Dreams of Light


Placing Sociology on a Biological Base


Kinsley Titchener, M. Ed. and Frank W. Andres, M.A.

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Dreams of Light. A shamanic concept. How could a theology that was world-wide and arose some 60,000 years ago in the ice of Siberia have known so much? An indigenous American Indian who observes the theology and practices of his or her people is living that theology today! And Columbus thought he had run onto ignorant savages!

Dreams of Light. Of all organisms – only man and woman are capable of creative thought. In our minibook, Existentialism and the I, we looked at the individual and the challenges of becoming and remaining creative as an individual in a modern world. Here we are examining creativity – and the group – the cluster – and an apparent solution to all problems related to creativity and the group – the Creative Cluster. Such a Cluster is like a galaxy – it is filled with dreams of light!

In order to obtain a viable strategy for generating and maintaining a high level of creativity in a group, we must first place the discipline of sociology on a biological base. How does one place sociology on a biological base? Why would we ever think of doing such a thing?

We have just experienced three centuries of Industrial Revolution. We automatically think that corporations are pretty much responsible for all of that. The truth is: that single individuals, and individuals in groups not related to existing corporations – or even to universities – were responsible for the bulk of the breakthroughs that led to this Revolution. Now it is time for individuals to step up again! – for communities of individuals to work creatively together again. The reason? Well, it is just that the world now has so many daunting problems. We must all pitch in and attempt to help solve these problems. What problems are these? Well, of course there is global warming. However, there is also the problem of energy – there are only thirty years of oil left – we need energy – large amounts of energy – that is consistent with environmental needs, is cheap, and is in large quantities. And the list goes beyond these two things – goes on and on – like population explosion, and the fact that two-thirds of the world is lagging behind in terms of economic development.

And so we – and our neighbors and friends are going to help solve these problems? Yes indeed! – and we are going to do so by undertaking research in many areas. It is tempting – well, it seems that we desire to progress in every way at once, The authors are in the early stages of gathering a gang of family and friends together – to help change the world. We are encouraging you to join us – not join our cluster – our Creative Cluster! – but to start forming Clusters of your own. So how are we all to do this? It takes theory. It takes strategy and tactics. The U.S. military has money in its budget for groups like ours. But fame and fortune cannot be the goal. Community, affection, compassion are the watch words. We are after the heart – as well as the mind. We must be like animals. Well, we must be like primitive man and woman roaming the earth – not alone – never alone – alone we never would have made it! In the rush and bustle of Industrial Revolution we somehow lost love and community. We must return to these if we are to be successful.

So lets go! All of our thinking has a theoretical base. It turns out that this is a sort of a theory of the stars! Not movie stars – for once! But the real stars – above. But first: We have written minibooks in which we have placed philosophy, psychology, economics, even political science! – on a biological base. In this way we are trying to work on our Science of Everything. Please refer to our notes at the end of this minibook which list the books we have written – in which one can see how all of our ideas have evolved. – and are still evolving.

Yes, we are attempting to place the social sciences on a biological base – and we have been fortunate to have made great progress. If the social sciences are placed on a biological base, then they can speak with, work with the physical and biological sciences in attempting to make breakthroughs where instruments are unable to function. Science in general has been slowing with regards to making major breakthroughs because instruments cannot measure things that are moving too fast or are too small. Too small is a real challenge as we are beginning to understand that we are in a cosmos composed entirely of countless entities that are too small for our instruments to examine. And as we say, there seems to be nothing else but smallness out there! The things we are able to see – just seem to be blowing up! The interesting things – the things that can give clues as to the ‘Why’ of things – are small! Or are in Darkness! Otherwise everything out there – seems so monotonous – so meaningless! So we have been chained in a cave, as Plato would say, stuck developing a science based upon what we can see – what we can measure. The next frontier begins right now, right here, with these minibooks.

In past work we have come to surprising conclusions.

#We are 99.99 percent certain that every atom possesses consciousness.

#There is a hydrogen ion in your brain ‘looking out’. It is an I – it tells your brain what to do.

#Clouds, crowds of hydrogen ions created life – all out of sugar!

See, this is the type of thinking, research our Creative Clusters will be doing! Our planet is in trouble. Fellow humans! We must wake up! We are not guided by instinct as other animals are. In our case, our Is are actually in charge! Our Is are not constrained, imprisoned, castrated, immobilized – they are in charge – in all of their glory!

Well, our Is are theoretically in charge! The I we are talking about is the ‘solipsistic’ I which we were born with. Unfortunately, beginning at our mother’s breast we were taught to place our powerful I aside and work instead with a pale reflection of the real thing – we were taught to override the potentialities of our true I. Well, it is the same I, but we take a wild thing and domesticate it, castrate it and make it a ‘social’ I that is nicer for other people to be around. We learned to follow the herd – as existentialists would say.

Well, it is time for the real I to emerge – because only that I – can truly be creative. We have learned how to release the power of these inborn Is in other places, in other of our books. There is an I inside of your brain – ‘looking out’. It is a hydrogen ion. Here we shall assume that you have read all of our other books. We shall assume that at the start – that you have a group of people with Is – wide open – with Is really ready to boogy! When a group, a Cluster of these Is are together – really together – like brothers and sisters – not prisoners in some abstract, bureaucratic construct – then these Is become super-empowered like a supernova – able to take on the world and its problems – and build a new world to take the old one’s place.

We have just experienced three centuries of Industrial Revolution. There was Sir Isaac Newton in the latter part of the 17th century – and then 100 years later there was Industrial Revolution. What happened in between these two times? A Revolution in chemistry occurred that took the ideas of Newton and transformed them into tools – that could build a new world! We are at the same crossroads again – and the world needs everyone’s help to accomplish the task this time – laying the foundation for another three centuries of world economic growth – but for all the world – this time.

Let us begin right here – right now! Let us create – using our Creative Clusters!


Man and Woman and Institutions

Sociology and theory. This sounds so boring! That it sounds so boring is not any of our fault. It is a theory – that needs some perking up!

So, what in the heck is sociology anyway? It seems that sociology deals with two things – first, the problems that people face – in the face of institutions. And second, the problems people face – in the face of society, in general.

So let us take the second concerns first: Problems that people face in society seem to be related primarily – to things the Democratic Party in the United States are supposedly concerned with: those problems related to race, sexual orientation, religion, poverty, female empowerment, and social alienation. Each of these problems could be examined as part of larger institutional settings, including governmental policies – but these problems in the second category – all start with the individual – with personal biases, beliefs, experiences, and prejudices that he or she might have. Our world is moving fast now – and some people are finding it more and more difficult to keep up. This is more than sad – it can be dangerous! In the United States – people are threatening to kill the President! People are threatening to form their own country within our country.

