a reception in the Jasmines’ band the night before. Ten in the morning they magged to Love Song Band, from whence their journey would commence. Both were beaming and jubilant in their anticipation. All preparations had been made. They would climb to the full height of the peak, then return for the blessings, ceremony, and celebration to be presided over by leaders from both tribes and bands… and finally for the warmth and work of the wedding bed.

The sky was ablaze with Light. The clouds were gone. Trees were in bloom. Hills were banks of flowers. The air was aLive with the songs of birds, the meadows with the rustle of Life. It was Indian summer. The warm months of vegetable production would continue on into September before signs of autumn, declension and winter would begin to appear.

Omicron and Aura were very happy. Omicron had just received an offer to write music for the government while he was attending Jupiter University. It was only part-time pay, but this was consistent with his sense of responsibility to other areas of research and intellectual creativity and to the communities and Cosmic creativity. They kissed and hugged Omicron’s parents and friends, swung on their packs, and stretched their legs out in front of them, their limbs anxious and strong, eager to climb the path to the sky. They would climb straight up the hills this time… and not travel part way on the broken highway. Their spirits were very high and they almost flew up the first hills. Soon they were at Sage Brush Meadows, which today surprisingly was the beginning of a journey, instead, as it was in the past, the destination of a joyful weekend trip. Then they started up the second set of hills and the climb became more arduous. They strained against their day packs, using dried tree limbs as walking sticks, and worked their way like old men up a winding path. They strode for the sun… up and up for three hours straight. Then they stopped to drink and immerse their heads in a gushing spring. The hillsides were gradually warming in the sun. They recommenced their climb, the panorama opened up behind them as they rose… first, the tribal area… then the northern part of the Bay… then glimpses of land on the far side of the blue.. upwards, upwards, they climbed.

After they reached the top of the second level of hills, they went into a cool shaded glen where they ate a snack and laughed amidst the concert of Nature around them. A most serious climb up the third tier of hills was now before them. They had risen from sage brush and Live oak to chaparral. The pines and firs could be seen on the sides of the great mountain,… which rose above them…dead ahead… Onward they strove.

It was approximately 10:30 when they reached the trees in the fourth level of hills, which were actually parts of the magnificent mountain soaring to the heavens before them. Omicron’s ears popped. They did not look back, but continued their drive to the top. The coolness of the forests quickened their pace,…They stopped briefly for another drink of water.

Then finally, they started up the last barren ascent to the top. There was no path now. The progress was slow… but joyfully together, it was not difficult. The heat of the sun bore down upon them. The perspiration flowed forth on their reddening skin. They began to breathe heavily, choking with dust as their legs plodded on. The first rise was sighted, then won. Then the second was challenged and surmounted. Together they almost ran to the top of the final jutting peak.

At the top… the wind pushed past their faces… in a strangely magical peace… There was a spring here… with pure, crystal water. They had known the spring would be there and they were prepared. The spring ran into a small pool, watering a lush green oasis at the crown of the mountain. Here Omicron and Aura saw the whole world which they knew… open before them like an immense three-dimensional topographical map. They could see all the way to the great mountains to the east… on the other side of the Great Valley. They could see the two rivers in the Great Valley that joined into one strait of water which flowed westerly into the Bay, the large red Fire mountain which stood prominently on the other side of the Bay, and the new City to the south.

Yes, here they were higher and more powerful than the City, which now appeared to be a puny, feeble work of man compared to the majesty of the mountain and of Nature’s work spread before them.

They took off their packs and walked to the pool. Omicron pulled Aura’s robe over her head and she took off his tunic. He unfastened her brassiere and let it drop with her panties. And she exposed the entire taunt strong torso of the man she Loved. They entered the water together, naked … into the glistening ice cold pool. They bathed each other with the soap they had brought. They were cleaned and purified in the cold spring waters and then emerged dripping into the heat of the noonday sun. They poured oil over their bodies. Then they took clean silk wedding garments out of their packs and slipped them over each other’s head. They stood at the summit in the Light of the heavens and now looked westward out over the hills which sloped down and down to the ocean below.

‘There it is, my Love,’ said Omicron. ‘There is the peace of the other side. We must work hard for many years, then when our labors bear fruit, we shall be able to Live in the peace of the ocean lands. We can stay there for weeks at a time if we wish… in the ocean clusters… although the clusters by the Bay will always be our home.