Well, there have been two nations since before the Civil War. Right now the solution to all of these second sort of problems is: to kind of ignore them and just sort of let people have their own way – just let these people occupy their own place in the U.S. under the umbrella of ‘states’ rights’. Pick the states one is comfortable living in – and stay away from the other states. This is obviously just a temporary situation. But we shall come back to that. Right now let us look at the first set of problems – there may be solutions here that may lead to solutions to the second set of problems – that we can address in the conclusion.

The discipline of sociology has maintained consistently that institutions in the world in general are bad. And there seem to be so many evils generated by them that there should exist an entire discipline devoted to their rectification. Therefore, we need sociology! We read a sociology textbook once that of course considered the discipline of sociology, generally. It presented all the topics that sociology normally addresses and all the distinguished people who have contributed to it. It is noteworthy that in this book, every topic was related to how society has been constructed incorrectly – and how somehow all of this must be corrected immediately – like global warming – things must be done now – or our planet will be spinning out into the chaos. Well, Marx started all this when he said that economics is actually the science of how humans are exploited by monopolies. A sociologist would say that all this started – when corporations took innocent people and made them slaves in unsafe sweatshops for 14 hours a day.

Our position is: that bad things have happened during the past 300 years in the Western world – but for goodness sake – there has been a lot of good! We mean, come on now, people were in a Dark Age – and three centuries of Industrial Revolution has created modern man and woman! Think of Beethoven’s Third Symphony!

What we want to do here with sociology in this minibook is – to start at the very beginning – where modernity has come from. Sociology must be the study of institutions – and not merely a critique of them.

What indeed is – an institution? Institutions are tools – social tools created by human beings to conduct work. Human beings are the apes that create tools. Émile Durkheim saw society as an organism – but the fact is: that he lost sight of the fact that tools are an essential part of our animal humanity – to begin with. One does not have to see a city as being like an ant hill to place sociology on a biological base. The most conspicuous characterisitc of the human animal, the way he or she differs from all other animals – is that he and she create tools. Thus, sociology by virtue of the essential nature of human beings – does possess a biological base! What this means is: that sociology should by all means look at abuses which occur within institutional frameworks. However, it also appears to us that a very fruitful approach would be to consider how insitutions are created in the first place. Therein may lay possibilities for creating better institutions to begin with – in the future.

Okay so we wrote that book, Man and the Cosmos, The Science of Everything, back in the 1970s. In that book, we took the first steps towards placing the social sciences on a biological base. So in that book, there is a chapter on Sociology – and it concerns, of course, institutions – as a proper placing of sociology on a biological base should proceed. So in that chapter we expounded all of our theories concerning man, woman, and social tools – and then looked at one institution in particular – the University. Well, the five major human institutions – social tools – are: the Government Bureaucracy, the Church, the University, the Corporation, and Marriage and Family. And we found that the University started, and then in subsequent investigations that were not so rigorous we found that institutions in general have all started – in the same way – as a primal band! Each started as a collection, a cluster of creative people!

But, you say: universities are very creative. Well, yes and no. As we have said: the knowledge explosion of the 1600s was the result of individuals working alone – or of working in groups of people like The Royal Society – not in universities. The twentieth century in the U.S. was started off with a bang by Thomas Edison and the 50 young people who worked with him and ATT Laboratories – both of which maintained a ‘hive’ mentality and worked in creative groups of people. If all institutions begin in creative clusters – and all lose creativity as they become larger – then in the future as things go faster and faster the universal institution we should look for – is the one which seems to linger the longest and the strongst – it would be that which we began with in the first place! – and seems to have to been invented again and again to revitalize things! We just need to create Creative Clusters – and then – just keep them! That is, just don’t allow them to become larger. Oh, we know, there are all sorts of idiots yelling at you to become larger so they can make a lot of money. All of that is admirable and for someone else. But the truth is – that life obeys another principle. Things in biology start small and become larger by aggregation of smaller creative entities. Bodies are composed of cells – the cell is the universal biological institution. Nebulae are composed of atoms – the atom is the univeral cosmic institution. The Creative Cluster must become the universal human social institution. The U.S. Government has learned the value of this principle it would seem: parts of the civilian bureaucracy has begun to use.matrix management, wherein clusters of employees work in creative groups instead of the previous sections and branches. In the Iraqi war, the U.S,. miliatry began to utilize ‘teams of teams’, wherewith troops worked as groups which included various specialities which each acted as a separate invigorated unit instead of as a platoon or company.

The truth is – that ultimately all larger institutions will one day be lumped together into automated cities which will almost run by themselves and humans can go back to the land and live in creative primitive bands in nature. Yes, one day soon, humans will devote their time to doing what machines cannot do. The fact is – machines can do all routinized work. Humans should be involved only in creative work. The Is of human beings are hungry for creative work – well, the ‘solipsistic’ Is are – but psychological work must be done because even though all people desire to perform meaningful work – the fact is: that the possibility of doing creative work – pushes the ‘social’ Is of most people into what they feel are unhappy scary, risky situations. We are the creative animal. And this can – be scary. But together – nothing can stop us!

However, one might rebut to all of this – they may quarrel with this scenario as being too optimistic. What will happen if machines prove to be able to think? There would then be – no need for humans at all! Well, we feel that machines may be able to duplicate some aspects of the left anaytical side of the brain – but there is no computer in existence which can replace the right side of the brain – the side from whence all new ideas are derived. And certainly no computer can duplicate what two sides of the brain – in two different people – with different hemispheric dominance – can do working together: Explosion! Industrial Revolution!

Creative Clusters

Creative Clusters fill so many needs that exist in our society today. They are indeed – the universal institution. They fill the need people naturally feel – for community, love, compassion – for the need for companionship inherited psychologically from the primal band. They enable people to meet an innate psychological need to be part of the creative process – even if some have been socially trained to fear how they could actually participate in such a thing. Creative Clusters seem to fulfill a biological tendency: clouds of hydrogen ions when they reached a certain number were able to create life. Bacteria, when they reach a certain number tend to act as One. And humans when they are in a group of a certain size have a history of being able to move the world. Creative Clusters meet the psychological need that humans possess – to feel that they physically and intellectually are helping to make the world a better place.

People living in developed countries today supposedly are living in the best of all possible worlds. Supposedly they have access to the ‘good life’. We to the contrary think that modern people are actually living in some sort of survival mode – working in unsatisfying jobs and scurrying around in automobiles the rest of the time. The mantra is: ‘Buy lots of things, eat a lot of stuff, and lie around on the couch watching TV or playing games on our phones – when one is not sleeping.’ The truth is – only creativity makes one happy. Hydrogen ions have built life – but life is not perfect – it was the best that hydrogen ions could do under the circumstances. Life is a miracle – yet, on the other hand, the truth is – that for most animals, life is a dog-eat-dog world which differs drastically from the Cosmic Justice and bliss of the sphere that hydrogen ions came from. And humans have built cities which are completely incompatible with the physiological need of their bodies for a natural world. As a result of all of this – all of the things that modern people do – actually seem to be directly opposed to self-actualization, to self-realization. Too many modern people are fat, do not feel valued, and every year live shorter and shorter lives. The corrective for this is: everyone become creative – in small bands – living, working out on the land!

But the modern world is hard to shake. We must be firm in our determination to change modern ways. As we say, all institutions begin as Creative Clusters but then inevitably end up as non-creative behemoths. When investors work with people to initiate a ‘start up’ – they want you to do all the work and they will get all the profit. That’s fine. But that is not what we are about here. We want billions of people in our audience – not take their money as customers. The goal is: we all do creative work – the object: not profit – but progress. As the shaman would say: ‘The creative light within you grows only as you give it away.’ The major secret is: joy and happiness comes from only one source: creativity. Joy and happiness comes only from physical creativity – having babies; intellectual creativity – creating new ideas; and cosmic creativity – taking those new ideas and building a new world. Someone must make a lot of money in order that there will be sufficient money to invest in new things. But that is not our concern here. The best people at investing are the best at doing that – for them it is not a masculinity issue or power assault upon humanity. The best people at the top give their lives and abilties for the benefit of society. In general, it is the dream of the shaman that must rule the day. That dream of light is: that one is to share the generosity of cosmic creativity which is boundless – and to expect nothing in return – instead we ask you to pay us whatever you can offer us. A Creative Cluster is like a fraternity – it needs some money to keep going and feel valued – but money is not – what we are about. The shaman in us invites you to join a new empire founded upon giving – not upon greed. It seems that all the electronic firms started with ideals like this – then they became Microsoft!

If wealth and power are your goals, creativity suffers – and abuses mount. For example, let us look at Apple Corporation with Steve Jobs: while not perfect – it demonstrated what concentration upon breakthroughs and not totally focusing their attention on shortrun profit – can lead to one innovation after another – and more profit in the long run. This is in contrast to Miocrosoft, which allegedly stole an operating system from a person who died penniless and used lititgation almost exclusively to obtain monopoly and power – and now is slowly sinking into oblivion. One can see that in general – increase in scale and complexity leads to the loss of the ‘solipsistic’ I and to the rise of a choking off of creativity by the ‘social’ I.

The minute that we believe that we are not authors of our own lives – when we lose that intial vision – when we are thinking only of profit and fiduciary responsibility to stockholders – well, we become trapped in a day dream of monotony – governed by forces generated by others. We lose our dreams – of light!

Group Purpose and the Meaning of Life

Okay – the meaning of life seems to be a peculiar topic to pursue in a minibook devoted to sociology. However, we are talking about creative groups here – and every group such as this has a need for efficient functioning, devotion to duty, and a vigilant concern for others within the group – and for a group to possess these – every person within the group must feel that an ultimate important purpose exists – for his or her efforts. A shaman will tell a person that a sacred dream is always bigger than he or she is – and mysteriously somehow – the selection of a destination as part of a grand dream will somehow inevitably take a person there. Creativity is not really dreaming, as breakthroughs come only through patience, perserverance, and intentional intellectually hard work – and utilization of both sides of the brain as Edison and his boys, Faraday and Maxwell, and the Beatles did.

If a Creative Cluster is to form and remain together – there must be shared purpose – a deep meaningful purpose – just fighting global warming in some abstract way – is not enough. There must be a purpose worthy of war! For in the history and prehistory of human beings, warfare was a constant – it actually was a major engine of evolution. Before Industrial Revolution, the history of man- and womankind was mainly one of rulers, kings and queens, and battles of various magnitude – because all of that was exciting – and the rest – a relatively uninteresting daily fight for survival. Even a noble’s major job was to die in warfare. Finally with industrialization there were other things for a historian to be concerned with – although if one looks carefully, there are always those 160 wars that are always going on – somewhere. The thing is – we have evolved – such that we should – be able to do better.

Among indigenous peoples there have always been two sets of leaders – the peace time leaders called sachems – you know, the medicine man – and of course the ones Americans are accustomed to thinking of – the war chiefs. Back and forth the human world has always moved from peace to strife and back again. When peace comes, it comes because too many loved ones have died, or the victors have simply ravaged, killed, raped, pillaged the losers. Then after a period of peace new purpose arises – the need for more territory, for crops, expanding populations. And war arises again. Is this really all – that humans are about?

The secret of war and purpose, is that war has always taken place on one’s land – one was fighting for one’s home, for one’s family. for one’s people. Modern warfare loses all that – too many times. When US soldiers fight, they fight away from home – they are not fighting for their homeland in the immediate sense, and they feel alienated when they return home – people at home are simply not appreciating their contribution. Indian warfare was a collective experience: if one’s side lost – his community was eliminated – males are killed and women and children taken in slavery.

Creative Clusters have to be like that! Warfare is in our blood – but we must move to a more peaceful constructive way – to wage it. A way that actually is able to give joy and happiness – and not just death – to those involved.

During World War II, close knit groups evolved in England during months of contiual Blitz. Such groups form for emergencies. Suburbs miss that community.

At the beginning of industrialization, even with the miracles of modern society, people were often living lives that their bodies had not evolved for. At first industrialization was often close to evil, rendering lives that were brutal within an almost anti-human society. Even today modern society is

alienating, technologically cold, and mystifying. In this artificial psychologically demanding world, people need to be closer to each other – yet modern society works in the opposite direction. What people do not realize is that departure from lives that human bodies have evolved for – began way before industrialization. An agrarian life, on separate farmsteads miles from each other was a loneliness that primivie people never experienced.

If Creative Clusters are to work – there must be important purpose! Without purpose – people become addicted to their phone screens. Without purpose – people are just left – wanting more – now!