‘We have ascended the peak. We must never forget what we have done …when we go back below. Our work, however tedious and mundane, must always be motivated by the mountain and the Light of the heavens.’

Aura responded,

‘Just as our minds must ascend in order to obtain the Powers of the universe, so must our Love grow to embrace all that is Life. Here at the summit, our minds, our bodies are One. Soon we must return to earth, where the final step is taken and we are made One with the primal bands that bore us… the family of commingled blood, with only One name. It is in the embrace of the bands that we were born, we shall Live and grow together, bear new Life and new thought, perform Cosmic deeds, and one day will die. It is in the embrace of the bands that the mind and body are combined into a universal Force… a Light which shall never dim.’

On the peak did they then embrace, kiss, and hold each other til the sun inclined from the top and they began their easy and Loving way home.

Steve and Sylvia looked upward proudly. The band had not yet been formed when they had made a similar climb. Steve had searched the earth for traditions that could be used in the band and he had been instrumental in formulating them and making them a part of their daily Lives. In accordance with these traditions, not many were allowed to make the climb on their wedding day. Both Omicron and Aura had passed oral tests given by the leaders of the tribe.

‘Our boy is a man,’ said Steve. ‘I can tell by talking with him that he has progressed very, very far along his path.’

‘And Aura is a woman,’ responded Sylvia. ‘She is filled with the Truths of Love to the point that I feel our band could sit before her and hear all that her mother has labored over for the past twenty years…Her mother is a high priestess in the feminine beliefs…she has brought wisdom from the ages…to this modern sparkling world.

‘Of course, we are all One. The nations are One family. We all feel this. But the Love of some is more than others. And the masses rely upon the few… in Love… as they rely upon the few… for mind, leadership, and Will. Each in this couple will be a great person. And I am proud that they are mine.’

They returned in the early evening. There was still Light, even as the days were shortening. They were covered by the community with strands of flowers and were led to the center of the meadow where surrounded by members of the communities… the ceremony would take place.

It was then that Samuel Wolf, the leader of the tribe, placed their hands together and said:

‘We are here to celebrate the progress of two persons. Hitherto, each has had his and her own path… lately these paths have come very close together. With the seal of Love and Will bestowed upon you this day by this primal band… you will thenceforth walk on one path together.

‘Marriage is not taken lightly by our primal bands. Marriage is sealed with primal blood. If either of you should forsake the other, or for less than the most serious of causes abandon the other, then ostracism from this tribe and perhaps from many other tribes could be the result.

‘Marriage in our tribe is not allowed until two people pledge eternal faithfulness. If this pledge is not obtained… then marriage is forbidden. Marriage is never encouraged as a matter of form, where intentions are less than this. For marriage is an eternal pledge to each other and it is a solemn promise made to the tribe that you will be an eternally productive couple in its midst.

‘Thus, marriage is not encouraged, or forced upon anyone… for the penalties for unfaithfulness and divorce are severe. However, marriage in fact is embraced by almost all persons in our tribes today, for only marriage gives a person the ability to participate in physical creativity and have children. In addition, marriage produces a vital Force, a coupling of two animals, whose brains are allowed by the fulfillment of Love and the body to participate fully in intellectual creativity…and become one vector…of Will and Power. Once together… man and woman may attain any height… and ultimately gain the Cosmic rewards that Life has to offer.

‘Therefore, this ceremony represents an animal act, participated in by human animals. No man or woman here pretends to be more. But it is our animalness which makes all worthwhile. It is our animalness which makes us concrete brothers and sisters. Our animalness is equipped with a brain, which is more powerful in its Will…than that possessed by any other animal. That brain is anchored in a body, a body of passion and Love. And it is in the blood of the animal that this band is washed. We shall now all shed and mix blood as a symbol of our Oneness in flesh and Love as animals, our Oneness in mind as animals seeking common goals and exaltation of the Will, and our Oneness as brothers and sisters in the Cosmic embrace of the primal band… striving for the Light!

‘The blood will now be spilt and shared. Each person will cut a finger and allow his and her blood to drop onto the sore of the next.’

Omicron and Aura participated in the rite as part of the immense circle. The leader then took blood on his fingers and spread it on the Lovers’ lips. He bade them kiss and the blood of the band was sealed upon the marriage. The primal band then consecrated the marriage… by singing a Cosmic hymn…

The Power of the Universe

Pours down on us tonight.