As Andy Warhol said: the way things are going – if people actually achieve the modern suburban dream: everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes! If this were actually to come to pass, what would it mean? We can see the future: 21 reality TV stars comitted suicide between 2005 and 2015. Prince – Michael Jackson. Okay, one is famous – now what? Meaning for life – purpose for one’s actions – must lie somewhere else. A sacred dream gives meaning and direction to one’s life – to a group’s actions – it must be an epic journey towards a worthwhile destination in life or for a Creative Cluster. It must be a dream – filled with creativity – with light!

So what sort of motivation, sense of purpose might move people to join a Creative Cluster? Well, there is money now in the US miliary budgeted for groups such as this – for what the military calls: ‘local brain trusts’ – commited to help solve assigned problems of national interest. However, there will never be enough money from sources such as this to support full time employment. There will be enough money to give one the sense of being ‘valued’ – the sense that one is helping the nation build the future.

There is a whole list of worthy topics that Creative Clusters could direct their efforts towards: in our state, one can help the State of California lead the way to the future. There is the need for new sources of energy; Industrial Revolution has run its course – however, now we know that every atom possesses consciousness – can we take every experiment that Michael Faraday conducted – and perform them this time with – the fact that every atom possesses conscousness? Or how about the fact that 2/3rds of the world is less developed?; population growth must be controlled; world resources are finite – for the first time the reality of this has become clear – this time, the entire world must progress – together! Universities have a problem – as their insruments cannot examine things that are too fast or too small. New science and methods are reqjuired. They screen out people with ability in the right side of their brains – which has also slowed progress. In all of these things – Creative Clusters can lead the way!

However, for a true sense of purpose – an earthly view of things is probably not enough. Things are moving fast – we need new theology, a new science; we need a new perspective on things to movivate people to come together and help build, and move the world.

We need a cosmic perspective on things.

Meaning of the Cosmos

During the past 50 years both of the authors have been fortunate to have made many breakthrough in ideas and theory – in science and in education. This innovative spirit now may be extended to the cosmic level. There seems to be an over-riding Truth to the cosmos. What is True on earth – is True above – and what is True on earth is True in the sub-microscopic below. Both of these strategies are used in our work.

True purpose for one’s effort – for a group’s effort – purpose that can propel group creation of ideas in knowledge and in art – must begin with The Holy Grail – with the meaning of life! And this earthly meaning must find its Source – the real fount for its energy – all the way back at the beginning of the cosmos. To put in the effort that a Creative Cluster must expend – people must feel that they have some understanding of the meaning of life and the ultimate meaning of the cosmos To save our species – for some innate merely biological reason – will simply not be enough!

We look at the cosmos – and we just see things – blowing up! The cosmos is composed of energy. Light emitted from far away seems to reveal that galaxies and nebulae are merely moving large envelopes of sub-microscopic atomic energy-filled compartments from one place to another – from one state of matter – to another. But what if – light is only one tiny part of the entire story! We mean – that light – coming from out there – way out there – is all our eyes can see. What are our eyes missing?

One thing we must understand is this – when we see light – we are looking at energy – and all energy is filled with consciousness! We are looking at – Creativity! Sun, stars, firelight are all expression of consciousness. A plant can receive this light and convert it into energy that it is able to use – convert light into matter that can be plant. When a log is burning before a community of humans around it – light, energy are released – consiousness is released. Humans look to the fire for warmth – for community. The fire looks back!

Primordial light! We are talking about the Creative power of the universe. But as we say – it seems as if the cosmos is just a lot of things blowing up!?

As is above – so are things below. Like those hydrogen ions that partiticated in the creation of life. We know this occurred here on earth. Where did hydrogen ions learn to do things like this? They must have done things like this before!

Hydrogen ions!? Let’s think a little more about them. The shaman was entranced by the concept of I am. They were always looking for a pedicate for this sentence fragment. Descartes provided one – he said: I – am a thinker. Well, we say: no – we are simply – I ! In our brain there is a hydrogen ion – ‘looking out’. It is with the aid of this I that we shall be able to unlock the mysteries of the cosmos – probably not all right here – right now! The I is a visitor on earth – from the cosmos. The cosmos is filled with pieces of the god that created all. One of these pieces is within us.

We are children of the Light! We are children – of the cosmos – literally. We are stardust – is true. But trivial. The cosmos is conscious!

The thing is – light isn’t creative – energy must be packaged, equipped to perceive, think, act, with memory – to create ideas – to create tools – to build things. Each atomic nucleus possesses quarks – compartments of energy that are able to perceive, think, and act. Light is energy and energy is consciousness – but as we say: energy must be compartmentalized to move, impact – to create!

The shaman says that light is bound into flesh. Yes, every human cell possesses an I! And the light transfers energy to the human body by way of the plant. Every cell in the human body has a hydrogen ion in charge – in the centrosome. This true for all of life. And in animals there is one hydrogen ion in charge of the entire organism! This is not true for plants – this is what marks the difference between plant and animal. Yet the I – is part of the definition of life. An organism is able to replicate somehow perhaps with the help of things it might find around it. But one thing every organism possesses by itself – every organism has at least one I in there somewhere – somewhere in every organism there is an I – in charge – of something! This goes for viruses, too. Viruses are life!

Light is emitted from stars – which are involved in what appears to be useless explosions – the light seems to be emitted as useless trash – to travel in a straight line – into darkness – forever – with no destination apparently – or any future. This thinking needs to be revised! The fact that this light can feed all the life on our earth – means that this light possesses energy – possesses consciousness – possesses great capability. This light shot off into nowhere – is not just some trash!

There is no such thing in the cosmos as name, nationality, or gender –

each ion possesses a personality but all are mostly alike – just a little different. All are filled with the gratitude for existing. All are giving, not getting. Any Is not with the plan are probably in some other space – alone – forever. All in the light are probably working together towards some cosmic objective – some cosmic purpose – that we shall consider next.

The shaman speaks of the dark void of space – the cosmic womb in which stars are born. There may be much more there than we ever imagined!

The universe is flat – forget about multiverses they may exist – they are not part of our story. We have enough on our plate to consider – right before us – right now! We mean: the universe is as flat as a pancake! This means that there is darkness very near to us relatively speaking – well, up, down from our flat cosmic position – that we may probe and see if there are things may be there – invisible to our eyes – but very much there anyway! – that we should be aware of! We mean, we might be able to add so much to our story here on our blue planet – there may be unseen cities out there along with globs of energy in the 97 percent of our universe that is unseen. The secret is: the darkness is not way out there somewhere – we mean come on – there is a ninety degrees of up and down – above and below the flatness of the universe that we must probe – for worlds we never knew existed!

The light that we see – are ions at work! It cannot be possible that stars and nebulae are just useless, meaningless explosions! What is below – is above! Hydrogen ions have built life – which means that they have built before – and with guidance from libraries of knowledge located somewhere in the cosmos – they may have built much – in stars, hydrogen ions have created all that we can see – probably much that we cannot see! Much of the new knowledge that the authors of this minibook have become able to possess through breakthroughs in thought – has over a 99 percent chance of being true, These ideas about the cosmos one would expect to be pure speculation, science fiction. However, because of what we have discovered, and because of analogies that may be drawn above and below – we calculate the probabilities of things we are saying about the cosmos – to possess about a 60 percent probability being true – which is far better than should be expected.

Shamans for 60,000 years have dreamed of cities in the clouds – cities in cosmic Darkness. How could have primitive man and woman have envisioned so much? Shamans make our universities look frail and feeble. As we say, vast areas of the unseen universe are likely filled with cities of activity and libraries full of knowledge. Humans are the only inhabitants of earth contributing to this knowledge. How is this knowledge received and how is it then stored? – we are like the tiny gods of ions in the stars who have created everything! Hydrogen ions has created everything – in the cosmos. Everyone of us possesses a thinking piece of cosmos – of our own – an ion of our very own! – in our brains – working constantly – if not allowed to be reduced in power too much – by socialization of our I.

Every breakthrough we make within Creative Clusters takes us – to more knowledge of the cosmos! This in itself should be motivation enough for Creative Clusters to work together – to create together.

The shaman points to the difference between infinity and eternity. Infinity is a reach of space that extends forever – perhaps to other universes. Infinity is not a concern for us right now. We shall be focusing on a subset of infinity – on an envelope of cosmos within that infinity. Certainly we have bumped into things not considered before – however all of our ideas are related to our universe – we have bumped into more than enough to occupy our attention at the present time – we do not have to worry about other universes that may exist.

Eternity, on the other hand, has to do with consciousness and the I. It has to do with the experience we shall have after we die. After we die we shall exist for an eternity – which at first thought in our minds promises to be monotonous and imbearable. However, second thoughts might change our minds about this. Eternity for the I probably would not be like living on earth forever. Instead, eternity for the I is probabaly an eternal present with an ability to get things done when one is with a group of other Is. That present is probably not monotony – it is probably full of creativity – full of light.

Cosmic Love is not approval from your mother – such approval is part of the building of the social I – which eventually must be undone if creativity is to fill one’s life. We are angry, lonely, hungry, afraid – these are a part of love on earth – these are not a part of Cosmic Love. Cosmic Love is building, creating – together. In the cosmos, we never look for the best spouse – only the right spouse. In a star, separate Is become One – then the One becomes many again – back and forth. Our hands join around the communal fire – around the flames possessing cosmic consciousness of the divine – hand in hand to create perfect Beauty in our lives – what is true for the individual is true for the Creative Cluster, a current with electric and magnetic fields – back and forth – the force of Love – connection, attraction – engenders the force of cosmic Will – repulsion, power. Possessing forces to do the impossible – two become One – many become One. The Creative Cluster filled with gratitude and giving – obtains joy and happiness, reaps fulfillment from Creativity, We are building the future together. We must be vigilant – we must be assured that what we do is of cosmic importance and purpose!



We have had experiences with what might be called Creative Clusters in our past. Considered in the correct way – these experiences may be considered to be experiments of sorts, which can speak to what might be able to be imparted to a Creative Cluster – what might be desirable to be included in the formation of such a gourp. Observations, and conclusions concerning experiences such as these – are included in our notes at the end of this minibook

Here we shall consider theoretical aspects of forming such a group.

First of all, we were reading a book about women – The Social Sex – A History of Female Friendship. The thesis of this book is pretty much ‘Women are sociology’ – because women are: love and community. Well, we grabbed this book to prove them wrong – but it turns out that they do have a point. Well an atom is cosmic and possesses the ‘virtues’, the attributes of Will, Love, Truth, Beauty, and Justice. So it would seem that men biologically are plugged into the Will part of this cosmic realm and women into the Love part. But in the notes at the end of this minibook, we show that a fraternity can augment its power, its Will – by being like women and work together, create together. We mean, come on now – primitive men were able to lash their egos together and hunt wild animals together! When we worked with kids in Oakley, CA – the kids were guys and gals and both were excellent at forming groups and creating videos. Thus, women are not sociology – period. Sociology is the study of institutions, among other things – it is the study of communities composed of both human males and females.

The book about women stresses that there has to be a common need –

for a creative group to arise and continue into the future – so we became worried – we mean, we can do research and the Cluster can earn some money but this will be a sporadic way to derive income. As we have seen above, there needs to be overriding purpose, objectives that the group is committed to – to keep everyone on board ready to move when money does come in to do a lot of work in a short amount of time! What can focus people’s attention in the meantime? I mean in the female book, nuns fostered unity and creativity by singing – in this way they had an immediate objective – having to sing in church the next Sunday. In Mr. Andres’s experience in a fraternity, singing together was helpful in bringing Oneness to disparate guys – but they had an objective – they had Spring Sing to prepare for. Well, we’ll keep thinking about such things as we continue here. It is doubtful that a campfire meeting once a month at which the singing of folk songs occurs – will be enough to encourage the formation of a Creative Cluster.

There was the book, Team Human. Lots of people are talking about teams nowadays but we started thinking about such group efforts way back in the hippie days of the 1970s. It was then that we found to our chagrin that just forming a group does not guarantee that the group will endure. Each person in the group has to feel he or she is contributing a creative portion to the final endeavor – and the final vision has to be worthy of their effort. The group must be more than an excuse for a pot party.

World Without Mind – this book is one of those books about big tech in Silicon Valley – every thing starts creative and ends up somewhere else. A great concern of this book is that computers will take over human thinking – a concern we have already addressed. We feel that this is impossible given that two sides of the human brain are involved – but they must – both – be involved! Well, existentialists were worried about how humans routinely give up thinking from the start of life and just follow the herd. There is more to this concern about the computers taking over – more than just an Iphone taking over one’s life. The thing is – humans are not creative automatically – their brains were designed to find and eat bananas – their brains have the potential to do great things but brains have to be tricked into operating in a creative manner. In addition, creativity for the individual or the group cannot take place unless indiviudals are caught up in a dream vision – with an objective, a purpose that is worthwhile. As far as computers taking over is concerned – ultimately all non-creative thinking will be done in automated cities and then humans will be free to go back to nature and just do what only they can do – think creatively. We must remember that all insitutions begin as a Creative Cluster and then like a cancer just tend to elaborate into large bureaucratic monsters that forget the creative side of things. A Creative Cluster that keeps its creativity at the forefront, active, and powerful – will be certain to endure and make more than enough monety to keep all very happy.