The Power of the Universe

Makes our World a splendid sight.

If we can but chant the phrase

And hold our Love ones tight,

The Power of the Universe

Falls down on us tonight.

The Power of the Universe

Extends Her Loving Hand.

The Power of the Universe

Sings forth throughout the land.

If we be, all we can be,

All that Passion and Will command,

The Power of the Universe

Extends Her Loving Hand.

The Power of the Universe

Resides within us all.

The Power of the Universe

Removes every wall.

If we be One in Blood,

One with Nature, large and small,


The Power of the Universe

Resides within us all.

Omicron and Aura were then led to the consummation suite, which was a part of the tribal recreation center…the latter was located in the center of the Circle of band clusters…next to the food preparation pod. It was a Lovely cottage with one-way membranes, which allowed Light to pour in. There were flowers in pots all around inside… and planted profusely in banks of color…outside around the cluster. There was a rose garden and the day’s harvest of roses was placed carefully in vases throughout the cottage.

Omicron and Aura, surrounded by and covered with flowers, stood hand in hand, looking out the large one-way panoramic window at the sun which was still above the mountain….which could be seen in the distance.

‘Cosmic step nineteen… Earthly Happiness… is represented by a radiant sun shining on two small children, images of innocence, who hold each other’s hands in the midst of a circle of flowers. It is the symbol of happiness promised by the simple Life and by moderation in all one’s desires.

‘Remember, son of Earth, that the Light of the mysteries flows dangerous in the service of the Will. It illuminates those who know how to use it; it strikes down those who are ignorant of its Power or who abuse it.’

The couple sat hand in hand until the sun had sunk behind the mountain. In the past, the night had been their prime time for intellectual creativity. Now it would be the time for physical creativity. This was a night to savor, for in this day and age the creation of children was tightly controlled. If they conceived on their wedding night, it probably would be their last supreme physical creative act. From then on, physical creativity would be supportive, not initiatory, in Nature… as they supplied the physical, intellectual, and Cosmic needs of their child. However, even though this could be their last supreme physical act… it would be enough to last a Lifetime.

Aura emerged from the bathroom in a negligee resembling white blossoms of springtime… through which the white of her skin, her breasts, and bottom were visible. Omicron quickly disrobed, picked Aura deftly from the floor and carried her in his arms to the bed.

Aura paused… and said…

‘The Theology of Love has moved past initial experiments of Living as chimpanzees and Loving our neighbors… the World Government now is deciding which religion it will accept…as a Cosmic theology… Before we create a baby… let us think about what scientists think about all this….

‘Yes there is all this new talk about I’s and such… There is talk about how I’s may benefit from transforming plant into animal… No…let us go back to the very beginning…the very beginning of Life…We know now…that the first Life was strange…it was one flowing stream of hydrogen ions…wherein hydrogen atoms flashed back and forth…from being ‘concealed’…to being ‘revealed’…Life in its essence is replication…At the beginning…as strange as it sounds…this flow of atoms went from ‘concealed’ to ‘revealed’ and back and forth again…the same atoms…When they were ‘concealed’…they were in a Cosmic realm…atoms with electrons in tow…wherein there existed the calm peaceful eternal world of Cosmic bliss…then the electrons were removed and the flow became Life!…consciousness able to impact the world about it!….and then back again….initiating, creating sugar molecules from water and carbon dioxide that could be permanent fixtures in an area that could be utilized time and again to facilitate the conveyance back and forth of hydrogen from atoms to ions and back again…. Replication is the essence of Life…and it would seem that the first replication occurred…when a flow of hydrogen ions…kept replicating itself!…The insistence of this flow of ions upon replicating this pattern must mean that Life must offer Cosmic entities something it cannot have in a Cosmic state….It would seem that even though existence in the Cosmos can be peaceful and perfect… there still must be a need within a nucleus to impact…move the world outside of itself!…and outside of a molecule it may be a part of!….Thus at the beginning of Life…there was an inclination for hydrogen atoms to uncouple and begin to flow…which produced a magnetic field which became an instrument for conveying information…and releasing the Power of consciousness….allowing consciousness to impact all around it!… Most nuclei….99 percent… in the Cosmos are hydrogen or helium…and most of these are ions…they do not possess electrons…they are located inside stars and nebulae…thus these Cosmic entities are great explosive masses of consciousness…However, this consciousness seem to possess only the Power to blow up…not construct anything….Only on earth can these bits of consciousness actually do something!…and the temptation to do something…seems to have been too great to pass by!…Each bit of consciousness in the Cosmos has its own personality…these bits of personality were mixed thoroughly at the start…somehow comprising One gigantic personality…at the time of the Big Bang….At one moment…they are communicating with each other as single entities in stars and nebulae…then in the next moment…they somehow become One entity…One I...many I’s….back and forth…It is only on earth that true Connection with another I...can be made…a Connection that can withstand the vagaries of time…and enable these bits of I…to remain together … forever…in the Light and not ever be allowed to slip…into a vast lonely darkness…..