Okay, so are there many small enterprises emerging that claim to be part of a future that is local oriented – moving away from big, big corporations? Well, let us look at just one – and see how close they are getting to what we are thinking about. There is Peers Inc. Peers says: people have garages full of junk – they have cars sitting around unused most of the time. Peers calls things like this: ‘excess capacity’ – like what they are doing is a logical off-shoot from what you studied in Econ 101. We call all of this: a ‘materialistic society’ – that seeks to establish identity and increase personal and family prestige by means of excessive expenditure upon consumer goods. The pandemic may have contributed to this new trend of sharing junk and driving idle cars. People realized that staying at home – or at least maintaining family activity at a lower level of activity, in general, and a lower level of participation in the work place, specifically – actually led to rewards that were great and not related to the expenditure of money – not related to the junk in their garage at all. Peers says that they can help people connect and share assets which leads to ‘people and ideas transformation’ – this leads to a ‘capital sharing economy’ – which they maintain operates in the spirit of other recent local, community swarms of activity – such as ‘crowd sourcing, collaborative production, collaborative consumption, and network effects’. To their mind their firm brings together ‘ the best of people power and the best of corporate power’. ‘In a world of scarcity Peers creates abundance.’

We say: that the futue lies in another group of words: ‘take a bus’ – or ‘walk don’t borrow a car.’ We need to move away from a materalisitc way of life. We need to be with, work with, party with, walk with a community of people who are like brothers and sisters – not fellow employees. Peers brags: you don’t need to interact with other people at all. We say: ‘Right! “You become like a car thief – knowing how to open a car – and run off with it – alone – in the middle of the night!’ In the end Peers is just another scheme like gambling for a few people to get rich qjuick. Of course it promises the opposite: that everyone can find a use for their junk and idle cars – and in this way everyone else can become rich, too!

The truth is: Peers is not part of the future. The future is: that automation is leading to mechanized cities – and people will be left with each other to do what they, and only they, are able to do – use their minds. Creative Clusters must arise with brothers and sisters who are able to share their Creativity – the abilities and arts they personally possess – and present them on line or in Cluster galleries in town or in the fraternity-type houses some live in, where all eat and party in at least once a month. Then they may work together on research projects – some thinking together, others grabbing books of every type related to a topic – all participating in Creativity which in the end is the only source of joy and happiness. A Creative Cluster – working to help your community, state, nation will help build the future. California is leading the way! One needs a way to feel that he or she is contributing to society – giving purpose to life. Peers is not really a community communal thing. ‘Peers’ – are not really brothers and sisters.

Reading these books is giving us a feeling for what our Creative Cluster – should be about!

What is the Plan, Man? Woman?

So now we need a plan! How will this Creative Cluster thing work? – what are the first steps? Do we need residences to live and work in? Well, we have been reading about all those women groups – they seem to have run into all the problems a group like this might encounter and have come up with many solutions; Our Creative Cluster is not a monopoly or a computer business – we are a monopoly in that have ideas no one else has – and we shall immediately share them with others – no scaling up – we are and will always be – just a Creative Cluster, No money from a White Knight investor. We are just: family, friends, people we have met who were customers, employees in busineses we have worked in, We are One! We are brothers and sisters!

Well, unlike institutionally organized efforts like boy scouts or a fraternity – a Creative Cluster will rely upon a handful of leaders to get things going. Others will be brought into the group on an individual – face-to-face basis – like we did with the 50 kids in Oakley,CA. During our ‘hippie’ days back when – we fostered Creative Cluster-like group activies with family and friends – first in parties, wherein family and friends were separate – then slowly integrated. Then there were trips of all sorts – to Pyramid Lake in California, the redwoods, the Sierras. With sub-groups of friends and family, with some mixing, we went to the symphony, opera, theater and other local and regional cultural events – activities where members could meet and bond.

In one-to-one interaction, leaders learn to follow each person’s interests and abilities – they ask for a poem, take and learn from whatever an individual might give you. It is important to give people a little money for anything one might give you. In our society the money often is not important for what it can buy – but stands as a sign that a person and his or her abilities are valued and needed.

One should be alert for sub-Clusters that may already exist within the group of people you are interacting with. They may already have hobbies, interests of their own that can be encouraged. Otherwise, be on the alert for possible link-ups among individuals who are not yet linked to others – a metal welder and an abstract sculptor – a girl loves to write stories, a gaggle of gals love to shoot videos based on other people’s stories.

Then there can be whole group activities for living, fun, and profit. Fraternity-like houses will be required – perhaps the homes of members to begin with where members can congregate, work in chat room areas, crash overnight. Later offical residences can be acquired perhaps with some spaces for displaying members art and other projects. There promises to be group research activity – with all involved at every level from creating ideas to pulling books from library shelves. Members must be encouraged to add to their education with fianacial help if necessary, if possible.

We have read about how monks operate: prayer, work study, hospitality (friendship) renewal (just appreciate nature). Well, their practices are not our cup of tea – however, their thrust is in the right direction.

We have to get away from our computer phones. Being online all the time is a problem – we are seldom face to face! We are seldom alone with our thoughts. On-line existence leads to rumors, silos, to crowds of angry mobs filled with people who are having difficulty changing their opinions. With the computerphone we are publishing instantly on-line – so we are on record early and it is difficult to retract first thoughts, aborted ideas – that may have been broadcasted. The Creative Cluster encourages thinking, talking, writing, and publishing – aimed at building a better world. Someone is always at hand to lend a hand with the next step in a Creative process. In a computerphone life, people send out all of their thoughts in books and videos – constantly – attempting to impress, curry favor from others – they are not really out there to obtain other peoples’ views. In short, in the on-line, virtual world – there are no face to face discussions – no Socratic searches for the Truth – there are only shallow comments, no deep conversations. We all saw how the Arab Spring played out – virtual crowds crying out for free speech and democracy – all of which quickly dissipated and fell into government control.

We require no network affects. – we shall network only for creative work. There will be no economy of scale – we shall stay a Cluster. There is no branding – we are just – us. We desire billions of people in our audience not to rape or pillage or secretly take their desires and impulses – such that we can make millions of dollars for ourselves. We are brothers and sisters empoyed in individual and group creativity – which we share gladly and freely to all – in exchange for the joy and happiness – that the cosmos automatically and naturally gives to those who participate in creative work.


So we have placed sociology upon a biological base. Human beings are the tool creating animal – and institutions are social tools that humans have created in which a cloud, crowd of Is – are able to unlease the power inherent in a group. As a consequence, institutions should be a main focus of sociological work. It turns out that sociology has been slightly wrong – emphasizing the wrong things. Practitioners of sociology in general feel that institutions are – well, have been – bad – so they must be changed. Also, people in society have the wrong beliefs – they have prejudices – they must be persuaded or somehow controlled or isolated from decent people. We feel that sociology needs to realize more exactly what its subject is about. It must concentrate upon how insitutions are created to begin with – such that abuses and problems will not arise. When it comes to individuals and social problems – we feel that more attention should be placed upon hemispheric dominance in the brain in education and in fostering interactions among people.

We also have suddenly gained courage to see if we can catch any clues as to the meaning of life – we made so much progress with our Plato minibook that we are encouraged to go ‘all the way’! Look how ions built life! – ions obviously possess awesome powers – why? For what purpose do they have these powers – where did they acquire the experience to create life on earth? They must doing comparable stuff in the cosmos in stars somewhere.

When we build a Creative Cluster, we are leaving the concept of a gigantic bureaucratic, monopolistic provider of materialistic things – behind. In its place we place the success of community – of brothers and sisters – like aggregated ions in a sun – in a star, many ions, independent Is, become One – become One great I. In Creative Clusters, building the future is our goal – not making billions of dollars for shareholders.

We need a Creative Cluster – a dream of light – like a nebula – an engine of Creativity. Our goal is not fame or fortune – when we contribute to progress we will not be creating patents to be monopolized and exploited. We will be working towards a viable future for man and womankind. We have not forgotten that there is two-thirds of the world that is partially developed – who are being left behind by a West which is enjoying an unsustainable consumption and fouling the planet. We are striving for a prosperous economic future for all – we are trying to make breakthroughs that can bring postivie steps right now!

When it comes to institutions – what has always been most powerful has been a group of people – a cluster of Is – working creatively together towards the light. Your I is eternal and it is will always remain creatively in the light when it is with others.

First, find that special one with whom you may become a greater One – together. Then together find the many with whom you may become an even greater One – striving together in the light of creativity.

So long ago in this story – above – it was asked what can we do about two sets of problems – first, those having to with institutions: the answer – the Creative Cluster. The second set of problems: what do we do for the parts of sociology that pertain to race, sexual orientation, religion, poverty, female empowerment, and social alienation?

Well, first off, when it comes to sociology and race – as we have said above: the major divisions should not be based on race but hemispheric dominance. I.Q. Tests related to both sides of the brain should be administered to all – children should be identified according to hemispheric dominance and then the education for each should be tailored to the abilities of each. Finally, both need to be taught to be Creative – working together. We have a hypothesis that – it is right hemispheric dominant males whose abilities have not been valued who are at the center of the MAGA problem. The entire education system has been skewed towards promoting children with left hemispheric dominance skills – leaving other children behind. This results in two tragedies: first,the right side of the brain is the side of the brain which comes up with all the new ideas – of which we have had fewer and fewer – as time goes on. And second, the greatest intellectual power and breakthroughs occur – when people with both abilities – well, every person is dominant in one side of the brain – when people with the two abilities work together – explosions occur. We are missing that right now!

Just this one strategy – may solve many of the problems in this second category. How can we bring the MIGA and MAGA into the 21st century? Well, it seems that most of this persuasion are middle-aged white males. And many of these are right-hemispheric dominant people who have been left behind. And they are smart! We need their contributions! We must rectify this hemispheric dominant problem if we are to keep our society from being torn apart!

Finally, we have made many breakthroughs through the years. If we have one empirical breakthrough establishing any of our ideas as being True – then probabilities which are high for most of our ideas will become Truth for all of them! At that point we can be more persuasive to those with strident views. At that point people caught in the middle – who have supported people with extreme views in the past will be more inclined to join traditional democracy – and stop trying to dismantle what we have.

During the pandemic – we learned important – precious things: material things are not important any more; where are our True friends?; an imporant question became: how can we really help the world?; we learned one important thing: it all starts with one person – me! I have a mind. I can think. I can be creative! Now where are others? We know now that together we can do much. So let us gather family and friends – and begin building – together! The world had just better get ready for us!

We are – a Creative Cluster!



Experiments with Creative Clusters

Boy Scouts

So experiments with Creative Clusters: what in the heck are we talking about? Well, one of the authors did have experience with them 60, 70 years ago – although it was a different world back then! Well, Mr. Andres was a Cub Scout. However, real Boy Scouts really didn’t begin for him until 1955 when he joined a Boy Scout troop in Santa Ana, CA. After that while he was in high school he was in Science Explorers and in a Scout fraternity for Eagle Scouts, Knights of the Duminas. Well, he was the youngest eagle scout in the U.S. – big ego, you must think. However, that is not what he was most proud of – instead it was the fact that when he was in his scout troop, was senior patrol leader in charge of his troop for a year and three-quarters! I mean, come on now – one is only a Boy Scout for three years and there were a lot of guys older than he – well, he received his tenderfoot in three months, then second class three months, first class three months, then star three months – by the time he received a rank he had already earned the next rank – yes, just one big ego! one would think – the truth was that he was right hemispheric dominant in his brain – he didn’t think he was smart at all! But when he received his star rank – pow! he was made senior patrol leader. Every month his troop would go to a camporee – with 30 to 50 other troops. Befiore he was SPL there were competitions at every camporee and in which his troop never particiated. After he was SPL, his troop was always in the top three winners from then on – so right then, right there, a group of guys – pow! became more than a group – they became a Creative Cluster!

A Fraternity, UC Davis

When Mr. Andres was enrolled at UC Davis in California (1961 -1967)– he became a member of a fraternity. His fraternity was a brand new chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Of course, they were ninth among the nine fraternities on campus in the ten major activities in which fraternities competed against each other. Mr. Andres became vice-president of the fraternity in his fourth year at the university – the president was a figure head – the vice president actually had the opportunity to accomplish things if he had a mind to do such a thing. Mr. Andres had a cabinet of 10 people – after one year his fraternity was in the top three of every activity – and they were number one in four of them!: Sports, Spring Sing, Picnic Day Push Cart Relays, and Picnic Parade Float. Pow! A group of guys who were just living together like idiots do in a dorm were suddenly – a Creative Cluster!