‘But listen to this… Mom was telling me all about something…this something is so very unchimpanzee like… She said that this something…was composed of ideas which are Beautiful… they are so romantic… that she wanted to tell me about it…

‘You see it seems that particles desire to be Connected with other particles… and thus they shall avoid being solitary, in darkness, forever…

so when the first hydrogen ions became I’s in plankton… it was not considered by these first I’s to be a burden… because it would give these tiny specks of matter ‘looking out’ at other matter the chance to make Connection… real Connection…that might become eternal Connection… with another particle…

‘You see scientists now believe that the I that is in our brain… processes all perceptions, all thought, all action displayed by that brain…The I is buried way inside there somewhere… doing all these things… so when we talk… for instance… if we are face to face, we kiss, we have sex… the brain is in the way of our I-particles…keeping them from truly communication…I to I...I and Thou…as Martin Buber would have it… The brain is an obstacle…preventing two I‘s from having the closest relationship possible…

‘How you might ask… can our I’s be as close as they can be…. I mean, right now we are close… even though we have ‘found’ each other… in what seems only a few days ago… but how can this closeness….be more… how can this closeness…become one thousands times closer… then one million times closer?…

‘Well, the Big Boys in the world of ideas…think they have an answer… although scientists are in bed with their wives right now… trying things out….

‘It turns out that sex itself is really quite selfish… especially for the male… every one knows that… But let’s go back to the fact… that we are two things… plant… and Cosmic I…. Our ‘I’s desire to be One… What plant activity is most consistent with this desire for Connection?… Well, sex, of course….it is the female organ that is important here… yes, that organ is the center of intimacy for all animals… not the male organ… well, sorry, that organ just seems to be really irrelevant to all of this romantic stuff… sorry…

‘It is the female organ that the male desires, worships… she thinks it is ugly, nasty, basically bathroom… he thinks of it… and he thinks of it every two minutes… he thinks of it as a small mound of diamonds… if you could ever believe… conceive…of such a thing!…

‘So plant-wise… there is one way two humans can bond tighter than by means of the sex act itself… and that is for her to always have the organ nearby… under a housedress, a secret no one else knows about…for him to see… for her to give…not for sex necessarily…it is just there…always… nearby… the intimacy … the Love…always there…nearby…He desires… she supplies… it is that simple..

‘It seems that our I’s are almost wired together just through the desiring and the giving… short circuiting all kinds of cerebral pathways… by means of the Vagus nerve…that runs directly from her sex organ to both of their I’s…without the sex act itself…

‘Well, of course, men need sex… at least two times a week… or they will die of prostate cancer… sperm is toxic… females don’t really need sex at all… or at least we would like you to think that… but certainly sex is not co.mpelling… for us… more than once a month…

‘So here… big boy… here it is… it is now…all yours….We are close… Let’s see how much closer our I’s can get… during the next twenty-four hours….’

Their full passion was finally permitted to be expressed in crushing kisses and long embraces. Then Omicron lifted the blossoms from his Lover’s limbs and she was completely receptive for his gift in order to conceive. A million Lights of the heavens flickered in both of their eyes, which became dead to all else. There was not a thought in their brains as primal man and woman luxuriated in the glory of primal Love. All Omicron was conscious of was Love, Love for Aura, Then Omicron took his woman into the honey-warmth of his arms… their bodies and minds still swimming in the quintessential joy of creation and the ultimate communion of two beasts in Nature….a Connection allied with…. eternal progression…

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