Experience in the Government

When Mr. Andres was in the government, he was an economist, a civilian with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (1968 -1984). Somehow the Corps understood the concept of Creative Clusters. Mr. Andres doesn’t remember telling anyone his ideas as he was writing Man and the Cosmos in that place at that time during his lunch times at his desk – but one is never certain – now we know people are watching and listening and implementing our ideas if they are inclined to do so – which is gratifying to us. Anyway, in the government, instead of section and branches being in charge of projects, they put Creative Clusters in charge of individual project planning. Mr. Andres was the first non-engineer to be in charge of projects – and one of his projects was one of the few that was justified and built while he was there – environmentalists seemed to have shut everything most potential projects down – and his project was the first truly environmentalist project built by the Corps of Engineers in the US – in Scottsdale, Az. His Cluster decided that they would create – a ‘green belt’. They decided just to let the water go and flow – -and just put ring levees around nearby houses to protect them – the rest of the flood plain was left as it was except they put in golf courses, and all kinds of green flood plain uses – every one was happy with it – and Mr. Andres was really beginning to like working with Creative Clusters.

Later during the Iraqi war – one of the American generals, McCrystal, wrote a book about how the American military was using a new strategy in that war – the concept of a team of teams – really! Instead of platoons and companies and the like – everything was organized around Creative Clusters – Mr. Andres’ ideas were officially on the Internet print at this time – were his ideas actually being put to work? Probably not – good ideas seem to emerge all at the same time.

50 Kids in Oakley,CA

And then there was one experience Mr. Andres had which proves that both males and females both belong in a Creative Cluster – we are talking about those 50 kids in Oakley,CA (1996 -2006). We mean, these kids moved the world, which was a miracle considering that Mr. Andres first encountered them wandering the streets, cutting school classes. These kids invented Facebook and Youtube way back in 1999 -2000! by themselves.

Then Mr. Andres remembered how the kid thing in Oakley evolved – he was working at Jack in the Box in the community. At the beginning, the kids were a nuisance in the neighborhoods and at the restaurant – and there was discussion of restaurant owners and police as to how to deal with them. What Mr. Andres did was to establish a one-on-one relationship between himself and each kid – he would ask for a poem and he would give them a dollar – then he would follow up the next week and most hadn’t done anything – but some gave him lyrics for a song or a drawing, first chapter for a book or something, and he would give them a dollar for it – then a few months later he handed out seven tape recorders and the kids formed their own groups! We mean, he suddenly realized that they were already in Creative Clusters of about seven individuals each – on their own! He realized that obviously these groups had formed previously in their neighborhoods. Well, now there was a reason to work with groups as well as with individuals. From every direction came skits, songs, collages of recorded music -.then one leader grabbed his parents camcorder and the rest is history – Bang! The kids invented Youtube right then and there – Before that in response to several kids’ suggestions, Mr. Andres and his, friend, Shea, our computer genius – and had given each kid a ‘room’ on our website – his or her own Facebook page – all of this,before there was a Facebook! – where they could put anything theywanted. Now the kids were making their own videos: lawn wrestling, skateboarding skits – and when people came through drive through and we mean when any and everyone who lived in the town came through drive through, they were directed to the site where kids in their community were doing stuff!

Okay a key thing was that after a while we tried to get all 50 kids to meet at the restaurant once a month – they picked their own leader of leaders to be in charge – so it wasn’t until they met together now and then – all together – that they were truly a Creative Cluster. However, the fact is that before this they had become a Cluster of Clusters – and now they had enlarged in the only way organic things can truly gain size and remain creative – small creative things become One bigger creative thing! with all the small parts in tack! In one of these small Clusters a group of females became proficient at making videos and they made a bunch of them for the site based on stories Mr. Andres other Clusters gave them. A bunch of kids – were indeed – moving the world! All of these kids went back to their classes – graduated – and most went to on to college. One girl has become an outstanding poet – in the West.

Fast Food Again

Recently Mr. Andres has formed a Creative Cluster centered upon friends and family – but also including many customers and ex-employees related to the Burger king in Livermore, CA, where he has worked for the past three and a half years. About a dozen customers who have visited the restaurant regularly during the three years prior to the Covid pandemic are part of this Creative Cluster. Some of these have come through drive-thru – others would set up shop in the diningroom at least once a week, working on computers along with their friends, buying food occasionally to lay claim to some legitimacy. This Creative Cluster became a bit famous as news related to their acitivites was shared continually with leaders at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco where Mr. Andres is a member.

So all of these were experiments with Creative Clusters that Mr. Andres usually didn’t really realize he was making at the time. Boy scouts, the fraternity, and the fifty kids in Oakley – really impressed Mr. Andres at the time of their occurrence – and showed him how Creative Clusters could accomplish surprising things. In addition, he was in a total of five choirs from four years of age to graduation from high school – these choirs were either church or school related – and two were of semi-professional caliber. These choirs, Mr. Andres regards as being Creative Clusters: when he was in those choirs – those were times that life came alive for him! In school and in most of the rest of his pre-college life – his life was pretty boring.

Other Books We Have Written

This minibook is the latest in a series of books we have written over the years – as we attempt to discover the Truth of things. All of these minibooks save one – can be found on our website at the present time. Here are a few that have been placed recently in the blog area of the site.

In our book, Man and the Cosmos – The Science of Everything – we hypothesize that every atom possesses consciousness! This hypothesis has been confirmed since that time from so many directions that we feel that there now is a 99.99 percent probability that it is true.

In our book , The I and the Emergence of Life, we are 99.99 percent certain that life was created by clouds, crowds of hydrogen ions.

In our book, Hegel and the I – we show how Hegel took the ideas of several philosophers who preceded him – put these ideas in a certain order and in this way showed how the mind creates ideas. However, a hydrogen ion is in charge of each person’s brain activity. We have shown how philosophy is actually looking at the brain – from the inside out! Therefore, Hegel is actually showing how the human brain creates ideas.

Karl Marx and the I shows how Marx took Hegel’s ideas, understood that what Hegel was really doing – how he was actually showing how the human brain creates ideas – creates tools – just as an economy creates tools! Marx could see immediately that this meant that a whole new level of economic theory was required – at the national level – Marx invented macroeconomic theory years before other people took credit for that advance in theory.

Existentialism and the I will appearing on the site in the near future. This minibook shows how there is a ‘solipsistic’ I that we are born with – however, starting at our mother’s breast we are made to change our innate cosmic viewpoint concerning things – the ‘social’ I is born – and much creativity is lost. We do apologize but this important minibook is in the final stages of editing before being published at the site.


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